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Property Documents Verification


People hardly work their life to run daily expenses. We all have a family to look after, children to safeguard and our personal needs. Above all these, we hardly struggle to save a little money for plans. However, even if we hold some amount, it will be required in any sudden need or an emergency.

In this world, it is a challenge to keep some money, especially for middle-class families. But it is undeniable that every person has a dream of having their own home on our property. ‘Property Is not easy to buy by considering the above matters that we have to deal with daily. Do your need a property verification service for your property, lets check below content. 

Even after purchasing a property, is it simple for us to sit calm and eat?. No. After buying a property, the property verification has to end without any wrongdoings for you to have a cup of coffee and relax. Till that, you have to examine all the official requirements to register your property carefully.

Property verification:

The property verification involves an experienced attorney who is skilful in dealing with real estate communications and their processes. The attorney will verify and comment on your property condition. They will help you to acknowledge the property to make a decision. The verification comes first to avoid any future cross tags.

The property verification is verifying all the property’s required documents from the legal owner before committing registration. The attorney has to side with their custody people and help them throughout their process. A single error can collapse the entire process at the end. The attorney’s essential responsibility is to analyse everything and keep up with the consumer carefully.

Property report and its importance:

A property verification report is an important document that plays the deciding role in property registration. The experienced attorney has to submit the property report with much-needed information they collected to the custody people. The report should have to clarify the legal ownership of the relevant property. The attorney has to investigate the past recordings, including the taxes, government reports, any loans on the property name and other details. The attorney must submit the chain of clear ownership records and other requirements. The information has to be offered without any errors and backlogs.

The property report is the tool to saeed trust inside the buyer’s mind. It helps and assures them that they are taking the correct step and that the property they will buy is safe. It assures you that:

  • The investment is safe to do.
  • You don’t have to fear taking this decision.
  • You can allow yourself to relax on this property.
  • It gives you the confidence to move forward.

Property verification service:

When someone wants to buy a property, property verification is the first step. If there are any allegations on the property, the property verification services help the buyer with the process legally. Experienced and skilled attorneys provide many legal services to advocate for their clients in property verifications and other demands.

The service will be paid for their help. As it is strictly dictated to follow the law, the attorney’s involvement in a verification process is essential. The attorney’s experience and knowledge will help you to manage easily because there are many fraudulent in the real estate business. That is why all business people and investors have their lawyers. That is the reason that you have to verify before buying.


Process of property verification:

The real estate law is well-defined and is fully supported by buyers. It gives the buyer full rights to verify all the relevant property information. The following are the property documents you may need to start the verification process:

  1. Title document

Title documents are the crucial documents that state the transfer details of the property that can be transferred from the seller. The title document transfers the legal ownership of the property to the buyer. You must first verify the title document in the sub-register office and get it corrected. The title of the transfer details must be stated without any errors. This document designates the legal owner of the property. You may even put the document on the ad to verify disputes by saying your buying idaea. The object, if raised, will be dealt with later and will help you.

  1. Bank approvals

Having an approved bank record over the property will clear half of the property verification process. If you apply for a housing loan on your property, the bank approves your request only after verifying the property’s whereabouts. They also do an on-site verification before accepting your proposal. The bank must ensure the authenticity of your property before taking legal steps. In order to approve the loan, the property has to be out of any illegal claims.

  1. Encumbrance certificate

The Encumbrance certificate (EC) will give you information about the legal and financial disputes of the property. It is essential to know the financial records of the property before purchasing. You must clear the logs if pending loans are attached to the property. The certificate also helps you to identify if any other people can claim the property as an owner.

  1. Site plan

The site plan is the actual blueprint of the property. The pictorial definition provides an accessible description of the construction and the property’s landscape. After getting approval on your project, you can either add or remove anything from the building, depending upon your wish.

  1. Tax receipt

Verifying past tax reports will give you an idaea of the overall finance of the property. You can also identify if any pending taxes are there. The tax verification will clarify the property requirements, are, and will.

  1. Sales deed

A sales deed is the official document that transfers the ownership from the seller to the buyer. It has the seller’s and buyer’s personal information like name, age, address, contact info, and other required data. Upon signing the sales deed, both parties can confirm their deeds on selling and buying the property in their full conscience. Both parties can verify the notable points in sales deeds before putting their confirmation sign.

  1. Power of Attorney

Power of Attorney (POA) is the document that gives the right to replace the seller’s place to a reliable attorney fully. It states that the attorney of a respectable seller can access their place in registration if the seller himself cannot take place at that time. It is mainly done by those overseas sellers who want to sell their property in their home town. The POA verification can be done during registration to confirm the legal owner.

  1. Other documents

Some additional documents may be there, but they are not that necessary. You have to cheque if the property is on the under-registered property list of the society. A partition deed certificate, the will of the legal owner’s family, or a relinquishment deed certificate may be required.


Once all the needed documents are collected, your lawyer from the verification service will verify the documents and report the property. The verification is submitted, and the relatable documents are registered to initiate your property registration. Once the documents are verified and accepted, the registration can take place.


To quickly complete the verification process, the property verification service will provide your every help. Vakilsearch, among various legal lawsuits providing various services related to officials, provides you with the best attorneys to conduct your verification process. We suggest all the necessary to-do’s for you to complete the registration process. We recommend you to contact us if you need any property-related help.

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