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Legal Heir

What is Legal Heir Certificate & Documents Required?

A legal heir certificate & Document is typically drafted and registered with the assistance of a lawyer, and it usually takes 30 days to one month for your legal heirship certificate to get issued. Once the certificate is issued, you can obtain the certificate from the website or collect it from the agency where the application was submitted.

For the family heritage to continue, each legacy must be respected. Families are defined by the legacies that their predecessors left behind. The next legitimate legal heir must take over the family’s inheritance after the head of the household passes away. A validated certificate known as a legal heir certificate is produced to ensure the appropriate legal heir.

The legal heirship certificate includes information about each surviving family member, including name, age, relationship to the decedent, and family status. This article talks about how to apply for a legal heir certificate.

Legal heirs of a family member who passed away unexpectedly must obtain a legal heir document in order to inherit the deceased’s possessions. A legal heir certificate is a crucial document that proves the relationship between the decedent and their legal heirs. The heirs must apply for this legal heirship certificate after receiving the decedent’s death certificate from the municipality or municipal corporation in order to assert their claim to the deceased’s assets and debts. A legal heir certificate is typically drafted and registered with the assistance of a lawyer.

What is the need for this certificate?

A legal heir certificate lists the legitimate heirs who are entitled to inherit the late person’s assets and property.

The family’s assets must be carried by the subsequent person in the situation of a family member passing away unexpectedly. This is primarily done to honour the family tradition. This certificate may be utilised for various purposes. Transfers must be made for things like bank accounts, telephone connections, housing taxes, and power connections. Additionally, the certificate is needed to apply for a family pension and a compassionate appointment in case of a government employee’s passing.

What are the advantages of obtaining a legal heir certificate?

The certificate has the advantages listed below.

  • Compassionate appointments, for instance, to obtain work.
  • To establish the heir’s relationship with the decedent.
  • To get benefits such as gratuities, insurance, pensions, retirement plans, employment perks, etc.
  • To gain from other government initiatives.

All qualified succession certificate online need this certification in order to make a claim to a decedent’s property for the following: 

  1. Getting hired because of compassion appointments.
  2. Getting the deceased’s unpaid wages.
  3. Getting payments from the government, such as gratuities and provident funds, and more. 
  4. Approval and settlement of the deceased employee’s family pension.
  5. Giving the deceased person’s property and assets to their heirs.
  6. Obtaining insurance
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Who is eligible to be legal heirs?

The following individuals are recognized as the legal heirs and are eligible to apply for a legal heir certification in India:

  1. The deceased person’s spouse
  2. The deceased’s children
  3. The deceased’s parents
  4. The decedent person’s siblings

What are the documents required for the application for a legal heir certificate?

To get a certificate of legal heirship, the following documents must be filed to the relevant authority:

  1. Completed and signed the application
  2. Identification or address evidence from the applicant (voter id, Aadhar card, driver’s licence, passport, or any other government-issued ID card)
  3. The application form that has been signed 
  4. A self-affirming affidavit, a death certificate for the decedent, and a document showing the deceased’s residence (such as a bank passbook with the deceased’s address and name or any other legitimate proof of identity) are required.
  5. Documentation of each lawful heir’s birthdate. (Birth certificates, results from previous and current schools, PAN cards, passports, etc.) 

What is the process to get legal heir certificate online?

It would be best if you took the actions outlined below in order to get a Legal Heir Certificate Online:

  1. Go to the Taluk Office: The applicant must go to the Taluk or Tehsildar office. The applicant can also speak with a lawyer from the District Civil court as an alternative choice.
  2. Obtain the application form: The applicant must obtain the application form from the relevant Tehsildar official.
  3. Provide Details: The applicant will then need to fill out the application form with all the necessary information.
  4. Add the Documents: After entering all the necessary information, the applicant must attach all required documents with the application form.
  5. Stamp Attachment, The applicant must attach a stamp of ₹ 2 to the application form.
  6. Submit Your Application After completing the above steps, you must submit your application to the Tehsildar office’s authorised officer.
  7. Process of Verification

Following that, the application is examined by the revenue inspector and village administrative officer.

  1. Issuance Of The Certificate: The certificate will then be given by the relevant official listing all the legitimate heirs of the decedent after all verification procedures have been completed.

A Legal Heir Certificate can usually be obtained in 1 month. Still, if there is an excessive delay or the relevant authorities don’t respond, you must contact the sub-collector or the Revenue Division Officer (RDO).

How to get legal heir certificate online?

You must go to the district civil court, the corporation/municipality office in your area, or the Taluk Tahsildar to receive a Legal Heir certificate. 

Or you can obtain the certificate from the website or collect it from the agency where the application was submitted.


We expect that this article answers your question, “how to get legal heir certificate online?” 

If not, then with the help of Vakilsearch, you can hire a knowledgeable lawyer to assist you in this process.

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