How ISO certification can boost your sales?

Last Updated at: Nov 02, 2020
ISO Certification
How ISO certification can boost your sales
The International Organization for Standardization (ISO) 14001 Environmental Management Standard, last updated , sets out key criteria for environmental management and, in turn, environmental compliance. By using a framework to map out an effective environmental management system, it can be tailored to any type of organization regardless of product, service, or industry, and can provide assurance that a business’s environmental impact is being measured, addressed, and continually improved.


There are many ways and strategies to augment business and get new clients. One of the easiest, safest, and best tools is to register the company for ISO. Through this comprehensive article, we clarify how any trade can benefit immensely, such as more customers, by being ISO certified.

Many small companies might be experiencing difficulty in growing their business. In many cases, they operate within limited areas and have a limited capability to serve beyond those boundaries. This is the reason why business growth is very less for these companies.

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Many potential customers are generally not very confident about putting their high-value contracts in the hands of small, inexperienced and unprepared companies or organizations. One way, however, to boost confidence among new and existing customers is by getting an ISO 9001 certification.

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ISO is the international standard which defines the necessities for a Quality Management System (QMS). Businesses use this standard to prove their capability to steadily provide goods and services that meet the customer and regulatory necessities. Being ISO certified proves that a company or organization is proficient of delivering on its customer promise.

Improving performance

ISO certification offers the best way to growing confidence among customers. It demonstrates the ability of the organization to consistently deliver the stated promises to customers. Organizations with ISO mostly experience mostly improved internal processes. Certification leads to the implementation of documented and well-defined procedures. The processes which inefficient are eliminated and procedures are put in place to find the solutions for the same. Over time, lesser mistakes are made and consistency is seriously improved. Additionally, successful implementation provides continuous improvement and assessment.

Boost repeat business

One vital element of ISO certification is the satisfaction of the customer. The standard not only focuses on boosting the bottom line but also on the customer feedback and its analysis. In this way, the standard aids organizations to improve the service quality they provide. Over time, the organization will gain lesser complaints and generate larger customer satisfaction. ISO certification can grow the business by boosting customer loyalty and thereby, creating repeat recommendations and business.

Selling oneself

ISO certification sends out a significant message to both the existing and potential customers. An independent verification of the internal QMS validates a promise to quality, customer service and constant improvement. ISO is an internationally recognized standard that speaks the language which is understood by the businesses. It gives confidence to the stakeholders in the abilities of business to deliver.

As such, attained certification should be at the heart of any companies marketing and sales strategy. It is necessary that everyone in the supply chain and client database is made aware of the business ISO certification.

Enhancing competitive edge

With ISO certification, the business can definitely compete for both public and private contracts. As an internationally recognized standard, qualified certification means organizations meet a high level of quality. ISO certification can often be a specification for public contracts. By asking for ISO certification from the contractors, the public sector can prove that it spending the money of taxpayers wisely.

The standard allows the organization to prove its quality credentials, which is why ISO certification is requested in many public and private sector tender circumstances. The credibility of ISO certification gives a clear competitive advantage to all the companies throughout the business world.

Increasing market share

ISO certification can help the company to realize growth, by becoming an integral part of the larger picture. The spirit behind the quality standard is to help the company to deliver a better service to the existing client base. The standard is respected as a mark of quality and trust.

Using ISO certification as a continuous prospect to review processes is certainly going to be good news for all the clients. Satisfied clients spend more money and also recommend and refer more. While it was not primarily developed to help organizations win new business, increasing the market share has often been a welcome consequence of certification.

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In short, the international standard defining the rules and conditions for a Quality Management System is called ISO. When a company is ISO certified, it gets the boost of better advertisement, repeat business from loyal clients, improved operational performance, enhanced edge on the competition, and a large piece of the market share.