What is ISO? Why ISO Certification is Important for Companies?

Last Updated at: Oct 27, 2020
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On 20th September, 2020, the Bhadrakali temple in Telangana received the International Standards Organisation (ISO) 9001:2015 certification. The temple received the certification for security, cleanliness, hygiene, management and other factors.

ISO Certification
On 7th September, 2020, the Cotton Association of India (CAI) said it has been awarded the ISO:9001:2015 certification, the globally recognised standard. The certification testifies to the fact that the cotton testing and other services rendered by CAI meets the requirements of the industry through an effective quality management system, CAI said in a statement.


The Environmental Management System (EMS) of YES Bank has been certified ISO 14001:2015 for 732 facilities. This is the highest in the global BFSI (Banking, Financial Services and Insurance) sector. The certification has been awarded by Bureau VERITAS India Private LTD, a global leader in certification. 


When you own a company, make sure that you have legally verified the quality-check for the products or services. This is to ensure that the public trust your products and also for the safety of the people. ISO 9001 certification in India is more important to obtain when you want to establish your company in a more prosperous way. ISO 9001 of the International Organization for Standardization comes under the Quality Management System (QMS).

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Why an ISO is important for a company?

ISO or the International Standards Organization is an independent body which provides standards of the organization. In terms of standard, we can define it as quality, safety and efficiency of the products or services provide by the businesses. ISO 9001 certification outlines the importance of high-quality goods and services. Also, when you find an increased market rate or high struggle in being differentiated, then ISO is a key which helps you sustain and nurture in the market. Register your company and get ISO certified now. The ISO certificate helps to improve your business credibility and authority as well as the overall efficiency of the business. When your organization is ISO certified, it has so many benefits to include with.

Why ISO certification is vital?

ISO certification means the certification which the MSME Government will provide you. The ISO certification in India has many many benefits like it improves product quality, business efficiency, build credibility internationally, easy marketability and lots more.

  • High credibility

Since globally, the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) is acceptable, the enhancement of reliability and integrity towards your products or services will occur.

  • High recognition

The business brand will be recognized worldwide. This will increase your professional status amongst other market researchers and the public as well.

  • Improved Consistency

ISO 9001 supports you to increase the control of your business processes. The more you control your business, the more your consistency rises. Increased consistency means your customers are getting the same good service or same good products every time they are making business with you.

  • Enhanced revenues

When there is assurance of quality, people would come back to you again and again. When it is ISO certified, you can price your product/service and thereby expect better revenue to your business. Therefore there will be a resourceful working environment.

Promoting your product will be much interesting and simple.  You can officially label your product with the ISO symbol during packaging and documenting. This government brand will benefit you in many ways.

  • Better customer retention and valued patron satisfaction

One of the important aspects which gains more customers is when they discover a government tag labelled in your product. Having more quality products will help you gain more customers. However, you will end up having customer satisfaction and thereby customer retention.

Get iso certification now

  • Easy marketing technique

ISO provides you and your products with more value. You can use this factor as your advertising point. You can easily market your products by winning international quality credit.

  • Trade between countries available

Since ISO certification is acknowledged internationally, the trade between countries would be easy. With just a few restrictions and documentation issues, your trading process will be legally accepted.

  • Empowered employees

Accordingly, while availing the ISO label, the employees will acquire the empowerment as they will automatically learn to work systematically. Also, their profiles will be a value-added one. Their knowledge of their work will further be enriched since it’s an ISO-based company.

  • Professional culture development

Professionalism will be maintained in the company premises. Having an international ticket around, the employees, authorities and the management will be enforced on upholding a professional culture. Following the principles and ethics of the company will benefit the development of the company to trade with many other industries.

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  • Motivated and upgraded management/staff

ISO 9001 certification requires the training and development of your staff and management. Also, it provides the necessary tools for them to do their jobs such as procedures, instructions and metrics. As a result, your employees will be more knowledgeable about what they are doing and since the training will advance, their careers will improve.

  • Extra consumption reduction

While the growth takes place after obtaining the ISO, you will know what to use and what not to. You will understand and start progressing in a more unique and worth way to enhance your business in the market.

  • Safety of the products/services are guaranteed

When an organization is ISO certified, then there is no matter what, the quality is guaranteed. This ensures the safety of the products/service used by common people.

  • Enhanced and Efficacious Operations

The process, tasks, procedures, measures and dealings will be simplified and distributed equally amongst the workers. Moreover, there will be an enhanced and efficient operations. This way of running a business will reduce complaints and complications amongst the employees.

However, getting an ISO certification benefits your products and your business in many ways. Indeed obtaining one is not as easy as it seems to be. Verification of documents will have to take place officially for the ISO license. Also, the documentation includes a specific amount of cost. Therefore, procuring an ISO certification will establish your company in the worldwide market.

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What are the pre-requisites to ISO Certification in India?

  1. Choose the relevant ISO Certification type

First and foremost, you should choose the ISO certification standard relevant for your business.

Choose a credible ISO Certification Body

Please note that ISO does not issue certificates to the applicants itself. The task of assigning ISO Certificates to the applicants is performed by external bodies. It is extremely important for you to do your research and choose a credible and recognized certification body to obtain the certification from.

Please consider the following-

  • Evaluate the past records of different ISO Certification agencies.
  • Check if they follow the CASCO standards. This is a committee set up by the ISO to oversee issues linked to conformity assessment.
  • Check whether they meet the criteria of ISO Accreditation agencies.
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