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Sole Proprietorship

Documents required for Registering Sole Proprietorship Firm in India

What are the documents you need to register Sole Proprietorship Firm in India? Here’s a list of all the documents you need to register Sole Proprietorship Firm in India; 1) Aadhar Card, 2) Pan card, 3) Bank Passbook…

There are three ways to register a Sole Proprietor firm in India

  1. Registering under the Shop and Establishment Act
  2. Getting a Udyog Aadhaar (or) Udyam under the Ministry of MSME
  3. Registering through a GST registration

Each require different documents, here’s a list of the documents required to register through each.

Documents required to register under the Shop and Establishment Act

To apply to register sole proprietorship under the Shop and Establishment act, you need to submit an application to the Inspector of your area, The application consists of the following

  • Your name and your manager’s name
  • Address of your shop or establishment
  • Name of your shop or establishment
  • Others similar to the above might be mentioned

That’s all you need to register under the shop and establishment act, you just submit the application and the inspector will verify how precise the application is and issue a registration certificate.

Registering as an SME under the Shop and Establishment Act

Through the MSME Act, you can register as a Small and Medium Enterprise (SME). The application can be submitted online. Although registration as an SME is not required, it is extremely beneficial, especially when applying for a business loan. The government runs several schemes for SMEs in which loans are provided at a low-interest rate.

Click here for Udyam Registration Status

Documents required to get Udyog Aadhar or Udyam under the Ministry of MSME

To apply to register sole proprietorship under Udyog Aadhar or Udyan under the Ministry of MSME you need to apply on the registration website, here’s a list of documents you need to apply:

Aadhar Card

You need your Aadhar number to apply on the website, Your Aadhar number is required to apply for almost everything, so it is advised you get an Aadhar card. You can apply for an Aadhar card at an Aadhar Seva Kendra.

PAN Card

You cannot file an income tax return until you have obtained a PAN. So, if you don’t have a PAN number, get one whenever possible. PAN cards can be obtained online for a fee of approx. Rupees 93, To apply for a PAN you must have a scanned photograph, address proof, and identity proof. You can apply for a PAN online through the official NSDL website.

Bank Account

Details of the bank account of the company including IFSC Code and Bank Account number are required to apply, so you need a bank account to apply for a sole proprietorship, you need an address, and identity proof to apply for a bank account as well, to open a current account, you will need a GST registration document.

NIC Code

The NIC code, or National Industrial Classification, is a classification system used to monitor a company’s activities. The NIC code is used to classify businesses by the majority of government departments in India. Each type of business has a different NIC Code, you can find your NIC code through the NIC Handbook or through the internet.

Documents Required to Register Through a GST Registration

GST registration is required if your total annual turnover in a fiscal year exceeds ₹20 lakhs. If the service is the supply of goods, it’s mandatory for you to get a GST registration regardless of your turnover

To apply for GST Registration, you can go to the official website and apply there, you will need the following to do so;

Aadhar Card

The Aadhar card/Aadhar number of the proprietor is required

PAN Card

The Pan card/PAN number of the proprietor is required

Address Proof of the place where the business is present

This can involve proofs like electricity bills, rent agreements, etc.

Proof of Business Registration 

This can include proofs like; Registration with State Government Authority/ Trade Licenses

Identity and Address proof of the director

Bank account

You need a functional current account in a bank to apply for GST Registration:

Digital signature

An example of a digital signature is a scanned paper with the required signature on it

Letter of Authorisation

A Certified Letter of Authorization certifies that an individual has the legal authority to carry out an action on behalf of an organization or other business entity.

Information you should know before registering for a Sole Proprietor firm

Do We Need a Gst License for a Sole Proprietorship?

If your company’s sales or turnover exceeds Rs.20 lakh in a single fiscal year, you must register for GST. The limit is Rs 10 lakhs for states in North East which are hilly, they’re flagged as special category states. Regardless of turnover, any e-commerce seller on websites such as Flipkart or Amazon must have a GST registration. Any individual or entity considering starting their own e-commerce business must have a GST Registration.

The Registered Office Proof for an Online Business

You can rent a space for your e-commerce/online business to use as an office. Your registered office address proof will be the rental agreement and NOC from the owner to be able to operate your sole proprietorship business. If you run your business online through your home, your registered office address will be your house address proof or your commercial electricity bill.

In Whose Name Should the Sole Proprietorship Firm Documents Be Obtained?

The proprietorship firm’s PAN or Aadhar will be in the proprietor’s name. The sole proprietorship firm does not receive PAN or Aadhar card because it does not have a distinct legal existence like a corporation. The proprietor/business owner is associated with a sole proprietorship firm. As a result, the sole proprietorship business owner/proprietor can use their personal PAN.

In Whose Name Should the Bank Account Be?

Yes, the sole proprietor must open a bank account in the name of their sole proprietorship firm. The following account should be a current account and conduct all proprietorship business transactions in the sole proprietorship firm’s account.


If you have the documents mentioned in this article then you should be able to apply to any type of Sole Propriety without any trouble, If you’re still unsure and need assistance in the topic you can use Vakilsearchs help to get it done through us. Our experts give you personal guidance and walk you through the process without much hassle.

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