Trademark Class 31: Grains, Agriculture

Trademark Class 31 is for registering a trademark for agricultural and grains, forestry products and horticultural. It mainly includes agricultural and grains, forestry products and horticultural not included in other classes; fresh vegetables and fruits; live animals; natural plants and flowers; seeds; foodstuffs for animals; malt. It also includes raw cereals; raw woods; fertilized eggs for hatching; molluscs, and Crustacea (live).

Here are the items under Class 31
Class 31 Group Class 31 Good
Live animals, organisms for breeding bred stock, crayfish, live, crustaceans, live, eggs for hatching, fertilised, fish spawn, fish, live, fishing bait, live, live animals, lobsters, live, menagerie animals, mussels, live, oysters, live, poultry, live, sea-cucumbers, live, shellfish, live, silkworm eggs, silkworms, spiny lobsters, live.
Agricultural and aquacultural crops, horticulture and forestry products, maize, Algae algae for human or animal consumption/seaweed for human or animal consumption.
Plants aloe vera plants, hop cones, hops, nettles, plants, plants, dried, for decoration, seedlings, sugarcane, vine plants.
Fresh fruits, nuts, vegetables and herbs almonds [fruits], beans, fresh, beet, berries, fresh fruits, chestnuts, fresh, chicory roots, chicory [salad], citrus fruit, cocoa beans, raw, coconuts, copra, cucumbers, fresh, fruit, fresh, garden herbs, fresh, grapes, fresh, hazelnuts, juniper berries, kola nuts/cola nuts, leeks, fresh, lemons, fresh, lentils, fresh, lettuce, fresh, locust beans, nuts [fruits], olives, fresh, onions, fresh vegetables, oranges, peanuts, fresh, peas, fresh, peppers [plants], potatoes, fresh, rhubarb, roots for food, spinach, fresh, squashes/marrows, vegetables, fresh.
Malts and unprocessed cereals barley, bran, grains [cereals], malt for brewing and distilling, oats, rice, unprocessed, rye, wheat.
Natural turf turf, natural/sod.
Flowers, flowers, natural, flowers, dried, for decoration, sesame, wreaths of natural flowers.
Seeds, bulbs and seedlings for plant breeding cereal seeds, unprocessed, flower bulbs/bulbs, seed germ for botanical purposes, grains [seeds]/plant seeds, pollen [raw material].
Trees and forestry products, Christmas trees palm trees, palms [leaves of the palm tree], pine cones, raw barks, rose bushes, rough cork, shrubs/bushes, trees, trunks of trees, undressed timber, unsawn timber, wood chips for the manufacture of wood pulp.
Plant residues (raw materials) bagasses of cane [raw material], coconut shell, draff, fruit residue [marc]/marc, residue in a still after distillation, straw mulch.
Fungi mushroom spawn for propagation, mushrooms, fresh, truffles, fresh.
Foodstuffs and fodder for animals algarovilla for animal consumption, animal foodstuffs, animal fattening preparations/livestock fattening preparations, edible chews for animals, beverages for pets, bird food, bran mash for animal consumption, by-products of the processing of cereals, for animal consumption/residual products of cereals for animal consumption, cuttle bone for birds, distillery waste for animal consumption, dog biscuits, preparations for egg laying poultry, fish meal for animal consumption, flax meal [fodder], fodder/cattle food/forage, grains for animal consumption, groats for poultry, lime for animal forage, linseed for animal consumption/flaxseed for animal consumption, linseed meal for animal consumption/flaxseed meal for animal consumption, maize cake for cattle, mash for fattening livestock, meal for animals, oil cake/cattle cake, peanut meal for animals, peanut cake for animals, pet food, rape cake for cattle, rice meal for forage, salt for cattle, stall food for animals, straw [forage], strengthening animal forage, wheat germ for animal consumption, yeast for animal consumption.
Bedding and litter for animals aromatic sand for pets [litter], hay, products for animal litter, litter peat, sanded paper for pets [litter], straw litter.

Related (Coordinated) Classes: Class 5 - Pharmaceuticals, Class 29 - Meat, Fish, Poultry, Class 30 - Coffee, Flour, Rice, Class 32 - Beers and Beverages, Class 35 - Advertising and Business Services, Class 42 - Science and Technology Services, Class 43 - Food Services , and Class 44 - Medical and Vet Services.

NOTE: Class 31 is NOT used if you are registering:
  • Cultures of micro-organisms and leeches used for medical purposes
  • Dietary supplements for animals
  • Artificial fishing bait
  • Semi-worked woods
  • Tobacco
  • Rice

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