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India Post Franchise Scheme

Unlock success with India Post Franchise Scheme. Profitable partnership, community service, and growth await. Join now

The Department of Posts plays a crucial role in extending basic postal services across the nation. To enhance accessibility in both urban and rural areas, the Department introduced the India Post Franchise Scheme. This initiative meets the increasing demand for Post Offices, ensuring widespread postal services. Explore the details of the India Post Office Franchise Scheme in this article.

India Post Franchise – Overview 

The India Post Franchise scheme is a program that allows entrepreneurs to own and operate their own postal outlets. This scheme is designed to increase access to postal services in areas where there is no existing post office.

Objective of the India Post Office Franchise Scheme 

Here are the key objectives of the India Post Franchise Scheme:

  1. Expanding Postal Network Coverage:
  • Reach underserved areas: Primarily, the scheme aims to expand the postal network’s reach into areas where traditional post offices are not feasible or have capacity constraints. This includes both urban and rural regions that lack adequate postal services.
  • Enhance accessibility: By opening franchised outlets in these underserved areas, the initiative seeks to make postal services more accessible to a wider population, ensuring that essential services are available to everyone.
  1. Increasing Service Efficiency and Customer Satisfaction:
  • Flexible operating hours: Franchise outlets often have longer opening hours and may operate on weekends or holidays, providing greater convenience to customers and reducing wait times.
  • Improved customer service: The scheme encourages franchisees to focus on delivering high-quality customer service, contributing to overall satisfaction with postal services.
  • Reduce congestion at traditional post offices: By diverting some customer traffic to franchise outlets, the scheme helps to alleviate congestion at existing post offices, leading to a more efficient experience for everyone.
  1. Generating Revenue and Employment Opportunities:
  • Additional revenue stream: The scheme provides India Post with an additional revenue stream through commission fees from franchisees, helping to support the sustainability of postal operations.
  • Promote entrepreneurship: It creates opportunities for individuals to start their own businesses and generate income, contributing to economic growth and employment.
  1. Enhancing Service Quality and Innovation:
  • Partnership with private entities: The engagement of private partners through franchising can bring in new ideas and technologies, potentially leading to service improvements and innovation within the postal network.
  • Competition and incentives: The presence of franchise outlets can create healthy competition, encouraging both traditional post offices and franchisees to strive for better service quality and customer satisfaction.
  1. Promoting Financial Inclusion and Digital Connectivity:
  • Financial services: Franchise outlets often act as agents for financial services like postal life insurance, banking, and bill payments, expanding access to these services in underserved areas and promoting financial inclusion.
  • Digital services: They can also play a role in bridging the digital divide by providing access to e-governance services, internet connectivity, and digital literacy initiatives.

Basic Features of the India Post Franchise Scheme

Who can be a franchisee?

  • Indian citizen above 18 years old
  • No specific educational qualification required
  • Good communication and interpersonal skills
  • Ability to manage a small business

Types of franchises:

  • Counter service franchise: Offers full range of postal services like selling stamps and stationery, booking registered/speed post articles, money orders, etc.
  • Postal agent franchise: Offers limited services like selling stamps and stationery.

Investment and revenue:

  • Minimum investment of Rs. 50,000
  • Earnings through commission on services and products sold (e.g., Rs. 2 per registered post, Rs. 3.5 per money order)
  • Additional commissions for bulk bookings and exceeding revenue targets

Operating hours and location:

  • Franchisee has flexibility to set operating hours, potentially including extended schedules and weekends
  • Location should be easily accessible in an underserved area with potential demand for postal services

Key services offered:

  • Sale of stamps and stationery
  • Booking registered and speed post articles
  • Money orders
  • E-post and other value-added services
  • Potential expansion to include financial services (insurance, banking) and e-governance services

Benefits for franchisee:

  • Be your own boss with business ownership opportunity
  • Earn good income through commissions
  • Provide essential services to the community
  • Gain experience in retail and customer service

Benefits for India Post:

  • Expand network reach and accessibility
  • Improve service efficiency and customer satisfaction
  • Generate additional revenue through commissions
  • Create employment opportunities

Eligibility Criteria for India Post Franchise Scheme

Individual Eligibility:

  • Nationality: Indian citizen
  • Age: 18 years or older
  • Education: No specific educational qualification is required. However, basic literacy and numeracy skills are essential.
  • Skills: Good communication and interpersonal skills, as well as the ability to manage a small business, are important.

Premises Eligibility:

  • Type: The franchise outlet can be a standalone shop or a part of an existing business, such as a grocery store or stationery shop.
  • Size: The minimum size of the outlet should be 100 square feet.
  • Location: The outlet should be located in an easily accessible area with good footfall. It should also be in an area where there is a demand for postal services.
  • Signage: The outlet must display approved signage provided by India Post.

Other Requirements:

  • Security Deposit: The franchisee may be required to provide a security deposit in the form of a National Savings Certificate (NSC). The amount of the security deposit will depend on the estimated daily financial transactions.
  • Memorandum of Agreement: The selected franchisee will be required to sign a Memorandum of Agreement (MoA) with India Post. The MoA will outline the terms and conditions of the franchise agreement.

