Trademark Class 40: Treatment of Materials Services

Trademark Class 40 is for registering a trademark for services treating or transforming materials. It includes services for treatment of materials. Class 40 mainly includes services which are not included in other classes, rendered by the chemical or mechanical processing or transformation of objects or organic or inorganic substances.

Here are the items under Class 40
Class 40 Group Class 40 Good
Custom manufacture and assembly services cloth edging, cloth cutting, clothing alteration, coppersmithing/boiler-making, custom fashioning of fur, custom assembling of materials for others, services of a dental technician, dressmaking, embroidery services, framing of works of art, glass-blowing, key cutting, knitting machine rental, tailoring, taxidermy.
Energy production production of energy, rental of generators, rental of boilers.
Treatment and transformation of materials abrasion, blacksmithing, burnishing by abrasion, cadmium plating, chromium plating, cryopreservation services, decontamination of hazardous materials, electroplating, engraving, flour milling, galvanization, gilding, gold-plating, grinding, laminating, laser scribing, magnetization, material treatment information, metal plating, metal treating, metal tempering, metal casting, millworking, nickel plating, optical glass grinding, paper finishing, paper treating, planing [saw mill], pottery firing/firing pottery, processing of oil, refining services, saddlery working, sandblasting services, sawing [saw mill], silver-plating, soldering, stripping finishes, tanning, timber felling and processing, tin-plating, vulcanization [material treatment], warping [looms], window tinting treatment, being surface coating, woodworking, wool treating.
Textile, leather and fur treatment applying finishes to textiles, cloth waterproofing/fabric waterproofing, cloth fireproofing/fabric fireproofing/textile fireproofing, cloth dyeing, cloth pre-shrinking, crease-resistant treatment for clothing, dyeing services, textile dyeing, fabric bleaching, fulling of cloth, fur dyeing, fur conditioning, fur mothproofing, fur glossing, fur satining, leather staining, leather working, permanent-press treatment of fabrics, quilting, shoe staining, skin dressing, textile treating/cloth treating, textile mothproofing.
Recycling and waste treatment destruction of waste and trash, incineration of waste and trash, recycling of waste and trash, sorting of waste and recyclable material [transformation], waste treatment [transformation], Printing, and photographic and cinematographic development, bookbinding, processing of cinematographic films, color separation services, lithographic printing, offset printing, pattern printing, photocomposing services, photographic printing, photographic film development, photogravure, printing, silkscreen printing.
Duplication of audio and video recordings, Air and water conditioning and purification air purification, air freshening, air deodorizing, rental of air conditioning apparatus, rental of space heating apparatus, water treating.
Slaughtering slaughtering of animals.
Food and beverage treatment food smoking, food and drink preservation, freezing of foods, fruit crushing.

Related (Coordinated) Classes: Business Services, Class 36 - Insurance and Finance Services, Class 37 - Construction and Repair Services, Class 38 - Telecommunications Services, Class 39 - Shipping and Travel Services, Class 41 - Education and Entertainment Services, Class 42 - Science and Technology Services, Class 43 - Food Services, Class 44 - Medical and Vet Services, Class 45 - Legal and Security Services.

NOTE: Class 40 is NOT used if you are registering:
  • repair services

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