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GST Rates in India

Are you keeping up to date with all the GST slab rates? You need to know the rates and how they affect your business! As always, Vakilsearch is here to help.

Did You Know?
  1. Nirmala Sitharaman, the FM, has been requested by Environment Minister Gopal Rai to lower the GST slab rate on raw materials that are used to make alternatives to the 19 SUP items that will be banned.
  2. GST council members changed several GST rates at its 47th meeting. It will be effective from the 18th of July 2022 when the new rates are implemented.
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An Overview of GST Rates in India

GST slabs are fixed tax rates on certain goods and services. These rates apply to most businesses and individuals who sell or purchase these goods and services.

Trade bodies and industries are affected. Everyone, from businesses to customers, is affected by this change. With Vakilsearch, you can learn about the GST rate and how it has changed since the GST law went into effect.

GST Rates and Structure

  • CGST, SGST, and IGST rates refer to the percentage rate of tax imposed on the sale of goods and services
  • Registered businesses must issue invoices with GST amounts charged on the value of supplies
  • CGST and SGST (for intrastate transactions) have similar GST rates
  • The IGST rate (for interstate transactions) is approximately equal to the sum of CGST and SGST
  • Tax slabs are 5%, 12%, 18% & 28%.

Goods and Services Tax Rates Structure for 5%, 12%, 18% and 28%

Tax RatesProducts
0%EggsEducations Services
0%CurdHealth Services
0%LassiChildren’s Drawing & Colouring Books
0%Unpacked FoodgrainsUnbranded Atta
0%Unpacked PaneerUnbranded Maida
0%Unbranded Natural HoneyPrasad
0%Fresh VegetablesPalmyra Jaggery
0%SaltPhool Bhari Jhadoo
5%SugarPacked Paneer
5%Edible OilsRaisin
5%Domestic LPGRoasted Coffee Beans
5%PDS KeroseneSkimmed Milk Powder
5%Cashew NutsFootwear (< ₹500)
5%Milk Food for BabiesApparels (
5%FabricCoir Mats, Matting & Floor Covering
5%CoalMishti/Mithai (Indian Sweets)
5%Life-saving drugsCoffee (except instant)
12%GheeProcessed food
12%Fruit JuicePreparations of Vegetables, Fruits, Nuts or other parts of Plants including Pickle Murabba, Chutney, Jam, Jelly
12%Packed Coconut WaterUmbrella
18%Hair OilCapital goods
18%ToothpasteIndustrial Intermediaries
18%Corn FlakesComputers
28%Small cars (+1% or 3% cess)High-end motorcycles (+15% cess)
28%Consumer durables such as AC and fridgeBeedis are NOT included here
28%Luxury & sin items like BMWs, cigarettes and aerated drinks (+15% cess)

Note: 5% GST will apply from 18 July 2022 to paneer, buttermilk, and curd that are labelled and prepackaged.

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