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Divorce Paper Vs Divorce Decree Vs Divorce Certificate

Divorce-related queries are often sought over the web, particularly by couples who’ve given up on their marriage or marital life and wish to part ways. The processes involved in filing divorce papers require legal guidance and technical expertise. To grab a relative clarity on this topic, you can read this article; we hope this will resolve your problem.

This article is for those searching over the internet on how to file divorce papers, divorce decrees, and divorce certificates. When both the husband and the wife agree on mutual terms, the formalities concerning the divorce papers easily get resolved with due assistance sought from the lawyers of both parties. Read this blog to learn about the details of divorce paper vs divorce decree vs divorce certificate.

One looking for relevant information via a web browser must first be aware of the basic laws applicable to custody followed by divorce. We have discussed how you may start the divorce case in the section below.

Steps To Initiate A Divorce Case

  • The parties are provided with three forms that demand correct inputs and authentic signatures. In some cases, the court may issue another additional form if required.
  • The spouses mail the filled-up forms after filing them electronically. This mail is intended to reach the court’s clerk. The delivery of forms can also be done offline, in the traditional way.
  • The spouse must get hold of a third individual who will physically submit a copy of all the filed documents to the Defendant; this service is mandatory for each party.
  • Once all these three things have been executed, now the only thing the spouses can do is wait. More forms are eventually presented that require approval from both ends. This is how the divorce procedure proceeds in a family court.

Divorce Paper – Brief Explanation

A divorce paper signifies a petition intended to dissolve the marital relationship. An attorney prepares this document on behalf of a spouse to deliver it to the person or their hired lawyer. An online portal assists you in preparing essential divorce papers for uncontested divorces. Virtual divorce services take you through a range of questions to generate official papers. 

Our recommendation for you is to consult an attorney. You must achieve the credentials to proceed in this lawful procedure and complete a divorce swiftly. A marriage is permanently dissolved once the court approves the petition from both ends.

What Do You Mean By Divorce Decree?

A divorce certificate is often thought to be equivalent to a divorce decree, but that is not the case. One of the two documents serves as the final proof, while the second document is understood as a strict court order.

The court issues a divorce decree in the final stage of your divorce enforcement journey. This document summarises vital pieces of information related to the court’s verdict. It is dissimilar to a divorce certificate. The concerned state is tasked with issuing a divorce certificate to keep a permanent record of the event. Unlike the decree, the certificate does not include orders that spouses must follow after marriage. 

It decree terminates the emotional turbulence or suffering caused by long-drawn court conflicts. This document represents a court’s final decision in a written matter once both the husband and wife have submitted a mutual agreement to the court. When a trial is conducted, the jury compares each fragment of evidence and reaches a conclusion intended to ease the divorce procedure for both spouses. All the decisions related to child support, custody, alimony, and property segregation are duly recorded in a divorce decree.

At What Time A Divorce Decree Is Generated?

A particular conflict can continue for several months or even a few years. Therefore, reaching a mutual Alimony settlement is a long-drawn procedure. The court reaches a conclusion when both spouses have agreed on norms put forward by the attorneys of each partner. Thus at the end of a conclusive trial session, the judge compares all of the proofs and listens to several testimonies before finally ordering the divorce. Once the procedure is finalized, now is the time for the court to issue a divorce decree that includes every minute detail regarding monthly alimony payments, childcare support, etc. This document is handy and must be duly preserved for further use.

Navigate the path to closure with ease! File for mutual divorce today. Simplify the process, ensure legal compliance, and embrace a new chapter in your life. File now!

Understanding Divorce Certificate

A divorce certificate must not be confused with a court document. It is generated by your state to record the event of divorce for future purposes. The certificate displays the names of the spouses and declares the place and time of the divorce. All the key specifications addressed towards each partner, and the highlighted delegations are not jotted down in a divorce certificate; to refer to that information, you have to get hold of the divorce decree. The family court issues a divorce decree. 

As an individual uses their birth certificate, the divorce certificate also finds application in the same manner under certain circumstances. In a nutshell, this document is the legal proclamation that acknowledges that you were previously married to someone who is no longer part of your married life.

Suppose a spouse desires to change their official name on other legal documents to guarantee social security once the divorce has been finalized. In that case, the court will ask to produce a part of the decree that shows a provision for a possible name change that the former partner has approved.

Although the divorce certificate is divorce-proof in all places, prudent decisions are accepted only after the judge finds a relevant clause in the spouse’s divorce decree. There is no hard and fuss rule that the changed identity must be proclaimed in the divorce certificate.

When Is A Divorce Finalised?

When the family court signs a divorce decree, your divorce completion gets lawfully acknowledged. The attorney who works for you receives the original copy of the divorce decree first; after he scrutinizes it minutely, he directs a copy of the original file to your address, so you get the decree within a few days of issuance. 

The decree highlights the official date on which you got lawfully divorced. From then, you continue to live a single person’s life, although financial duties may continue to partially linger or even for the rest of your life; this depends on the court’s verdict.


Is a divorce decree the same as a divorce certificate?

A divorce decree is a document that confirms the termination of a marriage and provides information about the case, such as the reason for divorce, child custody and property division. A divorce certificate, on the other hand, is a document issued by the state to record the event of divorce for future purposes.

What happens after judge signs divorce decree in India?

After the judge signs the divorce decree in India, the document is then executed, and the marriage is officially terminated. The couple can proceed with the next steps, such as changing their names on official documents and obtaining a new passport or driver's license.

What is the decree of divorce dissolution?

A decree of divorce dissolution is an official document that declares the termination of a marriage. This document is issued by the court and serves as proof of the divorce.

What is the meaning of decree certificate?

A decree certificate is a document issued by the state to record the event of divorce for future purposes. It does not have the same legal effect as a divorce decree.

Can a divorce decree be voided?

A divorce decree can be voided if it was obtained through fraud, coercion or other improper means. If a person wants to challenge the validity of a divorce decree, they can file an appeal or a revision petition.

Is decree required to be registered?

While a divorce decree is required for certain purposes, such as finalizing custody arrangements and property division, a divorce certificate is issued by the state to record the event of divorce for future purposes.

Is divorce decree necessary?

Yes, a divorce decree is necessary for certain purposes, such as changing one's name on official documents or obtaining a new passport.


Divorce papers can be accessed online once a couple decides to end their relationship through mutual consent. The procedure is time-consuming; thus, legal advice is suggested to reduce the chances of mistakes while filing divorce papers. Vakilsearch has all your answers related to divorce laws in India. To know about them, make sure to check our other articles.

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