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When to Check ARN Status of GST?

This article helps understand the significance of GST ARN. Let's explore how to track your Application Reference Number (ARN) status and how you can track it yourself.

Once you apply for a GST registration, you are furnished with an Application Reference Number (ARN). Popularly referred to as GST ARN, it helps you understand your GST registration’s exact status. It enables you to track your application’s progress. You Can learn more about ARN Status of GST in this blog.

Once you submit your application for GST registration, the GST portal generates the ARN number. You can easily track the progression of your application with the help of this number till you get your GST certificate.

This is an alphanumeric number and consists of 15 digits which are a combination of alphabets and numeric codes (state codes). The first 2 codes of the ARN number are alphabets. This is followed by two digits representing the code of a specific Indian state. This is followed by four codes. These signify the month and the year. A unique six-digit number follows these codes, and the last one represents the checksum digit.

What is an ARN Number?

ARN stands for Application Reference Number. It is a unique 15-digit alphanumeric code generated by the GST system when a taxpayer submits their GST registration application. The ARN number is used to track the status of the GST registration application. It is valid until the GST registration certificate and GSTIN number are generated.

Why is an ARN Number Considered Highly Important?

  • The ARN number plays a very crucial role in the transaction of business. The processing of an application for GST Registration Process takes about 15 days after applying. Once you have submitted it, an ARN number is generated. It serves as a valid id until you receive your Goods and Services Tax identification number (GSTIN)
  • All details regarding the business partners are furnished on the GST portal when applying for the GST number. A Memorandum of Association (MOA), the PAN card for the said business, a cancelled cheque, and various other documents are mandatory. Thus, an ARN number validates the authenticity of the said vendors until receipt of the GSTIN
  • The ARN number enables vendors to provide goods and services on a bill of supply without the GSTIN. However, once they receive the GSTIN, they have to issue a revised invoice with details of the GSTIN
  • An ARN serves as an authentic identity in the case of mutual fund advisors, fund agents, mediators, and distributors. The ARN code is a concrete assurance of the registration details of intermediaries. There is no scope for fraud
  • In the case of mutual funds, an ARN code helps you to calculate the brokerage due to the agents as well as the mutual fund advisors
  • You can keep track of all the assets that intermediaries have invested.

How to Track GST Application Status?

The process of tracking the status of your GST application is very simple. Given below are the various steps involved:

  • At the start, you have to log on to the official GST portal:
  • Visit the section that states, ‘Services’
  • Click on the ‘Services’ tab and then click on ‘Track application status’
  • Now you have to click on the option titled ‘Module’
  • You will get a drop-down menu with some options
  • Click on ‘Registration’
  • You will see options, namely ARN, SRN and submission date
  • You can select any of these, key in the time frame of submission of the application and click on the world, ‘search’
  • A pop-up will appear indicating the status of various ARN numbers in the time frame which you have selected
  • You will be able to view the status of your application
  • If the status indicates an approval of the same, you can click on ‘download’ to receive an acknowledgement.

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In What Ways You Can Track the Status of a Registration Application?

The various ways in which you can track the status of your registration application are as follows:

  • You can check your GST Registration Status by ARN without having to log on to the GST portal
  • Visit the ‘‘ website. You will be able to view the home page of the GST portal
  • Click on the tab titled ‘Services’, and then on the tab titled. ‘Registration
  • You will see various options, namely – New registration, application for filing clarifications, and Track application status, i.e., Track application status
  • Select ARN. You now have to key in the characters visible in the image in the captcha text
  • Click ‘Search’.

If the ARN is correct, the status of your application is displayed on the screen

You can also choose the Service Request Number (SRN) option – This number is generated after taxpayers submit their application on the Ministry of Corporate Affairs (MCA) portal.

Key in the captcha text and click on the Search tab

Your application is displayed on the screen

What Does GST Registration Status Mean?

Here are the meanings of different application statuses in the context of GST (Goods and Services Tax) registration:

Pending for Processing: This status indicates that the application for GST registration has been successfully submitted, and is now awaiting processing by the tax officer. The tax officer will review the application and take necessary actions.

Pending for Clarification: When the tax officer reviews the application and finds that there is a need for further clarification, additional information, or documents, the application status is marked as “Pending for Clarification.” The applicant is required to provide the requested details.

Pending for Order: If the tax officer has sought clarification or additional information from the taxpayer, and the taxpayer has resubmitted the application with the requested details, the status will be “Pending for Order.” It means that the application is under review again.

Approved: When the tax officer has reviewed the application, and all the required information and documents are in order, the application is approved. The GST Department will issue the GSTIN (Goods and Services Tax Identification Number) to the taxpayer, and the status will change to “Approved.”

Rejected: If the tax officer finds that the application does not meet the required criteria or if the applicant does not respond within a specified time frame, the application may be rejected. In such cases, the status will be “Rejected,” and the applicant will need to reapply if necessary.

Check Your GST Registration Status With ARN On GST Portal

  • Visit the official GST portal
  • Log into your account with your name and password
  • Click on the Services tab, select the Registration tab and then select the Track application status option from the drop-down menu
  • Select any of the two options, i.e., ARN or Date of submission
  • Click on the ‘Download’ link and download the acknowledgement.

The Various Types of Status for This Number Are:

  • Provisional – Indicates that the submission has been made and can be used as a temporary registration after the fulfilment of requisite conditions
  • Validation against error – The application has not yet been validated by the concerned GST officer
  • Migration – As the name suggests, the said application has migrated under GST with success. At this stage of processing, no edits can be made to the application. The concerned person will have to reapply if desiring changes in the application
  • Approved – A GST officer has approved your application. You can create an account with all the necessary details and create a strong password. You can now log into your account
  • Cancelled – This status signifies that the GST officer has rejected the application. The reasons could be varied.

Everyone today is aware that GST has to be filed on time every year. This makes it imperative for the registered taxpayers to monitor the status of their individual GST registrations. 


The GST ARN plays a crucial role in the transactions of all businesses. The ARN number enables current taxpayers to migrate seamlessly into the new Goods and Service Tax (GST) regime. The ARN number plays a vital role in understanding the status of your GST registration online.


How long does it take to receive a GST ARN after applying?

The GST ARN (Application Reference Number) is generated immediately after submitting the GST registration application

Can I track the progress of my GST ARN application in real-time?

Yes, taxpayers can track the progress of their GST ARN application in real-time using the GST portal.

Is there a fee for checking my GST ARN status?

No, taxpayers can check the status of their application on the GST portal for free.

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