Authors List

  • Avani Mishra

    Avani Mishra is a graduate in law from the National Law Institute University, Bhopal. She qualified the Company Secretary course with an All India Rank 1 and is a recipient of the President’s Gold Medal for her academic distinctions. She also holds a B.Com degree with a specialization in Corporate Affairs and Administration.
  • Hrishikesh Datar

    Hrishikesh is the founder of India's largest legal, tax and compliance platform: Vakilsearch. Himself a lawyer by training, he is inspired by the vision to make India's legal and compliance structures the simplest to navigate, globally. Hrishikesh cherishes the opportunity to interact with any changemaker daring to make the impossible happen.
  • Kaviya A

    Kaviya is a veteran in the operations of Vakilsearch with a proven history of working well in the legal services industry. Though initially qualified as an engineer, she is skilled in management studies and enjoys writing about business.
  • Khushbu T

    Khushbu is a fintech expert with experience in the fintech ecosystem at large, and she worked with Flipkart before making her home with Vakilsearch. She specialises in providing financial services at Vakilsearch and is passionate about all things related to literature, travel, and food.
  • Nivetha K

    Nivetha is a constitutional and intellectual property lawyer proficient in law and business. She enjoys breaking down complicated legal aspects of business into easily understandable concepts for people.
  • Rudra Krishna

    Rudra is an intellectual property lawyer from Cardiff University in the UK, specialising in patents. He has worked alongside some of India’s brightest legal minds and is the author of five books. He enjoys studying and breaking down a range of legal concepts.
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