Products and Services Offered by India Post 

  • Mail Services:
    • Letters and Postcards: Traditional mail for handwritten notes and greeting cards.
    • Registered Post and Speed Post: Secure and expedited delivery options.
    • EMS (Express Mail Service): International express delivery for documents and parcels.
    • Parcel Post: Affordable and reliable delivery of larger packages.
  • Financial Services:
    • Postal Savings Schemes: Safe investment options like RDs, Savings Accounts, and KVP.
    • Money Orders: Secure money transfer across India.
    • India Post Payment Bank: Basic banking facilities for withdrawals, deposits, and fund transfers.
    • PLI and RPLI: Life insurance policies through PLI and RPLI.
  • Retail Services:
    • Sale of Stamps and Stationery: Wide range of stamps, envelopes, and stationery.
    • Bill Payments: Convenient payment of utility bills.
    • Form Sales: Provides application forms for various schemes and exams.
    • E-commerce Facilitation: Collection point for online orders and return shipping.
  • Value-Added Services:
    • Meghdoot Post Card Service: Personalized postcards from scenic locations.
    • Philately: Offers commemorative and special issue stamps.
    • Passport Seva Kendra: Passport application and renewal services in select locations.
    • Aadhaar Card Enrollment and Update: Facilitates Aadhaar services in rural areas.
  • Digital Initiatives:
    • ePost: Secure electronic document and letter sending.
    • Mobile App: Consignment tracking, post office locations, and various services.
    • Website: Official platform for comprehensive information, services, and updates.

Implementation of the India Post Franchise Scheme 

  1. Identification of Locations:
  • India Post identifies areas with a demand for postal services but lacking traditional post offices.
  • Focus on fast-developing urban areas, satellite towns, and rural regions with potential for growth.
  • Prioritize locations where revenue generation is likely to be substantial.
  1. Invitation of Applications:
  • India Post announces the franchise scheme through various channels, including its website, newspapers, and local advertisements.
  • Interested individuals submit application forms along with detailed proposals outlining their business plans and operational strategies.
  1. Selection of Franchisees:
  • A dedicated committee evaluates applications based on predetermined criteria, including:
    • Location suitability
    • Applicant’s qualifications and experience
    • Financial viability
    • Commitment to service quality
    • Proposed infrastructure and facilities
  • Shortlisted candidates undergo further scrutiny and interviews.
  1. Execution of Agreement:
  • Selected franchisees sign a Memorandum of Agreement (MoA) with India Post, outlining terms and conditions of the franchise arrangement.
  • Key aspects covered in the MoA:
    • Services to be provided
    • Commission structure
    • Operating hours
    • Performance expectations
    • Brand and signage guidelines
    • Renewal and termination clauses
  1. Training and Support:
  • India Post provides comprehensive training to franchisees on:
    • Postal operations and procedures
    • Customer service standards
    • Use of technology and software
    • Regulatory compliance
  • Ongoing support is offered through field visits, troubleshooting, and refresher training.
  1. Outlet Establishment:
  • Franchisees set up outlets in accordance with India Post’s specifications, including:
    • Minimum space requirements
    • Approved signage and branding
    • IT infrastructure and equipment
    • Security measures
    • Inventory management
  1. Operations and Monitoring:
  • Franchise outlets commence operations, offering specified postal services to customers.
  • India Post conducts regular monitoring and performance evaluations to ensure:
    • Service quality
    • Customer satisfaction
    • Adherence to guidelines
    • Financial viability
    • Feedback and suggestions are gathered for continuous improvement.
  1. Renewal and Termination:
  • Franchise agreements typically have a fixed term, usually 3-5 years.
  • Renewal is considered based on satisfactory performance and mutual agreement.
  • Termination can occur due to:
    • Non-compliance with terms
    • Poor performance
    • Financial irregularities
    • Franchisee’s voluntary withdrawal

Training for Post Office Job 

The type of training you receive for a post office job will depend heavily on the specific role you land. However, here’s a general overview of the training you might encounter in different post office positions:

General Skills Training:

  • Customer service: This is paramount for any post office role, as you’ll be interacting with customers from diverse backgrounds and needs. Training will focus on communication skills, conflict resolution, and providing excellent service.
  • Cash handling: Many post office roles involve handling money, so training will cover cash counting procedures, secure cash handling practices, and cashier operations.
  • Postal regulations: You’ll need to understand different postal regulations and procedures for various mail classes, size restrictions, shipping options, and international services.
  • Safety and security: Post offices handle sensitive information and valuables, so training will emphasize workplace safety, security protocols, and data protection practices.
  • Technology skills: Increasingly, post offices utilize technology for tasks like barcode scanning, tracking packages, and operating computer systems. Training will ensure you’re comfortable using relevant software and equipment.

