How to Get  Shop & Establishment Licence in Karnataka

Last Updated at: Dec 10, 2020
How to get Shop & Establishment licence in Karnataka
Karnataka has registered around 16,691 new businesses under the Shops and Establishment Act since April this year when the lockdown was imposed. There has been nearly a 35% drop in the registration of businesses this year when compared to the past three years. This was revealed by a recent analysis of data provided by the Department of Labour.


Here, we will tell you how to register a shop & establishment in Karnataka. 

The government of Karnataka made this procedure easy while providing the facility of registration through the online portal system. This portal not only helps you in registering but also in renewing of your license

But, what all activities are carried out and how is all of this done? Let’s find out here :

  1. What is a Shop and Establishment registration?

  2. Who needs to register under the Karnataka Shops and Establishment Act 1961?

  3. Rules and Laws of the Shop and Establishment Act.

  4. Benefits of Shop and Establishment License

  5. Documents required for registration.

  6. The procedure for Karnataka Shops and Establishment registration.

  7. Registration fees.

  8. How to check the application status?

  9. The validity of registration and its renewal.


What is a Shop and Establishment registration?

Shops’ include offices, storerooms, godowns whether on the same premises or otherwise, used in connection with certain business or trade. Whereas, Establishment means a commercial or trading or banking or insurance establishment, an enterprise or administrative facility in which working persons are primarily engaged in office work, a hotel, restaurant, boarding or dining room, a café or some other refreshment room, etc.  Shop and Establishment registration means that your company is licensed in the jurisdiction of your regional circle under the enacted Law of State labour department through the Senior Labor Inspector. Your organization, therefore, will be registered in the files of government and protect its status.

Who needs to register under the Karnataka Shops and Establishment Act 1961?

Each shop or establishment that carries trade, company or services within the state of Karnataka notified areas. Business entities such as stores, shopping centres, restaurants, hotels, theatres, public entertainment, retail, etc. must register within 30 days of its commencement.

Rules and Laws of Shop and Establishment Act:

Karnataka Shops And Commercial Establishments Act, 1961 covers regular holidays, working hours, letter of appointment, employee attendance, etc. The main areas are as follows:

  • Issuance of registration certificate 
  • Filing of annual returns 
  • Extension of registration certificate 
  • Exemption on weekly holidays for shops and establishments 
  • Addition to registration certificate 
  • Exemption for women employed in the night shift 
  • Issuance of duplicate registration certificate 
  • Submission of application certificate

Apply for Shop and Establishment License

Benefits of Shop and Establishment License:

By registering, the owner of the shops or establishments can get these benefits below: 

  • It helps to open a current account for your business.
  • It lets you quickly get loans from banks or financial institutions. 
  • You will take advantage of the tax incentives, power tariff, and state government exemption. 
  • It helps display evidence of your shop registration when any State Government Labor Department or Municipality inspector comes to your office premises. 
  • You can do any registration- operation through the government online portal system.

Documents required to upload for registration:

When opening a business and starting its registration process you are well aware that certain documentation must always be given to the relevant authorities at various stages of your existence. Therefore, to register with Karnataka Shop and Establishment Act you need the scanned copies of the documents listed below. 

  • Identity/Address Proof of the owner (Aadhar card/ Driving license/Voter Card etc.)
  • Incorporation Certificate/Memorandum of Article (In Case of Private Ltd. Company)
  • The authorization letter for Authorised signatory/self-attestation Letter for Owner
  • Challan/Payment Receipt /Transaction Receipt
  • Duly filled Registration Form signed by owner/Authorized signatory

The procedure of Karnataka Shops and Establishment registration:

Go to this site. This is the website for the E-Labour Department for online registration/ renewal of shops & establishments license. Here you just move your mouse to the APPLY ONLINE menu and click on the Shops and Commercial Establishments Act. It will drive you to the Government of Karnataka, Department of Labour where you would register your business.

  • Click on New Registrations and fill the form online, submit it.
  • Username and Password will be generated and send to your mobile number
  • Fill and submit the application form online to Chief Inspector of your concerned regional circle office
  • Take Challan from any nationalized bank based on your number of employees
  • Make attachment of necessary documents along with the Bank Challan
  • Get the acknowledgement number
  • Submit the physical copy of online application form in the particular regional circle
  • After verification by the Senior Labour Inspector, if everything is well; you shall be granted the registration certificate
  • Obtain the certificate

Registration fees:

You need to pay the registration fees according to the number of employees engaged in the organization and they are:

No. of employees

Fees (in Rupees)

No employee 300
1 to 9 600
10 to 19 4000
20 to 49 10,000
50 to 99 20,0000
100 to 250 40,000
251 to 500 50,000
501 to 1000 70,000
Above 1000 75,000


How to check the application status

After registration, you want to check the position of your application. So you can undergo the following procedure but remember to keep your Acknowledgement number with you. 

  • Enter your application Acknowledgement number and click on the search button. Another window will open displaying your Acknowledgement Number, Shop or Establishment Name, Proprietor Name, Address, and Remark/ Status.

The Validity of registration and its renewal

You will renew your shop & business license over a 5-year term, i.e. renewal once a 5-year cycle. Note that you need to apply for renewal within one month before the expiry of your certification. 


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