Trademark Class 36: Insurance and Financial Services

Trademark Class 36 is for registering a trademark for real estate, financial, insurance and monetary services. It includes services for financial affairs; monetary affairs; real estate affairs; insurance. Class 36 mainly includes services which are rendered in monetary and financial affairs and services that are rendered in relation to insurance contracts of all kinds.

Here are the items under Class 36
Class 36 Group Class 36 Good
Insurance services actuarial services, insurance brokerage, insurance information, insurance consultancy.
Insurance underwriting and appraisals and assessment for insurance purposes accident insurance underwriting, fire insurance underwriting, health insurance underwriting, insurance underwriting, life insurance underwriting, marine insurance underwriting.
Rent collection rent collection.
Pawnbrokerage pawnbrokerage.
Provision of prepaid cards and tokens issue of tokens of value, issuing of travellers' checks [cheques].
Safe deposit services deposits of valuables, safe deposit services, Financial and monetary services, and banking, banking, brokerage, brokerage of carbon credits, business liquidation services, financial, financial management, financing services, home banking, savings bank services, trusteeship/fiduciary.
Currency trading and exchange services exchanging money.
Securities and commodities trading services clearing, financial/clearing-houses, financial, securities brokerage/stocks and bonds brokerage, stock exchange quotations, stock brokerage services.
Loan and credit, and lease-finance services credit bureaux, hire-purchase financing/lease-purchase financing, instalment loans, lending against security, loans [financing], mortgage banking, surety services/bail-bonding/guarantees
Debt recovery and factoring services debt collection agencies, factoring, Investment services, capital investments/fund investments/capital investment, Fund investments, mutual funds, provident fund services.
Financial underwriting and securities issuance (investment banking), Financial transfers and transactions, and payment services retirement payment services, electronic funds transfer.
Cash, check (cheque) and money order services, Card services credit card services, debit card services, issuance of credit cards.
Tax and duty payment services customs brokerage.
Financial information, data, advice and consultancy services financial analysis, check [cheque] verification, debt advisory services, financial information, financial consultancy, repair costs evaluation [financial appraisal].
Financial rating and credit reports, Financial appraisal services financial evaluation [insurance, banking, real estate], fiscal assessments/fiscal valuations, Fundraising and sponsorship, charitable fund raising, financial sponsorship, organization of collections.
Valuation services antique appraisal, jewelry appraisal, art appraisal, financial evaluation of wool, financial evaluation of standing timber/financial valuation of standing timber, numismatic appraisal, real estate appraisal, stamp appraisal.

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