Specific Role Training:

  • Mail carrier: Training will cover walking and driving routes efficiently, safely delivering mail, sorting packages, and interacting with customers on delivery routes.
  • Postal clerk: Training focuses on operating postal equipment like scales and stamp machines, processing mail, handling customer transactions, and providing information and assistance.
  • Mail sorter: Training involves learning how to sort mail quickly and accurately according to destination and postal codes.
  • Supervisor: In addition to general skills, supervisors receive training on leadership, team management, performance evaluation, and conflict resolution.

How to Apply for india post office franchise scheme?

  1. Check Eligibility:
  • Ensure you meet the eligibility criteria:
    • Indian citizen
    • 18 years or older
    • No specific educational qualification required, but basic literacy and numeracy skills are essential
  • Familiarize yourself with the scheme’s features and requirements through the official website:
  1. Obtain Application Form:
  • Download the application form from the India Post website or collect it from your nearest Divisional Head Post Office.
  • The form is also available in regional languages.
  1. Fill Out Application:
  • Complete the application form accurately, providing details such as:
    • Personal information
    • Proposed location of the franchise outlet
    • Business plan and operational strategies
    • Financial details
    • Attach any required documents like ID proof, address proof, and financial statements.
  1. Submit Application:
  • Submit the completed application form along with the prescribed documents to the Superintendent of Post Offices of the concerned Divisional Office.
  • You can submit it in person or through post.
  1. Selection Process:
  • A dedicated committee will evaluate applications based on criteria such as location suitability, applicant’s qualifications, financial viability, and commitment to service quality.
  • Shortlisted candidates may be invited for interviews or further scrutiny.
  1. Execution of Agreement:
  • If selected, you’ll be required to sign a Memorandum of Agreement (MoA) with India Post, outlining the terms and conditions of the franchise arrangement.
  • Carefully review the MoA before signing.
  1. Training and Support:
  • India Post will provide comprehensive training on postal operations, customer service, technology usage, and regulatory compliance.
  • Ongoing support is offered through field visits, troubleshooting, and refresher training.
  1. Outlet Establishment:
  • Set up your franchise outlet in accordance with India Post’s specifications, including minimum space requirements, approved signage and branding, IT infrastructure, security measures, and inventory management.
  1. Commencement of Operations:
  • Once all formalities are completed, you can start operating your franchise outlet and offering specified postal services to customers.

India Post Office Franchise Scheme Profit 

The potential profit for an India Post franchise depends on several factors, making it difficult to give a definitive answer. However, I can provide some insights and information to help you estimate:

Factors Influencing Profit:

  • Location: Location is crucial. Outlets in areas with high footfall and demand for postal services are likely to generate more revenue than those in less populated areas.
  • Services Offered: Counter Service franchises offering a full range of services generate more income than Postal Agent franchises with limited services.
  • Performance and Efficiency: Franchisees who efficiently manage operations, attract customers, and exceed revenue targets earn higher commissions.
  • Operating Costs: Costs like rent, staff salaries, and utilities will impact profit margins.
  • Commission Structure: Commissions vary depending on the type of service and transaction volume. For example, higher commissions are offered for registered post parcels compared to regular letters.

Estimated Profit Range:

  • Based on available data and reports, initial monthly earnings for India Post franchises can range from ₹20,000 to ₹50,000.
  • Successful franchises with high volume and efficient operations can potentially earn up to ₹1 lakh or even more in a month.
  • It’s important to remember that these are estimates and actual profits may vary significantly.


The India Post Franchise scheme presents a promising opportunity for individuals to own and operate their own postal outlets, potentially generating income, contributing to their communities, and becoming part of a vast postal network. However, it’s crucial to approach this venture with realistic expectations and a thorough understanding of the challenges involved.

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Is a post office franchise profitable?

The profitability of an India Post franchise depends on several factors:

1. Location: Outlets in areas with high footfall and demand for postal services are likely to generate more revenue.

2. Services offered: Counter Service franchises offering a full range of services typically earn more than Postal Agent franchises.

3. Performance and efficiency: Franchisees who efficiently manage operations, attract customers, and exceed revenue targets earn higher commissions.

4. Operating costs: Costs like rent, staff salaries, and utilities will impact profit margins.

5. Commission structure: Commissions vary depending on the type of service and transaction volume.

Based on available data, initial monthly earnings for India Post franchises can range from ₹20,000 to ₹50,000. Successful franchises can potentially earn more, but it's crucial to remember that these are estimates and actual profits may vary significantly.

What is a post office franchise?

An India Post franchise is a privately owned and operated outlet that offers a range of postal services on behalf of India Post. Franchisees act as independent businesses but operate under a franchise agreement with India Post, adhering to their branding, regulations, and guidelines.

How many days does it require to complete the registration procedure for the India Post franchise?

The registration procedure for the India Post franchise can take anywhere from several weeks to a few months, depending on the volume of applications, verification processes, and any additional requirements. Once you submit your application form, you can expect to be contacted by India Post within a few weeks for further information or an interview. The entire process can take longer if you need to provide additional documents or clarifications.

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