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Tatkal Marriage Registration in Delhi: A Complete Guide

Learn how you can apply for Tatkal Marriage Registration in Delhi and what all are the documents required in the process.

A tatkal marriage registration helps a couple to receive the certificate faster than the regular time period that’s specified by the law. The married couples must register to be granted legal status after marriage. Registration is done under various laws in force in India. After registration, a marriage registration certificate will be issued. This proves that the couple’s marriage is legal and valid. Apart from the certification document, marriage registration also brings benefits such as obtaining government documents, banking facilities, insurance benefits, etc.

In addition, this document is essential for child custody, divorce, property distribution, etc. The Special Marriage Act of 1954 and the Hindu Marriage Act of 1955 are two major laws in India that require marriage registration.

What are the Criteria for Applying for a Marriage Certificate in Delhi? 

The following criteria are to be fulfilled before applying for a marriage certificate in Delhi:

  • Both or at least one of the couples must be Indian citizens;
  •  The marriage should have taken place in the Delhi NCT area;
  •  The age of a man at marriage must be  21 years or older, and the age of a woman must be  18 years or older;
  •  Neither couple has a spouse from previous marriage during registration;
  •  The parties must be able to give legally valid consent on the date of registration and should be mentally sound;
  •  The couple must be fit for the marriage;
  •  Each spouse must have permanent residence in the district of the office where the marriage is registered and, in this case, Delhi;
  •  If the marriage is registered under the Special Marriage Act, one of the couples must be resident in the county at least 30 days before registration;
  • Suppose the marriage is recorded under the Hindu Marriage Act. In that case, both spouses must be Hindus, Sikhs, Jains, or Buddhists, and they must not be “sapindas” of each other unless their religion or usages allow it.
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Documents Required to Apply for Marriage Certificate in Delhi? 

Following are the different types of documents required to apply for marriage registration in Delhi. 

Identity proof of bride and groom:

  •  Aadhar / PAN / Voter Card
  •  passport
  •  Driver’s license
  •  Grocery card with photo
  •  Other Government-approved Documents

Birthdate evidence of bride and groom:

  •  Aadhar Card
  •  Driver’s license
  •  Passport
  •  Hospital report
  •  Birth certificate
  •  Doctor’s Report

 Proof of address before and after the bride and groom’s wedding:

  •  Aadhar Card
  •  Voter card
  •  Driver’s license
  •  Passport
  •  Electricity / water / gas / telephone bills
  •  Savings books from all banks
  •  Rental housing
  •  Other government-approved documents

 Witness identity certificate: 

  •  Aadhar / PAN / Voter Card
  •  passport
  •  Driver’s license
  •  Grocery card with photo
  •  Other Documents So Recognized by  the  Government

 Permanent resident evidence of witness: 

  •  Aadhar Card
  •  Voter card
  •  Passport
  •  Driver’s license
  •  Distribution coupon
  •  Passport
  •  Electricity / water / gas / telephone charges
  •  Savings books from all banks
  •  Rental housing
  •  Other government-approved documents

After preparing all the above documents, you need to request a reservation. This can be done online or by visiting a court in the respective district.

The procedure of Applying for a Marriage Certificate in Delhi

There are two basic steps to applying for a marriage certificate in Delhi. One is online, and the other is offline, which means applying at an SDM office.

Steps for Applying for a Marriage Certificate Online 

  • Go to the website.
  •  Click “Marriage Registration”
  •  If not registered, please provide the relevant data and register.
  •  After registration, log in using the required credentials.
  •  Next, you also need to fill in the applicant details.
  •  Then choose the correct location as it also depends on the SDM office specified for registration.
  •  After that, select “Register Marriage Certificate”
  •  Following that,  fill out the form and upload the relevant document
  •   Select a reservation date and click Submit Application
  •  Print the confirmations received

SDM Office registration

The second essential step of the procedure includes visiting the district office in the jurisdiction. After requesting an online booking, you need to prepare all the documents, save them in a separate file, and visit the SDM office at the agreed date and time. Once the officials review the papers, you will receive an email with a provisional marriage certificate. You must print, sign and email this certificate back to the SDM’s office. The final certificate, officially signed by SDM, will then be sent to you.

What Is the Concept of Tatkal Marriage Registration?

The tatkal marriage certificate means that anyone who wants to get a Tatkal marriage certificate immediately can apply under it. The applicant will receive a marriage certificate within 24 hours of applying for this procedure.

This procedure was initiated by the Treasury Department of the  Government of Delhi, prioritising the marriage registration process. As part of this process, the couple will separately provide all relevant documents: ID card, address certificate, officially signed form, date of birth certificate, passport photo, and an affidavit from husband and wife. You need to go to the SDM office with an individual wedding invitation and an Aadhar card.

After paying the Tatkal marriage registration fee, the couple will be given an appointment to meet with SDM. Next, SDM asks the couple some questions for authentication. When this process is complete, the couple will be issued a personalised certificate and uploaded to their district ID within 24 hours. The application fee for a Tatkal marriage certificate is higher than the normal registration process for a marriage certificate.


In this article, we have talked about the whole procedure and the documentation required for registering for a marriage certificate in Delhi. Not only this, but we have also highlighted the process for the Tatkal marriage certificate and how you can get it in Delhi. We have covered all the necessary points required for everyone to know about the marriage certificate in Delhi. Before going for marriage certificate registration, keep these points in mind and all the documents handy to speed up the process. In Delhi, the procedure doesn’t take much time if all the documents are authentic and ready.

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