How to generate Consolidated E-way Bills on the E-way Bill portal?

Last Updated at: Jul 13, 2020
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How to generate Consolidated E-way Bills on the E-way Bill portal?
Select the ‘Change to Multi Vehicle’ option from the menu and enter e-way bill number to be changed to multiple vehicles for further movement and the system shows the details for e-way bill.


You should be a transporter or should have generated the e-way bills at step-1 yourself to use the consolidated EWBs facility. Consolidated E-Way Bill (EWB-02) is a single document that contains details of all the E-Way Bills related to the consignments.


Electronic Way Bill (E-way Bill) is a document to be carried with the consignment of goods whose value exceeds Rs 50,000 and the sale made is beyond 10km. Role of a transporter is now not only limited to the delivery of goods on their destination but also to generate an e-way bill on the National Informatics Centre.

A GST registered person need to have E-way bill to transport goods in a vehicle whose value exceeds Rs 50,000. Any Supplier, recipient and the transporter can generate or cancel an e-way bill through SMS, Android App and by API integration.

Consolidated E-way bill is a single document which includes details of all the e-way bills of multiple consignments that are carried in one transport. In simple words, where the transporter is transporting multiple consignments of different consignors and consignee in one vehicle, to avoid confusion and errors, he/she will carry one E-way bill instead of carrying several E-way bills for those consignments.

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Documents and Details Required to fill in a Consolidated E-way bill

  • The supplier or the transporter should be registered on the EWB portal
  • Invoice or Challan or Bill should be available for the goods that are necessary to be transported.
  • The ID of the transporter and in the case of road transport, Vehicle number.
  • Where the goods will a  through rail, air or ship; ID of the transporter, document number of the transporter and the date on such document.
  • The taxpayer should keep a record of the individual E-way bill ( 12-digit E-way bill number) that will transport in one conveyance.

Step by step procedure – how to generate a consolidated e-way bill?

Step 1:

Visit the E way bill portal which will be available on the following link: and then log in to your E way bill portal. However, in the case of new users, make a new account.

  • On the blue bar, choose Registration
  • From the pop-up menu select e-way bill registration

Fig 1 - E-way bill

Fill in the details required and your account would be created. In case of being an existing user, Login to your account

Step 2:

After successful login, select generate new under the Consolidate EWB option which would be on the left side of the dashboard of the existing users.

Fig 2

Step 3:

A form will appear which the user will have to fill. Following are the details which would be asked for successfully generating an E-waybill:

  1. Firstly, fill in the mode of transport which could be- Rail, Road, Air or Ship
  2. From the drop-down option on the right-hand side select the state
  3. It is important to know the location from the goods will transport as the transporter/supplier have to mention the place in the Vehicle Start column
  4. Fill in the Vehicle Number correctly
  5. Lastly, the transporter/supplier will have to add the EWB no. and the rest of the column will be auto-populated on the basis of the EWB no.
Fig 3

After filing on the required details, click on submit.

Step 4:

Following page will appear on the page after the transporter/supplier clicks on the submit the transporter/supplier submit option

Form EWB-02 will have a 12-digit number. This is the document which the transporter/supplier is necessary to print and transporter should carry it along with the goods at the place of delivery.

Fig 4- Consolidated E-way bill

Step 5:

In case the user does not take the print then or forgets to take the print of the Eway bill he/she may log in again and under the consolidated E-way option, choose Print Consolidated EWB.

Fig 5

You will have to fill in your 12-digit E-waybill number and then choose Go

Click on the print option that will subsequently appear after the display of Eway bill.

Re-generate a Consolidated E-way Bill

Firstly, the supplier/transporter can re-generate his E way bill through the E way bill portal. Under the Consolidated EWB option on the dashboard, go on to the Re-generate Option. It can either be done by entering the 12-digit E-way bill number or by entering the date on which the consolidated E way was generated. However, the supplier/transporter will be answerable to mention the reason for Re-generating the bill.

Consolidates E-way bill can be cancelled by using the cancel option under the Consolidated EWB option on the dashboard. The supplier/transporter will only require to enter their 12-digit Eway bill number and then submit the Go option. Kindly note, the changes can be made on the bill once it is cancelled.

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