Trademark Class 28: Games and Sporting Goods

Trademark Class 28 is for registering a trademark for games and playthings, and sporting articles and gymnastic. It mainly includes games and playthings; sporting articles and gymnastic which are not included in other classes; decorations used for Christmas trees, as well as the amusement and game apparatus adapted for the use with an external display monitor or screen ; fishing tackle; equipment for various games and sports.

Here are the items under Class 28
Class 28 Group Class 28 Good
Sporting articles and equipment archery implements, ascenders [mountaineering equipment], bags especially designed for skis and surfboards, baseball gloves, batting gloves [accessories for games], billiard cues, billiard cue tips, billiard tables, bladders of balls for games, bob-sleighs, body boards, body-building apparatus/body-training apparatus/body rehabilitation apparatus, bowling apparatus and machinery, bows for archery, boxing gloves, chest expanders [exercisers]/exercisers [expanders], clay pigeon traps, clay pigeons [targets], climbers' harness, coin-operated billiard tables, cricket bags, discuses for sports, divot repair tools [golf accessories]/pitch mark repair tools [golf accessories], dumb-bells/bar-bells, edges of skis, elbow guards [sports articles], electronic targets, fencing weapons, fencing masks, fencing gauntlets/fencing gloves, gloves for games, golf clubs, golf bags, with or without wheels, golf gloves, gut for rackets, appliances for gymnastics, hang gliders, harness for sailboards, hockey sticks, ice skates, in-line roller skates, knee guards [sports articles], masts for sailboards, men's athletic supporters [sports articles], nets for sports, paintball guns [sports apparatus], paintballs [ammunition for paintball guns] [sports apparatus], paragliders, machines for physical exercises, poles for pole vaulting, protective paddings [parts of sports suits], punching bags, rackets/bats for games, roller skates, rollers for stationary exercise bicycles, rosin used by athletes, sailboards, scrapers for skis, seal skins [coverings for skis], shin guards [sports articles], shuttlecocks, skateboards, skating boots with skates attached, ski bindings, skis, sleighs [sports articles], sling shots [sports articles], snowboards, snowshoes, sole coverings for skis, spring boards [sports articles], starting blocks for sports, stationary exercise bicycles, strings for rackets, surf boards, surf skis, surfboard leashes, tables for table tennis, targets, tennis nets, tennis ball throwing apparatus, trampolines, waterskis, wax for skis, weight lifting belts [sports articles].
Hunting and fishing equipment artificial fishing bait, bite indicators [fishing tackle], bite sensors [fishing tackle], butterfly nets, camouflage screens [sports articles], creels [fishing traps], decoys for hunting or fishing/lures for hunting or fishing, fish hooks, fishing tackle, floats for fishing, gut for fishing, harpoon guns [sports articles], hunting game calls, landing nets for anglers, lines for fishing, reels for fishing, rods for fishing, scent lures for hunting or fishing.
Swimming equipment flippers for swimming/swimming webs [flippers], swimming jackets, swimming belts, swimming kick boards.
Festive decorations and artificial Christmas trees bells for Christmas trees, candle holders for Christmas trees.
Christmas trees of synthetic material, Christmas tree stands explosive bonbons [Christmas crackers]/cosaques [toy fireworks], ornaments for Christmas trees, except illumination articles and confectionery, artificial snow for Christmas trees.
Fairground and playground apparatus fairground ride apparatus, slides [playthings].
Toys, games, playthings and novelties air pistols [toys], amusement machines, automatic and coin-operated, backgammon games, balls for games, billiard table cushions, billiard balls, billiard markers, bingo cards, board games, building blocks [toys], building games, caps for pistols [toys], chalk for billiard cues, chess games, chessboards, chips for gambling, confetti, conjuring apparatus, counters [discs] for games, cups for dice, darts, dice, dolls, dolls' feeding bottles, dolls' houses, dolls' rooms, dolls' beds, dolls' clothes, dominoes, draughtboards/checkerboards, draughts [games]/checkers [games], flying discs [toys], games, apparatus for games, gaming machines for gambling, horseshoe games, jigsaw puzzles, kaleidoscopes, kite reels, kites, mah-jong, marbles for games, mobiles [toys], novelties for parties, dances [party favors, favours], pachinkos, paper party hats, parlour games/parlor games, percussion caps [toys]/detonating caps [toys], piñatas, play balloons, playing balls, playing cards, plush toys, practical jokes [novelties], puppets/marionettes, quoits, radio-controlled toy vehicles, rattles [playthings], ring games, rocking horses, roulette wheels, scale model vehicles, scale model kits [toys], scooters [toys], scratch cards for playing lottery games, skittles [games]/ninepins, skittles, slot machines [gaming machines], snow globes, soap bubbles [toys], spinning tops [toys], stuffed toys, swimming pools [play articles], swings, tables for indoor football, teddy bears, theatrical masks, toy pistols, toy masks, toy vehicles, toys for domestic pets, toys, twirling batons, water wings/floats for bathing and swimming.
Video game apparatus arcade video game machines, controllers for game consoles, portable games with liquid crystal displays, video game machines.

Related (Coordinated) Classes: Class 9 - Computers and Scientific Devices, Class 16 - Paper Goods, Class 20 - Furniture, Class 25 - Clothing, Class 35 - Advertising and Business Services, Class 41 - Education and Entertainment Services, and Class 42 - Science and Technology Services.

NOTE: Class 28 is NOT used if you are registering:
  • Christmas tree candles
  • Diving equipment
  • Electrical lights (garlands) for decorating Christmas trees
  • Fishing nets
  • Clothing for sports and gymnastics
  • Chocolate and confectionery decorations for Christmas trees

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