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Who Can be a CA Accounting Consultant?

Check out this article to learn about CA accounting, the services that accounting consultants provide, their duties and responsibilities, and other relevant information.

CA Accounting consulting (CA Accounting) covers a wide area of involvement, and its sweep helps clients/businesses improve their performance and strengthen their financial position. The companies attain better performance with streamlined internal procedures and improved financial management. An Accounting Consultant offers the following:

  • Help the clients to adopt and maintain an efficient and precise account-keeping process.
  • Make the clients realise and understand the importance of financial data and how it affects their business.
  • Studying the profitability of the client and accordingly providing feedback.
  • Establishing consistent accounting practices for the business 

A CA Accounting Consultant makes clients use financial information to make informed business decisions. They analyse the company’s financial documents and provide accurate changes in areas that need improvement. An accounting consultant needs substantial knowledge of accounting procedures, financial controls, regulations, and expertise to provide services. 

What Does a CA Accounting Consultant Do?

A CA Accounting Consultant helps the clients (individuals and businesses) to make accurate business decisions, evaluate and prepare financial documents, realise the possibilities of expansion in the financial sector, enhance accounting systems, and anticipate future earnings. 

Job Description of an Accounting consultant

A Charted Accountant consultant advises clients on accounting system management and making required changes and improvements to the system. He also identifies the areas of concern, points out future difficulties, and provides remedial measures. It also assists the client in working within legal regulations. 

How to become an Accounting Consultant

First, you must decide on the accounting consulting you wish to take up. Write down your strengths and weaknesses, specific abilities, and areas of expertise. Also, write down any technical or educational drawback you wish to improve. You must also assess and improve your soft skills. 

Although positions are available in various professional services/ businesses, establishing your consulting services can prove lucrative. To start an accounting consulting business, one requires professional field knowledge. You can create an accounting firm in India if you are a Chartered Accountant. You must be a member of the ICAI to start operating as a CA. To become a member, you must register with Act’s Register of Accountants and obtain a practising certificate. When the council accepts your application, your name will reflect in the Register, and you will receive a Certificate of Practice (COP). After which, you can start your consultancy. 

Duties and Responsibilities of an Accounting Consultant

Following are the duties and responsibilities a CA Accounting Consultant has to shoulder: 

  • Maintaining accounting records of the business transactions
  • Evaluating the results of the transactions efficiently
  • Analysing the process of accounting, identifying issues, providing solutions, and thus ensuring efficient workflow
  • Maintaining journal entries and ledger accounts
  • Ensuring reconciliation of statements 
  • Analysing accounting issues regularly and resolving them
  • Ensuring reconciliation of all contract amounts and managing the claims periodically
  • Maintaining accounting systems and managing regular updates
  • Providing technical support to clients 
  • Analysing input data for the company
  • Preparing the final statements – balance sheets and income statements 
  • Providing support to all internal and external auditors
  • Developing systems and improving the efficiency of the accounting process
  • Coordinating with management and departments to ensure optimal quality of services to all clients
  • Collaborating with project teams and resolving accounting issues (if any)
  • Monitoring stock accounts
  • Preparing status reports for all fixed assets
  • Managing and evaluating the billing of all contracts to ensure accuracy
  • Developing and maintaining internal control programs. 

Future Growth of Accounting Consultants

According to an estimate, by 2026, there will be 139000 new accounting openings in the market. With the growing economy and technological advances, all businesses will require accounting personnel to manage their day-to-day financial transactions and the international business nuances. 

Accounting service requirements of a business

  • Tax services
  • Bookkeeping services
  • Consultancy and advisory services
  • Audit and assurance services

Need for Accounting

  • To find the best business structure
  • Financial analysis
  • Advice on software to use
  • Tracking the expenses
  • Provide tax-related services

Reasons to Hire an Accounting Consultant

  • For accounting systems to be organised as well as automated

Since the internet has replaced the earlier system of accounting and other associated tasks, companies prefer to hire experts to take over this responsibility

  • For business growth

The financial sector is very important to any business. A consultant helps make a business plan, manages your finances, keeps records, improves the company’s strengths, deals with the shortcomings, and maintains the company on the right track

  •  It saves time plus money

Maintaining your accounting department can prove very harrowing, and you will need to hire experts in different fields. The whole practice will involve heavy expenditure, and hiring an CA accounting consultant is a better option. 

Accounting Consultant Annual Income

An Accounting Consultant with 1 to 4 years of experience can earn an average total compensation (includes bonus, tips, and overtime pay) of ₹525,000 calculated on an average of16 salaries. An Accounting Consultant with 5 to 9 years of experience earns an average compensation of ₹635,000 calculated on an average of 9 salaries.


We hope this article has been helpful in providing relevant details regarding CA accounting consultants. Accounting and finance consulting is a fast-growing sector. In the present scenario, companies require their services. With the growing economy and expansion of business, the demand for professional accounting consultants is steadily increasing. As a freelance accounting consultant, you have the potential to create a strong network, establish yourself, and grow. Go through this article to learn about an accounting consultant’s duties and responsibilities and the possibilities for their growth. We hope this article has helped answer your queries about becoming a CA accounting consultant. 

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