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Aadhaar Card Signature Or E-Signature

In this article we will specifically look at the e-signature feature in Aadhaar card and understand the benefits of this feature.


India is one of the second most populous countries in the world, well on its way to becoming the most populous countries in the world. It is alarming to know that there has been no proper identification system in place until the Aadhaar card came about. Until the Aadhar came into effect, there was no real unique identification system for the residents of the country. PAN cards, driving licences, ration cards and voter IDs were alternatively used as identifications in place of an organised and thorough system. Let us now take a look at the Aadhaar card signature and the importance of such Aadhaar e-signature.

This meant that someone who was not born in India but had migrated to India may not have any form of identification at all. There was no system that could give you an accurate report on the details of the residents of the country. And as the size of this floating population began to swell, so did the problems that came with it. Illegal migration, difficulties in crime detection and statistical difficulties in economic planning and forecasting were the biggest problems that were getting out of hand. And so the Unique Identification Authority of India (UIDAI) was established to undertake this exercise of creating a database that would provide unique identification to all residents of India, irrespective of their nationality or citizenship. Any person who has lived in India for a period of more than 180 days in a year is eligible to apply for this card and use it as a n identification for any official purpose in India.

Since the Aadhaar card is an essential ID and address proof, the government needs to ensure that it remains safe and secure. One of the most significant advantages of the Aadhaar is that it contains both demographic and biometric details of the cardholder. This makes the ID hard to duplicate or forge. The Aadhaar is also a vital identification and authentication document that helps verify your identity. While processing documents online, most individuals need to make use of e-signatures or electronic signatures. These serve as electronic data points that are associated with your identity, helping authorise any document you file. 

What Is An E-Signature?

An E-signature helps in authorising documents filed online by serving as an electronic data point that verifies your identity. Hence, it can be anything from a symbol to a process. In digital areas, an E-signature holds the same weight and legal standing as a physical signature. However, to be eligible, it must meet certain specific requirements as defined by the Indian government. 

What Is The Difference Between Digital And E-Signatures?

As a legal entity, digital signatures are very different from e-signatures. Digital signature certificate online work as a cryptographic mechanism that helps with the implementation of the actual e-signature. Moreover, an e-signature might be something as simple as entering your full name within an electronic document. Whereas in contrast, digital signatures may be complex processes used popularly in regulatory filings and other e-commerce applications. In most cases, such digital signatures help with printing e-signatures in a safe, secure and protected manner.

Aadhaar E-Signature

The e-sign lays the foundation for the working and implementation of the Aadhaar card signature. Hence, an e-sign is essentially an electronic signature sample that helps Aadhaar cardholders to authorise and sign documents digitally. The e-sign is a feature provided by the Aadhaar e-KYC services unit (e-kyc verification), and it allows users to validate their identity and authorise third-party service providers to access their details. However, to avail the e-sign feature, the user must have registered their mobile number with the UIDAI. Further, after linking their Aadhaar card and mobile number, all users can use this service to e-sign their documents remotely. Such a feature allows users to sign documents in a legally accepted way while maintaining the required security and safety protocol. 

Who Provides The Aadhaar E-Signature Service?

As per the Controller of Certifying Authorities, the following agencies can facilitate the Aadhaar e-signature service for users;

  • C-DAC
  • eMudhra Ltd.
  • n) Code Solutions
  • Digio 
  • Nexus Group 

Aadhaar E-Signature Benefits

Let us now look at the biggest advantages of Aadhaar E-signature:

  1. Helps in maintaining the complete privacy of the person signing the document.
  2. The process does not disclose personal details and other Aadhaar information.
  3. Removes the requirement of physical presence to validate forms and filings. 
  4. Remote verification helps in saving time and money
  5. Eliminates the possibility of delays in verification and other human errors
  6. A flexible system that is also highly scalable, allowing more validations to occur at a faster pace.
  7. All the service providers ensure the highest standards of safety and security via the use of Hardware Security Modules.


The Aadhaar has been touted by former world bank chief economist Dr.Paul Romer as ‘the most sophisticated ID programme in the world’. This praise comes due to the number of features and systems in place in the overall ecosystem. It is an extremely advanced and intuitive system with more features in the pipeline. The usage of biometrics to create the id system can be used in several fields of statistical forecasting, economic budgeting and general census. It is advisable for card holders to understand all its features to utilise the card to its full potential of benefits. If you have any other queries with regards to Aadhar or any legal and regulatory matters then feel free to contact us and we will ensure that your queries are answered to your complete satisfaction.

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