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With our free trademark search service, you can be sure that the mark you've chosen is free to use before you begin registering it.


A trademark search is a quick sweep of the trademark directory. You get the following information when you do a trademark search:

  • Who has applied for the same or similar trademark
  • The application number and the date of application
  • The class under which the application was made
  • The status of the application (approved / withdrawn / registered / objected / abandoned)

When Do You Need a Trademark Search

The trademark search is not a tool you use once and forget about, but a tool you need to bookmark.

Here are the reasons why:

    Trademark Registration

    If you are someone looking to register your trademark, then the first step in the process is to do a thorough search of the existing trademark registrations and applications. Here, this tool comes in handy. You can run your preliminary search to check whether your trademark is available or if it’s taken by someone else.

    After you run a basic search, you can contact Vakilsearch to take care of the trademark registration for you.

    We take care of all the key tasks so that you don’t have to worry about analysing the search results, identifying the right class for your product/service, or making sure you are submitting your application error-free.

    Protecting Your Trademark

    The use of a trademark search tool is not over if you have registered your trademark. It is also necessary to ensure that your trademark rights are protected. New trademark applications are submitted every day and someone can attempt to register the same or a similar trademark as yours.

    The trademark search tool helps you keep an eye out for such possibilities. When you do find someone trying to register your trademark or a similar one, you can make an objection.

    This can be a time-consuming process for you to keep checking every now and then. So, to make it easier for you Vakilsearch provides our trademark watch service.

    Through trademark watch, we make sure that your rights are protected by regularly checking new trademark registrations and giving you real-time information about any possible infringement.

    Trademark Search Benefits for You

    • Our search is not restricted to similar/identical word matches alone. We identify similarities in word meanings as well.
    • We design a customized trademark watch parameter to suit your unique needs.
    • You can store and review your watch reports in our user-friendly web portal
    • We offer highly affordable services with volume discounts
    • We provide timely reports so that you can act fast to protect your intellectual property
    • We leverage state-of-the-art technology to identify visual and phonetic resemblances

    Latest News

    Tata Motors Trademarks the Name 'Timero' for its Upcoming SUV In India

    18 September 2020: As per the Ministry of Commerce and Industry's database, the Tata Motors has trademarked the name ‘Timero'. So, it is likely that 'Tata Timero' could be the official name of the company's upcoming micro SUV, due for launch towards the end of 2020. The company filed for the trademark registration last year.

    Patanjali Gets Relief from Supreme Court; Can Use the Trademark “Coronil”

    27 August 2020: The Supreme Court has refused to restrain Patanjali Ayurved from using the trademark “Coronil”. Patanjali released its immunity-boosting products under this name during the Covid-19 pandemic. A High Court restrained Patanjali from using the trademark in an infringement suit filed by Arudra Engineers. Arudra claimed that they had been using the trademark ‘Coronil’ since 1993 for their industrial cleaning and chemical products.

    Hindustan Unilever Gets Order to Temporarily Restrain Emami Ltd. from Using the Mark “Glow & Handsome”

    17 August 2020: The Bombay High Court has granted an interim order restraining Emami Ltd. from using the mark “Glow & Handsome”. Emami earlier objected to the use of the “Glow & handsome” trademark by Hindustan Unilever. In its order, the Court observed that Hindustan Unilever Limited was the prior adopter and user of the mark as it had already launched its goods in the market.

    Hyundai Registers Alcazar Trademark for its Upcoming SUV in India

    24 June 2020: Hyundai Motor India Ltd has recently trademarked the name ‘Alcazar’ with the Ministry of Commerce & Industry. This trademark has been registered under class 12 of trademark classifications in India. Class 12 stands for apparatus for locomotion by land, water, and air. The goods and service classification for the trademark mentions it as an automobile of the SUV category. Therefore, it is expected to be the name for its upcoming 7-seater SUV in India.

    'Fair & Lovely' to Get New Name as 'Glow & Lovely'; Trademark Search Procedure is Being Followed

    20 June 2020: The Hindustan Unilever Limited (HUL) has recently filed for registering the name ‘Glow & Lovely’ with the Controller General of Patent Design and Trademark. According to the IP India Portal, the company's application has been sent for “Vienna Codification”. This is as per the trademark search procedure specified by the Vienna Agreement, to check for the distinctiveness of any trademark. Earlier, the FMCG major decided to drop the word 'Fair' from its popular fairness cream 'Fair & Lovely'.

    Delhi High Court Imposes Fine for Infringing the Trademark ‘Dettol’

    3 June 2020: The Delhi High Court has passed a decree of permanent injunction restraining Mohit Petrochemicals from using the trademark ‘DEVTOL’ or any similar marks for their products. The Court has also imposed a fine on the company for trademark infringement. Reckitt Benckiser, the owner of the renowned antiseptic brand Dettol, filed an objection suit earlier against Mohit Petrochemicals for selling hand sanitizers using the deceptively similar mark “DEVTOL’.

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