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Legal Name Change Procedure for minors in India|Name Change Online

The name change process for minors in India is the same as that of adults. If a kid’s name is wrongly spelt in a government record or it has to be changed, the following steps have to be carried out.

Step 1: Creating an affidavit

This initial step requires a local notary to create an affidavit that is a document, stating the reasons for the name change for the minor. In addition, it must also contain:

  • Name, residential address and age of the child’s parents or guardians
  • The child’s old name, new name, date of birth, age and place of birth
  • Reason for name change
  • Signature of the parent who is making the affidavit. The person who is making the affidavit is called as deponent
  • Date of making the affidavit

Step 2: Advertisement in the newspaper

Once the affidavit has been created, the same has to be intimated to the public by placing advertisements in one newspaper of local language and the other in English. It is best to keep two copies of the ads for future reference.

Step 3: Publication in Gazette

Having done the above two steps, the new name of the minor has to be published in the official Gazette of the government. The following documents need to be submitted for the same:

- An undertaking duly signed by the parent or legal guardian. It must contain the details of the minor, residential address and age. In case if living abroad, the declaration has to be duly attested and submitted by the respective Indian embassy or Indian high commission to the Gazette office.

- A copy of the newspaper advertisement where the name change is published

- A duplicate proforma that is duly signed by the minor’s parent or guardian and two witnesses. This document has to be submitted along with the soft copy. The minor’s old name has to be in place of the signature.

- Two passport size photographs of the minor and the parent/ guardian that are self-attested along with the minor’s photo id proof.

- A certificate declaring that the content therein mentioned in the hard copy and soft copy are same. It has to be duly signed by the applicant.

- The next step would be to wait until the final publication in the Gazette happens. The changes will then be legally complete.

Changing the name in school certificate

If the name has to be changed in the educational documents like school certificate within two years since the date of passing, it could be done without any hassles by approaching the CBSE with the Gazette notification. In case, it has bee more than two years since completing schooling, then the candidate has to adhere to the following steps:

Step 1: Creating the name change affidavit that is duly attested by the Notary Public

Step 2: Publication of name change advertisement in two newspapers, preferably one local daily and one national.

Step 3: Publication of notification in the Gazette of India or Central Gazette.

Step 4: Once it is published in the Central Gazette, the next step would be Verification, where the below-mentioned documents have to be sent to the Secretary, Department of Commerce and Transport.

- A letter to the secretary, stating the name change request

- The deed changing form

- Two copies of the newspaper ad where the name was published

- A copy of the self-attested affidavit

- A copy of ID proof either PAN card or Voters ID or passport or any other valid document

Step 5: After receiving approval from the secretary, it has to be submitted to the local gazette office and an additional fee has to be paid to publish it in the newspaper. Now the name has been officially changed, the applicant can approach the educational institution and inform them about the new name change.

Points to be noted before changing your name in India.

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