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Tips On Choosing A Real Estate Lawyer

Following are some of the most effective tips you should remember when choosing the right real estate lawyer, as it proves worthwhile in the long run.

Real estate sector is a vast one and there are several laws pertaining to it. Keeping up with real estate laws is challenging, but it becomes easier with the help of legal experts. Your real estate lawyer will help you in the right decision-making process and enable you to deal with all the legal matters associated with the real estate domain. Real estate and property law involve different factors related to property finances, like mortgage finance and foreclosures. If you are looking forward to hiring the best legal attorney, you need to look no further, as you can consider the tips here and get your hands on the best legal attorney for your real estate purchase in India. 

Real estate lawyers are loaded with legal knowledge that can be challenging for the average person to understand. But if you select the right attorney to help you with property transactions, they can help you relieve the stress of the deal by ensuring that all your documents are ready, the deed is drafted properly, and all the essential paperwork is done on time.

Above all, they will ensure that all the paperwork meets the standards. However, selecting the right lawyer for real estate goes a long way to ensuring that the property you buy or sell is done correctly and that the entire process goes seamlessly.

6 Suggestions for Choosing the Right Real Estate Lawyer

It might seem obvious, but some people make the mistake of getting in touch with just any lawyer while buying a property in India. For instance, some people choose a family friend who has helped them with a mutual divorce case or just a civil lawyer close to them. But not every lawyer can be helpful in real estate cases. 

You must know that before hiring any other person for your real estate deals. Legislation is challenging and changing every time. Only experienced real estate lawyers can help in such cases. You have to ask a lawyer who deals with this area, and you can expect effective assistance from them.

  • Experience Matters

Your real estate lawyer must have dealt with multiple similar transactions and should have a lot of experience in the past. It means that the lawyer should have seen everything in the market and can provide the perfect guidance and advice during your transaction.

  • Always Pick an Honest Lawyer

Online lawyer consultation plays an important role. If you have the instinct to see through a person, it would be easy to understand their characteristics. Ask questions that might help you know if the lawyer will be honest with your case. 

They might make false promises and act highly optimistic just so they could get a client, but it’s for you to see that they also tell both ups and downs of the case you need assistance with. 

  • Remember, Lawyers Can Do What Real Estate Agents Cannot Do

Bringing a lawyer during property-related transactions is highly recommended because it will help you not to rely only on the estate agent’s legal advice. Some real estate agents do not have all the legal training and the contract as per the standard forms. 

In addition, the real estate lawyer can issue some special clauses and will be able to highly personalise a sale-purchase arrangement for which you cannot rely on an agent.

  • Do Not Call the Lawyer at End Moment

You should contact a lawyer before encountering any such problem so that they can support you with solutions promptly. For instance, if you have already purchased the property and found some unpaid taxes and are now the owners, you are responsible for what you bought. 

The action in the court will involve the lawyer’s payment of court expenses and other expenses. If you already hire a lawyer from the start, you would not have this type of problem. Of course, hiring a lawyer is a costly affair, but in this way, you will save a lot of expenses.

  • Examine the Lawyer’s Reviews

Several resources are available online, which will allow you to gain reviews of lawyers whom you may hire to represent your case in the future. Studying reviews and comments online contributes a lot to choosing the right lawyer.

  • Ask Them Some Relevant Questions

Any lawyer can make themselves sound like one of the best real estate lawyers. But they should also be able to prove it. If they are as talented as they say, they will have no problem answering the questions that you are asking them. Even though you might find it a little monotonous to have a question-answer session with them, it is an integral part of the process.

It will give you a lot of confidence that the lawyer you hire to represent you is perfect. Some of the questions you can ask them include: how long they’ve been practising real estate law, what qualifications they have, how many real estate contracts they had refused or constructed before they were working with you, what legal fees are included in the service and how involved would you be in the documentation process.


Although multiple real estate lawyers are out there, choosing the right one is essential since they will help you with all the legal matters related to your land and properties in a seamless manner. With so many options available, it can become challenging as you may end up making the wrong choice. The professionals at Vakilsearch come handy in such situations. They have a team of highly experienced lawyers for real estate.

You can reach out to the legal experts of Vakilsearch, who are just a click or a call away. Our professionals can help in every possible way. We leave no stone unturned in providing all the support needed when it comes to making the right choice of picking a real estate lawyer. So when you connect with us, you have the support of the best real estate lawyers Services in the country.


What is the best major for a real estate lawyer?

A common major for aspiring real estate lawyers is a Bachelor's degree in Law. This provides a solid foundation in legal principles, which is crucial for a career in real estate law. Additionally, courses in property law and real estate transactions can be particularly beneficial.

What is the work of a real estate lawyer?

A real estate lawyer handles legal matters related to property transactions. This includes tasks such as drafting and reviewing contracts, conducting title searches, ensuring compliance with zoning laws and representing clients in real estate disputes.

What does a property lawyer do in India?

In India, a property lawyer specializes in legal matters related to real estate. This can involve advising clients on property transactions, conducting due diligence, assisting with property documentation and representing clients in property-related disputes.

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