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Renewal of APEC Registration

In this informative post, we have penned down all the deets you need to know regarding APEC registration. Continue reading to learn about the ins and outs of it.

APEC Registration, the abbreviation for Apparel Promotion Export Council, was founded in 1978 and acted as the official organisation representing India’s apparel exporters. The acronym APEC stands for Apparel Export Promotion Council, and it is a powerful force behind all of its accomplishments. The headquarters of APEC is in Gurgaon. APEC is the most powerful organisation in terms of facilitating and promoting garment manufacture and export. It is very important in discovering new markets. You can easily do AEPC. It also indicates which nations have trade delegations. It provides market intelligence in one location. It delivers workforce information, recommendations, and technical help. It has persistently strived to integrate the whole industry. The best nations are picked and routed to the source machinery.

APEC, as a member of the Export Promotion Council, has provided India with an increased global competitive edge through its ongoing comprehensive assistance. This organisation works hard to meet national export promotion objectives, therefore increasing productivity, creating employment, and strengthening India’s standing in the garment sector.

APEC: Importance

  • Through the acclaimed India International Garment Fair, APEC Registration showcases the finest of Indian garments and export possibilities.
  • It trains workers in order to supply the industry with efficient labour.
  • Many domestic and international fairs are held to promote and acquire market share.
  • It improves global positioning and competitive advantage in a comprehensive manner.
  • The AEPC achieves the objective by meeting national export promotion targets.

APEC: Objectives

AEPC has specific goals in mind, and the advantages to members may be simply deduced from these goals. AEPC’s major aims include the following:

  • Taking steps to promote apparel exports
  • Exports of all sorts of ready-made clothes, barring leather, jute, and woollen knitwear, should be promoted, increased, and developed.
  • Consistently trying to provide business people with vital knowledge on market research, price of various items, policies, subsidies, or advantages from such policies.
  • To give all parties involved information, technical assistance, financial assistance, or any other assistance.
  • Aiding every manufacturer by imparting dexterity and adroitness to the workforce
  • To conduct worker training in order to improve their garment manufacturing skills.
  • Collaboration with the government to create policies, anticipate circumstances, set export objectives, and so on.

Eligibility Criteria for Becoming an APEC Member

Membership in APEC can be obtained by individuals engaged in the manufacture or commerce of the specified garment by simply submitting an application form and the relevant papers to APEC Registration headquarters. The fundamental qualification for membership is to be a merchant exporter or manufacturing exporter. 

In order to register as a person or single proprietorship, the applicant must be over the age of 21. The candidate or any partner shouldn’t have been declared insolvent by a court of law or convicted of an offense involving moral turpitude or misbehaviour. It’s required that the company’s total export turnover exceeds ₹1 crore in the previous three years.

A Registration and Membership Certificate is one of the most significant criteria of practically all Export Promotion Councils. To be an APEC Member exporter and get advantages, a candidate should have an RCMC (Registration-cum-Member Certificate).

Becoming an APEC Member: Documents Required 

Fill out and submit the application form, which may also be found on the APEC Registration official website. The candidate must provide certain crucial information such as the firm’s name, the term from which it operates, the export turnover of the previous years, the registration number, and so on.

The candidate must additionally have the following papers with them while submitting the application form:

  • IEC self-certified copy issued by the DGFT (licensing authority)
  • A notarised undertaking on stamp paper (non-judicial)
  • A self-attested copy of AOA and MOA/ certificate from the Registrar of firms/ partnership deed, etc.
  • A self-attested copy of the Industrial License or SSI Certificate is required for a Manufacturer Exporter
  • All of the aforementioned papers must be notarised on a stamp (non-judicial)
  • Letter of Intent, Self-attested certificate, and Industrial License granted by the relevant Authority.

Becoming an APEC Member: Fees

Entrance costs for a new APEC registration are ₹1,000 + ₹180 (GST 18%) = ₹1,180, with a yearly charge of ₹8,000 + ₹1,440 (GST 18%) = ₹9,440, for a net amount of ₹10,620.

APEC Member Renewal Registration Fees

APEC members are requested to renew their membership for the fiscal year 2022-2023 via this circular listed below:

Annual Subscription Fees for the Fiscal Year 2022-2023

Particular Yearly Subscription (in ₹)
Member Exporters with registration numbers 1 to 10,000 and over 1,00,000 but less than 2,00,000. ₹8,500 + GST*
Aside from Member Exporters ₹8,000 + GST”

*The current GST applicable is 18%. Once paid, subscriptions are neither transferable nor refundable.

It should also be kept in mind that the Executive Committee has established the following benefits for paying an Annual Subscription in advance for three or five years at its meeting on 16 March 2017 in Jaipur:

  • An incentive of ₹500 every year if the yearly subscription is paid beforehand for three years (before or on 31st May)
  • Yearly incentive of ₹600 if the annual subscription is paid beforehand for five years (before or on 31sr May)
  • There’ll be no reward if the yearly subscription is done after the 31st of May of the fiscal year or/and for less than three or five years.
  • The incentive stated above (described in 1st and 2nd point) is also applicable for yearly subscriptions deposited with the Apparel Promotion Export Council after 31 May (of the present fiscal year). It is on the condition that it should relate to the financial years (three years or five years respectively) following the present fiscal year, and the present year subscription is duly paid.

APEC Member: Registration Procedure

  • Visit the official website of APEC Registration
  • Fill in with the necessary information
  • Upload the required documents
  • Track the application status
  • Obtain the registration certificate

Perks of Being an APEC Member

Here are some of the advantages of becoming a member of APEC:

  • Market Development Assistance Grant

According to MDA (Market Development Assistance) standards, any APEC Regsitration with at least a membership length of 1 year and export revenue of not more than ₹15 crores in the previous fiscal year is qualified for MDA subsidies for participation in abroad trade fairs.

  • Trading Expense Refund

Member Exporters may receive a 40 percent tuition fee return for approved personnel nominated for key courses as well as a 20 percent discount for flagship courses at ATDC Centres.

  • Subsidy for Training Programmes in Other Countries

The organisation gives a 75 percent discount on training costs for employees trained at the CITA (Clothing Industry Training Authority), Hong Kong.

  • Benefits of Duty Drawback

The body actively strives to gather duty drawback data and expedite refunds to Member Exporters.


Becoming a member of the prestigious APEC is tremendously advantageous. Any society, statutory organisation, or enterprise that’s a garment exporter, whether a merchant exporter or manufacturer exporter and is highly interested in the aims and objectives of the Council, should aim to APEC registration and renew their APEC membership.

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