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RCMC Registration

How Do I Enrol My RCM License in DGFT?

In this article about The DGFT, who has now announced that effective 1 April 2022, exporters will be supposed to file a RCM License on the Common Platform? The current approach of filling up the application form solely to the authorized Enroling Authorities will be followed until 31 March 2022.All Enroling Entities, as mentioned in Appendix-2T, are required to assure that they are listed on the e-RCM License portal by 31 March 2022.

The Directorate General of Foreign Trade (DGFT) is India’s official body for import and export rules and policies.

The Directorate General of Foreign Trade is abbreviated as DGFT. The DGFT is in charge of the country’s guidelines and principles for both importers and exporters of goods. There are many ways to learn about DGFT, but the best way is to take import export training courses. With the goal of promoting India’s exports, the DGFT formulates and implements the Foreign Trade Policy. Through a network of 24 regional offices, the DGFT grants export authorizations and monitors the obligations that come with them. Join our export import training to learn more about it and get started with your business. The DGFT implements necessary laws, issues export licenses, introduces trade incentives, and cultivates relationships with other countries to increase exports.

We’ve discussed some key DGFT functions that you should be aware of

  • The DGFT’s role is to develop and implement EXIM/foreign trade policies.
  • Exporters and importers should be given IEC codes.
  •  ITC-HS code creation and maintenance
  •  Issuing export licenses for restricted items
  • To control the flow of goods
  • Formulation and implementation of promotional schemes.
  • Tariff rate quota allocation Increasing trade with nearby countries
  • It supports export promotion councils, state agencies, and industry and trade associations with funds
  •  Managing DEPB levels
  •   It also aids states in developing their export infrastructure.
  •   Provide details on which goods can and cannot be freely exported under Export Policy Schedule 2
  • Financial assistance for the development of marketing and the payment of trade-related expenses
  • Notifications, notices, circulars, and other issues are handled by the DGFT.

Enroll for the New Portal Certificate in DGFT

You will need the following to access the Foreign Trade (DGFT) portal:

  1. a) Access to a secure Internet network
  2. b) Log in with a valid ID and password

Steps to Be Followed to Apply for Certificate on the DGFT Website Are as Follows

  1. Go to the DGFT website and log in by entering your user ID, password, and captcha, then clicking the Login button to access the system.
  2. Upon successful login, the home page will be displayed, along with basic dashboard details such as IEC Number, Valid, IEC Status, Authorizations Issued, and so on. In the left pane of the screen, you will see FYA Notifications.

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Issuance in DGFT

To gain access to the Common Digital Platform, the applicant will enroll as an Importer/Exporter on the DGFT website at Below are the steps to obtaining the Certificate from the DGFT website.

  1. Go to
  2. In the top right corner of the page, click the Login button.
  3. Click the Login button after entering your Username, Password, and CAPTCHA Code.
  4. Select Services > e-certificate> Apply for e-certificate.
  5. You will be taken to a new screen. In any case, if you want to keep working on your Draft Application, choose and click on Continue with Existing Application.
  6. A Dashboard with a username and Basic Details will be displayed
  7. Whether or not the applicant’s profile has been updated, the system will ask for a declaration.
  8. Choose the radio button, then select Save & Next to confirm that your profile has been updated.
  9. Now, in the Details section, the applicant would
    1. Please choose Export Promotion Council / Commodity Board and Fee Details from the drop-down options.
    2. To save the information, select Export Service or Product, then click Add.
    3. Select the Department Heads / Authorised Representatives / Contact Persons for the Councils and click Add Details to save.
    4. Under the Other Information section, select the desired countries to which your company exports and click the Save & Next button.
  10. After you finish typing all the necessary details, you can move to the Attachment Section, where you can attach your documents from your Computer folder. Upload your document by clicking on the attachment option and selecting Save & Next.
  11. Go back to the Declaration section and read all of the Declaration Lines.
  12. Tick on the Acceptance Declaration box, fill in your Place on Place Box, and then Save & Next.
  13. Under Application Summary, the system would display the completed application as well as any uploaded documents. Now you can move ahead with the signing procedure by clicking on the Sign button.
  14. Then, select Payment for Issuance
  15. Before clicking on the submit button, you will be redirected to the payment gateway.
  16. Clicking the Submit button Applicant will see the Payment Response Page with the Transaction ID, then click Submit once more.
  17. Following successful payment, the applicant will receive an e-Payment receipt.


If you are an exporter, you must apply for RCM License, Filing/Issuance via the DGFT Common Digital Platform helps if you are obtaining permission to export (or import) any restricted item, Planning to take advantage of various Foreign Trade Policy benefits or Looking for any advantages provided by Customs and Central Excise authorities. It should be noted that an Certificate is required even if you intend to export two or more products that fall into different categories and thus have different EPCs.

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