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How to Apply for GST Number in Delhi?

Don't think you can undergo the rigmarole of GST’s indirect taxation formalities? Apply for GST in Delhi without any hassle with the help of the experts at Vakilsearch.

The GST Number is a 15-digit number assigned to each taxpayer under the GST system (GSTIN). Before the implementation of the GST system, all state VAT-registered traders were assigned a unique TIN. GSTIN has now taken the role of TIN.

A valid GSTIN number permits a business entity to be legally recognized as a provider of goods and services. This allows a company to build trust with its consumers and contributes to the company’s success. A person with a valid GSTIN number can claim Input credit for purchases made on their behalf. When compared to a small firm, you will be able to boost your competitiveness with a GSTIN number because purchasing from them would secure input credit.

Moreover, businesses can also avoid interstate sales limits by using their GST Identification Number. You will be able to expand the scope of your business by registering on e-commerce sites or creating your own e-commerce website.

Know the Uniform GST State Code in Delhi

The two-digit code is 07. The GST state code 07 in India represents the GST state code for Delhi (UT). It’s also the initial two digits of a Delhi taxpayer’s GSTIN number. It is used to identify the state and the state & UT.

For instance, consider a taxpayer who does business in Delhi and has a physical location there. After completing GST Registration Online, he would receive a GSTIN number. In a GSTIN number like 07AACCF8045D1ZM, you can see that the first two numbers indicate Delhi. It signifies that this GSTIN number is from Delhi and that you have a business or location in Delhi.

Obtain GSTIN in Delhi with the Assistance of Vakilsearch

The first and most important step is to contact Vakilsearch’s GST experts to examine your GST demands and requirements. Our team of GST experts will next double-check that all of your paperwork and documentation is in place, allowing for a hassle-free GST enrolment. Our experienced legal team will  then walk you through the GST registration: procedure and finish it on your behalf, allowing you to obtain your ARN and GSTIN as quickly as possible.

Use our GST calculator to Calculate GST amount to be paid before registering for GST.

The Vakilsearch team will also assist with any compliance or physical verification issues that may arise throughout the registration procedure.

Our experts can also assist you after you’ve registered by managing all of your return filings to keep you GST compliant.

Don’t wait, start your business journey off the right way by contacting Vakilsearch right away!

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