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Role of Chartered Accountant in Your Financial Planning

Chartered accountants are individuals who are well-versed in all tax regulations, and can advise you on the best solutions regarding your taxes, and finances. In this article, you will know about who chartered accountants are and their most important roles.

Chartered Accountants are recognised and knowledgeable professionals in India who are capable of performing audits for any organisation’s financial statements. Chartered accountant is important and beneficial for the economic growth of the country. 

What Is the Importance of a Chartered Accountant?

The regular updates and revisions in taxation and financial rules of the country have increased the demand for chartered accountants in India. Also, it has been predicted that in the next 5-10 years, the country shall witness innumerable golden possibilities for newly qualified CAs. A chartered accountant is someone who has varied knowledge in the forex, law, stock market, taxation and finance. 

Chartered Accountants (CAs) assist in the comprehension of taxation regulations and norms. In the market, there is a huge requirement for Chartered Accountants who specialise in IPOs, equity, mergers, acquisitions, and solvency. The CA must be familiar with changing business scenarios and reports. For accounting, and auditing, data protection from cyber fraud is an issue. 

What Are the Most Essential Responsibilities of a Chartered Accountant?

A Chartered Accountant has many responsibilities. Some important ones are as follows:

1. Accounting

  • Simple bookkeeping to complex financial analysis, preparation of financial statements and accounts payable are some responsibilities from the many services offered by chartered accountants. 
  • Accounting or chartered accountants practice keeping track of a company’s expenses and income. 

2. Auditing

  • There is some specific training you must possess to become a chartered accountant, the ability to make decisions.
  • An auditor’s role is to ensure that the public receives financial statements prepared following accepted accounting practices.
  • A company’s financial statement also affects the company’s goodwill, as they are the only source of information on its financial health. If you fabricate a financial system just to maintain goodwill in the public eye, it may get you a bad reputation. 

3. Taxation

  • Information on current and ongoing tax systems is of paramount importance for business management. 
  • Financial accounting is a crucial part of tax assessment. An online CA prepares tax returns, represents the clients before the taxation authorities, and provides relevant advice to the clients. 
  • Auditing complex situations that have the potential to generate a large amount of revenue is a recently added responsibility of a chartered accountant. 

4. Cost Accountancy

  • For cost accounting in a service-providing company or a manufacturing company, a chartered accountant’s role is critical. 
  • A chartered account figures out how much it shall cost to produce, and how much money it shall cost to produce at each stage in the production process. The CA supplies costing information to relevant management. 
  • They use cost-control measures to determine fair-selling prices. 

5. Investigation

  • Accountants conduct frequent inquiries into the company’s financial statements, particularly when the company is under acquisition, sale, reconstruction, issuance of new shares, or merger of businesses. 
  • Investigations are carried out to find out why earnings rise or fall, and help improve the management and administration. 

6. Executors and Trustees

  • A chartered accountant must collaborate with a legal firm, or a lawyer to be a trustee or an executor. 
  • Attorneys and solicitors seek assistance from chartered accountants to aid them in their job and accounting work. 

7. GST Compliance, Audit, and Training

Chartered accountants have a thorough grasp of the GST-compliant process, training and auditing of the relevant regulations, and laws, and compliance for the management of client accounts.

8. Management Accounting

A professional chartered accountant is responsible for including the creation of policies, day-to-day control, performance evaluation, and a variety of other tasks in management and accounting. 

Why Should You Hire Zolvit for Chartered Accountancy Online?

Zolvit (erstwhile Vakilsearch) hosts a group of qualified chartered accountants and finance experts who will provide you with the fundamental financial consultation that you may require for the growth of your business. To remain GST-compliant and income tax compliant, you must hire the best accountants and auditors who can help you manage your finances and business operations.

Zolvit uses cloud-based accounting software called Zoho to help you with your online accounting and auditing issues. Our experts protect the privacy of the client’s data by following industry best practices and taking steps to prevent the disclosure of client information to any third party. To connect with Zolvit to get the best auditors for your business.

The Takeaway

Chartered accountants play an important part in nation-building. They help the nation in financial and economy-related actions to boost the country’s economic growth. They contribute to capital budgeting, finance, bookkeeping, tax planning, and financial forecasting.

Especially after the advent of GST in India, the function and importance of Chartered Accountants have taken on a greater significance. The updates and revisions of GST rules and regulations demand people comply with the rules and thus require auditors to stay updated. The role and skills of CAs have been leveraged to the maximum in the implementation and development of GST.

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