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Kerala Encumbrance Certificate –

Have you ever wondered what is the end purpose of an Kerala encumbrance certificate? If your answer is straight away yes, then read this blog to find the answer.

The Kerala Encumbrance Certificate is a vital document ensuring transparency in property transactions. Issued by the Registration Department, it serves as proof of a property’s legal standing, free from any monetary or legal liabilities. Essential for property buyers and sellers, the certificate traces the ownership history. Obtaining a Kerala Encumbrance Certificate is a prudent step, safeguarding against potential disputes and establishing a property’s marketability. In a realm where property dealings demand clarity, this certificate emerges as a cornerstone, instilling confidence and security in real estate transactions in the vibrant state of Kerala.

In Kerala, the government awards an encumbrance certificate only to those residencies that can be sold claiming a clean title. The new owner of the property does not need to worry about possible litigations. In this certificate, you will get access to all the transactional records that have occurred within a highlighted window involving the rights of the concerned property. A Kerala encumbrance certificate is distributed by the Registration Department of a particular state. Let us now study step-wise how to get an encumbrance certificate online in Kerala. Get to Know all the details about the Kerala Property Registration Online or Pokkuvaravu or Mutation of Property.

Kerala Encumbrance Certificate – Applicability 

Below we have jotted down some of the instances where you will require the encumbrance certificate (EC) and thus you should keep it handy. 

  • When you decide to opt for a property loan, you must provide the kerala encumbrance certificate issued to your house to the respective bank or financial organization. The loan amount is not sanctioned if you do not submit this document as the bank has no proof that the concerned property has not already been mortgaged.
  • Before transferring property rights you should procure the EC as this document guarantees your position as the property owner.
  • To redeem the PF amount for a house purchase or to invest money in house construction, you need to submit the encumbrance certificate to designated authorities. 
  • When land tax has not been paid for a period exceeding 3 financial years then the EC must be delivered to the Municipal Corporation or Panchayat’s office to update the land tax status.

How to Get Kerala Encumbrance Certificate Online?

If you are willing to acquire an encumbrance certificate online then you must go through the official web page of the Registration Department, Kerala. 

Traditionally people used to visit the Sub Registrar’s place to fill up the application form. There is no need to get involved in such elaborate paperwork any longer. You can save valuable time and money by applying online. Follow the instructions to register your request. 

  • Open the home page of the Kerala Registration Division
  • Navigate to the application menu. You will find an option mentioning ‘encumbrance certificate’, select it. Then select the option – ‘confirm EC application’.
  • Fill in the SRO details and district fields depending on the location of your property. Save these changes to proceed to the next step.
  • Provide the details of the sub registrar’s office under whose jurisdiction the property lies. To lock the changes simply select the option ‘save and next’.
  • Now provide your information by answering the boxes.
  • Some mandatory fields will ask for data related to the property like property size, block number, village name and so on. Fill them to the best of your knowledge.
  • You should be aware of the property’s boundary details as the applicant is expected to be conscious of such features.
  • Now you have the option of selecting the period for which you wish to own the encumbrance certificate. Set an appropriate value to evaluate the service charge. 
  • The fee gets displayed on your computer or device screen after providing all the necessary details. 
  • Check the declaration box to give consent. Proceed to submit your application.
  • Once a pop-up menu appears select the button ‘view acknowledgement’.
  • Keep a record of the assigned Land Transaction ID as you may need to put it somewhere in future. Download a soft copy of the acknowledgement slip.

How to Check Status and Complete the Download Process?

As we have told before, follow the steps to open the EC menu from the home page of the Kerala Registration Department: Then click on the EC status. Provide your transaction ID and solve the captcha problem. Once you click on the verify status button, the particulars are ready for a preview. 

Again, if the certificate has already been granted and is ready for use, then proceed to the final step by selecting the download option. Check whether the property details are accurate, and also look for the assigned survey number. The Governmental Property Stamp must be affixed to this certificate along with the digital signature of the authorized party. Once you download it you have ready access to the PDF at all times. 

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Information shared in the Kerala Encumbrance Certificate 

You can find the below-mentioned information regarding the property in an EC:

  • The certificate includes the property owner’s name
  • Particulars that are important from an asset point of view are mentioned in the encumbrance certificate
  • Encumbrance certificate gives a comprehensive description of the property that can be referred to by a prospective buyer before he checks out the sale deeds.
  • You can learn about the history of transactions related to a property by browsing through the encumbrance certificate. Find transfers to date are presented in chronological order. 
  • ECs also exhibit any mortgage details when the owner previously applied for property loans from banks.
  • If the property or a certain part of it has been included in a gift deed then the particulars of the gift settlement have to be stated.
  • Encumbrance certificate shows details of the release deed when any partner had agreed to abandon his share from a mutually purchased land or building.

Fee Charged for Kerala Encumbrance Certificate 

Complete fee structure as per the latest notifications released by the Kerala State Government has been posted here:

Particulars Fee (in ₹)
Application fee to be submitted for obtaining a digitally signed encumbrance certificate 10
Cost incurred for a general search within preliminary 5 years  100
Cost incurred for a general search in between sixth to thirtieth year 250
Cost incurred for a general search after 30 years of certificate issuance ₹25 will be added for each year exceeding the 30th year

Separate charges are applicable for each shareholder of the property that varies from case to case. 


Many legal proceedings stop midway when the property owner fails to produce an authentic encumbrance certificate while negotiating deals involving his belongings. In this article, we saw how to apply online for an EC and also figured out the multiple benefits that are associated with the possession of this document.

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