Trademark Class 25: Clothing

Trademark Class 25 is for registering a trademark for clothing, headgear, and footwear. It mainly includes clothing, headgear and footwear.

Here are the items under Class 25
Class 25 Group Class 25 Good
Headgear bathing caps, berets, cap peaks, caps [headwear], hat frames [skeletons], hats, headgear for wear, mantillas, mitres [hats]/miters [hats], shower caps, skull caps, top hats, turbans, visors [headwear], wimples.
Clothing aprons [clothing], ascots, babies' pants [clothing], bandanas [neckerchiefs], bath robes, bathing trunks/bathing drawers, bathing suits/swimsuits, beach clothes, belts [clothing], bibs, not of paper, boas [necklets], bodices [lingerie], brassieres, breeches for wear, camisoles, chasubles, clothing for gymnastics, clothing, clothing of imitations of leather, clothing of leather, coats, collar protectors, collars [clothing]/shoulder wraps, combinations [clothing], corselets, corsets [underclothing], cuffs/wristbands [clothing], cyclists' clothing, detachable collars, dress shields, dresses, dressing gowns, ear muffs [clothing], fishing vests, footmuffs, not electrically heated, fur stoles, furs [clothing], gabardines [clothing], garters, girdles, gloves [clothing], headbands [clothing], heelpieces for stockings, hoods [clothing], hosiery, jackets [clothing], jerseys [clothing], jumper dresses/pinafore dresses, knitwear [clothing], layettes [clothing], leggings [trousers], leggings [leg warmers]/leg warmers, liveries, maniples, masquerade costumes, mittens, money belts [clothing], motorists' clothing, muffs [clothing], neckties, outerclothing, overalls/smocks, overcoats/topcoats, pants/drawers [clothing], paper clothing, paper hats [clothing], parkas, pelerines, pelisses, petticoats, pocket squares, pockets for clothing, ponchos, pullovers/jumpers [pullovers], pyjamas/pajamas (Am.), ready-made linings [parts of clothing], ready-made clothing, saris, sarongs, sashes for wear, scarves/scarfs, shawls, shirt yokes, shirt fronts, shirts, short-sleeve shirts, singlets/sports jerseys, ski gloves, skirts, skorts, sleep masks, slips [undergarments], sock suspenders, socks, spats/gaiters, stocking suspenders, stockings, sweat-absorbent stockings, stuff jackets [clothing], suits, suspenders/braces for clothing [suspenders], sweat-absorbent underclothing [underwear]/anti-sweat underclothing/anti-sweat underwear, sweaters, teddies [undergarments], tee-shirts, tights, togas, trouser straps/gaiter straps, trousers, underpants, underwear/body linen [garments]/underclothing, uniforms, veils [clothing], waistcoats/vests, waterproof clothing, wet suits for water-skiing.
Footwear bath sandals, bath slippers, beach shoes, boot uppers, boots, boots for sports, esparto shoes or sandals, fittings of metal for footwear, football shoes/football boots, footwear, footwear uppers, galoshes/goloshes, gymnastic shoes, half-boots, heelpieces for footwear, heels, inner soles, lace boots, non-slipping devices for footwear, sandals, shoes, ski boots, slippers, soles for footwear, sports shoes, studs for football boots, tips for footwear, welts for footwear, wooden shoes.

Related (Coordinated) Classes: Class 14 - Precious Metals, Class 18 - Leather Goods, Class 19 - Building Materials, and Class 24 - Textiles, Class 35 - Advertising and Business Services, and Class 42 - Science and Technology Services.

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