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AP Meeseva Portal: Andhra Pradesh Caste Certificate Apply

Looking to make a caste certificate in AP? This article details the entire procedure, eligibility requirements and even the documents required. Keep reading to know more!


A caste certificate can be obtained by residents of Andhra Pradesh to access a variety of government services & subsidies aimed toward particular groups of people. An applicant may approach and submit the necessary application forms to the Government of Andhra Pradesh’s Integrated Service Delivery Department for caste certificate registration services. The certificate will be issued within 15 days following the application date.

Apply Caste Certificate

AP Caste Certificate Eligibility 

To obtain a caste certificate, an applicant must fulfil the requirements outlined by the Government of Andhra Pradesh, they are as follows – 

  • The applicant must be an Andhra Pradesh resident.
  • Only an individual who belongs to a backward community such as Scheduled Caste (SC), Scheduled Tribes (ST), or Other Backward Categories can apply for a caste certificate (OBC).

Andhra Pradesh Caste Certificate Benefits 

Caste certificates act as an important piece of documentation that improves the standard of living of people from scheduled tribes, scheduled castes, and other disadvantaged groups by giving them access to great opportunities. In fact, caste certificates primarily assist those who belong to the reserved category, such as scheduled castes, tribes, or backward classes in acquiring access to the following benefits:

  • To secure a seat reservation in the legislatures and government services
  • For waiving a portion or all of the admissions fees to schools and universities.
  • To obtain educational institution quotas.
  • To apply for scholarships, a caste certificate must be supplied.
  • The caste certificate is required to receive government subsidies.
  • To obtain age relaxation limits when applying for specific positions.
  • To obtain a loan for schooling, a home, or a business through government or non-government programmes.

Do note that a citizen must be a member of a specific caste and have a valid certificate to be eligible for these privileges.

Documents Required to Obtain a Caste Certificate in AP

The following documents must be provided to receive an Andhra Pradesh caste certificate.

  • An application form
  • Either a copy of the ration card / Voter ID
  • A report of caste Patwari/Sarpanch
  • Income Report
  • Aadhaar card
  • Proof of residence 
  • Caste/religion report
  • Transfer certificate (school leaving certificate)
  • If applicable, a caste certificate before marriage
  • Passport-size photograph of the applicant

Do note that all the above-mentioned documents must be attested by a gazetted officer from any government department. 

Fee Charged for Caste Certificate Issuance in AP

In Andhra Pradesh, the applicant would be charged a cost of ₹10 to obtain a caste certificate.

AP MeeSeva: Caste Certificate Validity in AP 2024: 

Follow the step-by-step instructions below to apply for a caste certificate through a MeeSeva centre in Andhra Pradesh:

  1. Step 1: The applicant must go to the nearest MeeSeva centre in their area. Separate application forms are issued for candidates from the SC/BC, ST, and OBC communities.
  2. Step 2: Get an application form for a caste certificate from the office and fill it out in the approved format. You may also get the application form for the caste certificate from the MeeSeva Andhra Pradesh website.
  3. Step 3: Without making any mistakes, complete the application form. You will need to fill in the following details in the  application form:
    • Name
    • Name of parents 
    • Age
    • Date of birth
    • Residential address
    • Community-related information 
    • Aadhaar card
    • Household survey sumber
  4. Step 4: Submit an application form to the MeeSeva operator together with any necessary supporting documentation, once you have filled it out in the format specified.
  5. Step 5: Upon successful registration, the applicant will get a transaction number on his/her registered number alerting them of the information on their caste certificate. To check the status of the application online, the applicant must make a note of the transaction ID.
  6. Step 6: A MeeSeva employee will submit the online caste certificate request to the proper authority. 
  7. Step 7: A local inspection will be conducted to confirm the applicant’s residency or caste. In the case of married women, the inquiry will be conducted at the place of residency prior to marriage as well as the place of residence after marriage.
  8. Step 8: Following successful verification, the concerned officer will issue the caste certificate within 7 days. 

AP MeeSeva: Caste Certificate Application Tracking

To check the status of the caste certificate application form, follow the steps below:

  1. Step 1: Log in to the MeeSeva portal
  2. Step 2: Enter your Transaction ID or Application number and press the ‘Go’ button.
  3. Step 3: You can now check the status of their application.


Caste certificates are issued by the State Revenue Department in Andhra Pradesh and give people from Scheduled Castes and Scheduled Tribes special rights. A caste certificate is issued by the government as a way of promoting equality for all residents.


What are the step-by-step procedures for obtaining a Caste Certificate online in Andhra Pradesh?

To obtain a Caste Certificate online in Andhra Pradesh, follow these step-by-step procedures:

1.Gather Required Documents
2.Visit the Meeseva Portal: Go to the Meeseva portal ( and create an account
3.Log in to the Portal: After creating an account, log in to the portal using your credentials
4.Fill in the Application Form: Complete the online application form with the required information and submit it,
5.Pay the Fees: Pay the necessary fees for the Caste Certificate application, which is ₹40 for Category A applicants.
6.Track the Application Status: Monitor the status of your application through the Meeseva portal
7.Download the Caste Certificate: Once your application is processed and approved, you can download the caste certificate from the Meeseva portal

Are there specific eligibility criteria that applicants need to meet when applying for a Caste Certificate online in AP?

The eligibility criteria for applying for a caste certificate in AP is as follows:

1.Resident of Andhra Pradesh
2.Belong to a recognized caste notified by the Government of Andhra Pradesh
3.Not belong to the excluded categories (e.g., creamy layer)

Which documents are mandatory for the online application process of a Caste Certificate in Andhra Pradesh?

You will need the following documents to apply for a Caste Certificate online in AP

1.Aadhaar card
2.Residential proof
3.Date of birth certificate
4.Income certificate
5.School/College certificate
6.Community certificate of parents

Is there a specific website or portal designated for submitting online applications for Caste Certificates in AP?

Yes, there is a specific website portal designed for submitting online caste certificates in AP. It is known as the MeeSeva website.

What is the usual processing time for an online Caste Certificate application in Andhra Pradesh, and are there any expedited options available?

The processing time for a Caste Certificate in Andhra Pradesh is usually 15-30 days

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