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APEC Activities: What Are They?

Apparel Promotion Export Council of India is an agency established to promote the export of her products namely cotton fabrics, clothing items and apparels. This article lists the activities done by this body to help in promotion of exports.

The Purpose of APEC

The Apparel Promotion Export Council (APEC) is the official body responsible for the promotion of Indian apparel exports. The Council was set up with the aim of providing a single platform for the Indian apparel industry to voice its concerns and needs, and to promote the growth of the sector.

Since its inception, APEC has been working tirelessly to boost India’s presence in the global apparel market. In recent years, APEC has been instrumental in helping Indian apparel companies participate in international trade fairs and exhibitions, and in getting them certification from international bodies.

APEC has also been working closely with the government to formulate policies that will help the Indian apparel industry compete more effectively in the global marketplace. Recently, APEC successfully lobbied for the implementation of a new duty drawback scheme which refunds duties and taxes on exported garments. This scheme has helped Indian apparel companies save crores of rupees and has made them more competitive in the global market.

Looking ahead, APEC is working on a number of initiatives that will help propel India’s apparel exports to even greater heights. 

Promoting Indian Apparel Standards

The Apparel Promotion Export Council of India (APEC) is constantly working towards promoting Indian apparel standards in the international market. In order to do so, the APEC organises various events and programs throughout the year. For example, the council recently hosted a workshop on Sustainability in the Apparel Sector.

The APEC also provides financial assistance to Indian companies who wish to participate in international trade fairs and exhibitions. This helps to increase the visibility of Indian apparel brands in the global market. Furthermore, the APEC also provides training and capacity building programs for Indian apparel manufacturers and exporters.

Overall, the APEC is playing a vital role in promoting Indian apparel standards in the international market. Through its various activities, the council is helping to make Indian apparel companies more competitive in the global marketplace.

Increasing Trade and Investment

The APEC has taken up various initiatives to increase trade and investment in the apparel sector. These include setting up of an Apparel Export House under the Make in India initiative, participating in international trade shows, holding buyer-seller meets, etc. The APEC is also working towards increasing the export of made-ups and fabrics so as to make the Indian apparel industry more vertically integrated.

The APEC is confident that with its initiatives, the Indian apparel sector will be able to increase trade and investment significantly in the coming years.

Regional Dialogue

The Apparel Promotion Export Council of India (APEC) has been organising Regional Dialogues in different parts of the country to boost exports from the region.

The first two regional dialogues were held in Tirupur and Bangalore. The AEPC Registration is also planning to hold dialogues in Kolkata, Delhi, Mumbai and Ahmedabad in the near future.

These dialogues are being organised with the objective of promoting exports from the region by bringing together all the stakeholders on a common platform. The APEC believes that these dialogues will help in identifying the constraints faced by the industry and charting out a roadmap for export growth from the region.

Creating Sustainable Jobs and Livelihoods

The APEC is now focusing on creating sustainable jobs and livelihoods in the apparel sector, through initiatives such as skill development, backward linkages, and by promoting the use of indigenous fabrics and materials. The Council is also working towards making the Indian apparel industry more environment-friendly and sustainable.

With its various initiatives, the APEC is playing a pivotal role in ensuring that the Indian apparel sector remains globally competitive and provides sustainable employment opportunities for the country’s vast workforce.

Types of Activities

One of the most important activities of the APEC is providing assistance to Indian exporters. This includes everything from helping them to find buyers and marketing their products, to providing financial assistance and arranging shipping. The APEC also provides a platform for networking between Indian exporters and international buyers.

Another key activity of the APEC is organising promotional events such as trade fairs and fashion shows. These events provide an opportunity for Indian manufacturers and designers to showcase their products to an international audience. The APEC also uses these events to raise awareness about the capabilities of the Indian apparel industry.

The APEC conducts regular market research in order to keep track of trends in the global apparel market. This helps them to identify new opportunities for Indian exporters. The APEC also provides training and education programs on topics such as export marketing and management, product development, and quality control.

Role of APEC in Giving Competitiveness to Indian Apparel Industry

APEC has been successful in giving a boost to the Indian apparel industry and making it more competitive in the global market. Some of the key initiatives undertaken by APEC include: 

  • Conducting buyer-seller meets and business delegations;
  • Organising participation in major international trade fairs;
  • Providing market intelligence and trend forecasts;
  • Implementing quality control measures;
  • Assisting in technology up-gradation;
  • Setting up Apparel Training and Design Centres (ATDCs) across India; and
  • Providing market development assistance through reimbursement of freight and promotional expenses, among others.

All these measures have helped in making the Indian apparel industry more competitive and increased its share in the global market.

Research and Development Activities

Through its research activities, the APEC seeks to identify new trends and concepts in the global apparel market and to develop products and designs that meet the needs of these markets. In addition, the APEC also works to improve the quality of Indian apparel products so that they can compete effectively in the global market. The Council also provides support to Indian apparel exporters in terms of training, marketing assistance, etc.

The APEC has been instrumental in helping the Indian apparel export industry grow significantly over the past few years. In 2013-14, India’s exports of apparels stood at US$ 17.13 billion, a growth of 7.3% over the previous year. The APEC is confident that with its continued efforts, the Indian apparel export industry will be able to maintain this growth momentum in the years to come.

Industry Intervention Activities

The lockdown announced by the Government of India in view of the Covid-19 pandemic, had caused a standstill of all economic activities across sectors in the country. The APEC immediately took cognisance of the gravity of the situation and started making representations to all State Governments where Apparel Exporters are concentrated, for urgent measures to be taken for relief and support to the industry.

During the nationwide lockdown, when exports came to a complete halt and units were struggling to pay wages to their workers, APEC’s timely initiatives provided some respite to the industry. It first obtained relaxation from Reserve Bank of India (RBI) for urgent issuance of Letter of Credit (LCs)/Bank Guarantees (BGs) for payments pertaining to exports already made or shipments which were ready for dispatch prior to lockdown. This was done through communication with concerned authorities at RBI as well as with banks.

APEC Activities: What Are They: Myth Busters for APEC Activities in India

If you are new to the world of garment exports from India, here are some common myths about the activities of the Apparel Promotion Export Council of India (APEC) that you should know about.

  1. The APEC is only for big businesses: This is not true. The APEC provides support and assistance to exporters of all sizes, from small businesses to large corporations
  2. The APEC only helps garment manufacturers: This is also not true. The APEC supports all sectors of the Indian garment industry, from fabric manufacturers to garment retailers
  3. The APEC is only for garment exports: Again, this is not true. While the APEC does focus on promoting garment exports from India, it also provides support for other export industries such as textile and handicrafts
  4. The APEC only assists in product promotion: The APEC does much more than just promote products. It also provides support in areas such as market intelligence, product development.

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