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Partnership Deed Format for Hotel Business

A legal document called a partnership deed is recorded to document the partnership registration. This deed must be drafted in a specific format for different businesses. Read on to learn how to prepare a partnership deed format for the hotel business.

A partnership deed is established when two or more partners come together to start a business and make profits. So what law governs partnership firms in India? In India, the Indian Partnership Registration Act, of 1932 governs partnership registration in the country. A partnership should have at least 10 members. 

As per the law, all the assets and liabilities of a partnership firm belong to the partners themselves unlike in the case of enterprises. A partnership is registered to prevent any misunderstandings in the future. It states how the profits and losses are to be distributed amongst the partners and other instructions that bind the partners together. The partnership is drafted in specific formats. The partnership deed format for hotel businesses is different from the format of other enterprises.

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Why a Partnership Deed?

A partnership deed is relevant to conduct business smoothly in a partnership firm. According to the Indian Partnership Registration Act, of 1932, a partnership deed is not necessary. It is drafted at the discretion of the partners. Although, it is always recommended that a partnership firm be registered as registrations have their perks and benefits. Some of the perks and benefits are given below:

  • Registering a partnership firm comes with unique rights and advantages that, unlike unregistered firms 
  • A partner or a partnership firm can sue and be sued only if they are registered. Unregistered partnership firms can neither file lawsuits nor can they be sued
  • An unregistered partnership firm cannot enforce its rights and file a lawsuit against third parties. Nevertheless, it can be subjected to any third-party litigation even if the firm is unregistered. 

How To Register?

What are the steps to follow to register a partnership deed? is one of the questions that must be asked when the partners decide to establish a partnership firm. Here is a step-by-step guide on how to register a partnership deed:

Step 1: Submission of Application for Registration: An application for registration must be submitted to the Registrar of Companies ( RoC ) of the place where the company is situated. This application must be signed by all the partners.

Step 2: Name of the Partnership Firm: Next, a name must be chosen for the partnership firm. It must be noted that while choosing the name of the partnership firm, certain rules must be followed. For instance, the firm cannot choose a name that has already been taken by another establishment or the name must not contain any offensive word. These are some examples. 

Step 3: Obtain a Registration Certificate: Once, the Registrar of Companies ( RoC ) is satisfied with the documents and information submitted, it will issue a Registration Certificate that will act as proof of the legal existence of the partnership firm. 

What is the Partnership Deed Format?

  • The partnership must be drafted in a certain format before submitting it to the Registrar of Companies ( RoC )
  • A partnership must contain a summary of the rights, assets and liabilities of the firm’s partners 
  • The partnership deed should contain the personal details of the partners such as name, address, and contact information
  • The partnership deed should explain the interests of each partner and each of their roles in a partnership firm 
  • The partnership deed must include a clause detailing the steps to be taken when there is a miscommunication or a misunderstanding.
  • It  must contain all terms and conditions and these must be written explicitly. This will prove to be beneficial when misunderstandings arise as one can simply refer to this document
  • It  also details how profits and losses are to be split among partners. 

These are some of the details that are a part of the partnership deed format for the hotel business. Vakilsearch provides excellent service for preparing partnership deed formats. 

What is the Fee for Partnership Deed Registration?

In India, different states have different fees to be paid to the government for registering a partnership firm in our country. 

At Vakilsearch, one can form a partnership deed for a hotel business online by choosing the plan that allows one to register a partnership deed online for just ₹ 499 /- only! 

All you have to do is submit documents for the online registration of the partnership deed. Some of the documents are

  • PAN card
  • Aadhar 
  • Partnership Agreements
  • Documents submitted to Registrar of Companies ( RoC ), including the draft of the deed 

The plan also comes with consultation from an expert who will guide you through the whole process and answer all your queries. 


It is an essential legal document that must be drafted to establish the registration of the partnership firm. It provides basic details about the partnership firm. Additionally, it provides precise and crucial details about steps to be taken when situations of miscommunication and misunderstandings arise. It also details the roles played by every partner both individually and as a team together. 

Visit Vakilsearch for more information  about partnership deeds and the partnership deed format for hotel business. 


What are the essential elements of a hotel partnership deed format?

The essential elements of a hotel partnership deed format include details on profit-sharing, management responsibilities, investment contributions, dispute resolution mechanisms, and exit strategies. A comprehensive agreement ensures clarity and transparency, minimising potential conflicts among partners in the hotel business.

Do I need a lawyer to draft the partnership deed?

While not mandatory, it is highly recommended to engage a lawyer to draft a hotel partnership deed. Legal expertise ensures the document aligns with relevant laws, addresses specific business needs, and provides comprehensive protection for all partners involved in the hotel venture.

What are some specific considerations for a hotel business partnership deed?

Specific considerations for a hotel business partnership deed include provisions for revenue distribution, decision-making authority in operational matters, roles and responsibilities of each partner, and clauses regarding property ownership or lease agreements. Tailoring the agreement to the unique aspects of the hotel industry is crucial for a successful partnership.

Can a partnership deed be amended later?

Yes, a partnership deed can be amended later with the consent of all partners. It is advisable to outline the procedure for amendments within the initial deed. Legal advice is recommended during the amendment process to ensure compliance with regulations and to safeguard the interests of all parties involved.

Where can I find a template for a hotel partnership deed format?

Templates for a hotel partnership deed format can be found online on legal document platforms, or you can consult with legal professionals who specialise in business agreements. Ensure the chosen template is comprehensive, customisable, and aligns with the specific needs and regulations applicable to hotel partnerships.

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