Trademark Class 38: Telecommunications Services

Trademark Class 38 is for registering a trademark for television, telecommunication and related services. It includes telecommunication services. Class 38 mainly includes services that allows at least one person to communicate with another by sensory means. Such services include those that: (1) allows one person to talk to another, (2). Transmission of messages from one person to another, and (3) place a person in visual or oral communication with another (like radio and television).In particular, class 38 includes services which consists essentially of the diffusion of television or radio programs.

Here are the items under Class 38
Class 38 Group Class 38 Good
Telecommunication services communications by telegrams, information about telecommunication, message sending, news agencies/wire service, satellite transmission, telecommunications routing and junction services, telegraph services, telex services, transmission of telegrams.
Broadcasting services cable television broadcasting, providing telecommunication channels for teleshopping services, radio broadcasting, television broadcasting, wireless broadcasting.
Telephone and mobile telephone services cellular telephone communication, communications by telephone, facsimile transmission, paging services [radio, telephone or other means of electronic communication], teleconferencing services, telephone services, voice mail services.
Computer communication and Internet access communications by computer terminals, communications by fiber [fiber] optic networks, computer aided transmission of messages and images, electronic mail, electronic bulletin board services [telecommunications services], providing telecommunications connections to a global computer network, providing internet chatrooms, providing user access to global computer networks, providing online forums, rental of access time to global computer networks, transmission of greeting cards online, transmission of digital files, videoconferencing services.
Access to content, websites and portals providing access to databases.
Provision and rental of telecommunications facilities and equipment rental of message sending apparatus, rental of facsimile apparatus, rental of modems, rental of telecommunication equipment, rental of telephones.

Related (Coordinated) Classes: Business Services, Class 36 - Insurance and Finance Services, Class 37 - Construction and Repair Services, Class 39 - Shipping and Travel Services, Class 40 - Material Treatment Services, Class 41 - Education and Entertainment Services, Class 42 - Science and Technology Services, Class 43 - Food Services, Class 44 - Medical and Vet Services, Class 45 - Legal and Security Services.

NOTE: Class 38 is NOT used if you are registering:
  • Radio advertising services
  • Telephone marketing or telemarketing services

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