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What Are the Advantages of Filing a Patent in India?

Innovation requires exploring new territory that improves a product, service or procedure. Countless developments can be ensured through intellectual property (IP) rights. This blog explores what patents are and how they benefit us.


As we ensure our health and life, it is critical to protect and safeguard any innovation that has been invented by a person. By assigning the item, product, service, etc. an IP status, so that it can be defended against any illegal use.  Explore our legal assistance services to protect your intellectual property, secure funding from Venture Capitalists, and comply with the many regulations of the MCA. We provide information and resources to assist you with your end-to-end business requirements. Read this blog fully to know about the advantages of filing a patent in this article.

Patent Registration in India

IP and Patent

Innovation is a new solution to a technological problem that can be protected by licenses or patents. Patent secures the interests of innovators whose tools or ideas are genuinely noteworthy and financially fruitful, by guaranteeing that a founder or creator can control the business utilization of their idea.

Why is Filing a Patent Important?

An individual or organization that holds a patent over innovation has the privilege to keep others from manufacturing, trading, retailing, or stealing that innovation. This provides opportunities for creators to sell, exchange, or accredit their licensed ideas to others who may wish to use them. Patent Filing is an essential step for any inventor or business owner who has created a new and innovative product or process. Patents offer legal protection and exclusive rights to the inventor, preventing others from using, selling, or profiting from their invention without their permission.

Criteria to Obtain a Patent

The criteria that must be met to obtain a patent are underlined in national IP laws and may differ from one country to the next. In any case, to acquire a patent, an innovator must clearly show that their innovation is new (novel), valuable, and not obvious to someone working in the relevant subject. To do so, it is essential to depict how their innovation works and what it is capable of.

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International Patent

A patent is a private right that has been granted by the government. It only has legal consequences in the country (or region) where it is licenced. As a result, innovators or organisations seeking to secure their innovation in other countries should look for patent insurance for their new discoveries in those countries as well. To this end, WIPO’s Patent Cooperation Treaty (PCT) is intended to make acquiring patent insurance in 152 distinct nations as simple and cost-effective as possible. Get in touch with our experts to know more!

Benefits of a Patent

Let’s have a look at the advantages of filing a patent in India:

  • After official recognition, you can assert exclusive rights over the creation for a period of ten years.
  • You leverage the Indian patent right to fund and start your own business.
  • You can rent out your patent rights to an already-established business.
  • Further, you can ensure that no other person or organisation is permitted to use, sell, or offer the patented service or solution.
  • You can also pitch and sell the patent to other organizations.

Now let’s have a look at the advantages of patenting to the patent owner and society as a whole:

  1. Patents compensate creators by making their innovations economically fruitful. As a result, they serve as an impetus for creators to create. With a patent, an innovator or independent venture knows there is a decent chance they will profit from the time, effort, and capital they put resources into developing an innovation. Overall, it implies that they can make a living from their efforts.
  2. When a new innovation hits the market, society as a whole benefits – both directly, because it may enable us to accomplish something previously unthinkable, and indirectly, because of the financial opportunities (business growth and work) that can result from it.
  3. The income created by patent-protected technologies makes it possible to fund additional research and development (R&D) in the field, thereby increasing the chances of exceedingly improved innovation becoming available later on.
  4. A patent transforms a creator’s ability into an industrially tradable resource, opening up doors for business development and employment creation.
  5. Having a patent makes a company alluring to investors who assume an important position in empowering the commercialization of innovation.
  6. A patent, when recorded, provides strategy makers with valuable information about where and by whom innovation R&D is taking place. This information will be useful in setting policy and administrative conditions that allow intellectual property to thrive.
  7. A patent can help prevent deceitful third parties from free-riding on the efforts of the innovator.


Even if existing patents are 99% identical to your creation, If your innovation has either specialised development, boosted monetary worth, or both, you can demonstrate that your innovation is superior to existing models which leads to the possibility of patent protection for your creation.

To sum it up, while there are numerous benefits to intellectual property, the most significant advantages of fling a Patent is monetary. Patenting ensures that only the inventor can profit financially from the technology until and unless the creator renders permission otherwise.

 Hope this blog related to the Advantages of Filing a Patent was helpful. Consult with our experts to patent your innovation today!

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