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‘Pattachitta’ is a land revenue document issued by the Tamil Nadu Government to the owner of a respective piece of land or property. However, ‘Pattachiita’ used to be two separate documents, each providing particular details pertaining to the land. We’re going to explore this briefly in the below two paragraphs.

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What is Patta?

A ‘Patta’ is a legal document issued to the owner of land by the Tamil Nadu Government. It is the proof or record of revenue in relation to the piece of land owned by the respective person. The ‘Patta’ (also known as the Record of Rights or ROR) is obtained from the district office of the Tahsildar, where the land is located.

The Patta will comprise the following details:

  • The Patta number
  • The owner’s name
  • Name of the district/taluk/village
  • Survey number and subdivision
  • The total area of the land
  • Information on tax paid
  • Land classification - wetland or dryland
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    What is Chitta?

    The Chitta is a land revenue document, pertaining to a piece of land, maintained by the Village Administration Officer (VOA) and the district office of the Tahsildar, where the land is located. While the document provides information regarding ownership of land, area of land, survey number, location details, etc. the defining quality is to classify it as a wetland property or dryland property.

    Pattachitta: The Unification

    In 2015, the Government of Tamil Nadu decided to unify ‘Patta’ and ‘Chitta’ into a single document called ‘Pattachitta’. The ‘Pattachitaa’ is an important piece of legal document that is required for all property-related transactions.

    How to apply for Pattachitta online?

    After the unification of ‘Patta’ and ‘Chitta’, the Tamil Nadu Government made the Pattachitta application process entirely online. Please refer to the steps below to understand how to apply for Pattachitta online:

  • Visit the Pattachitta website and select between the two available languages - English or Tamil, to view the website content in the respective language.
  • Select the Patta & FMB or Chitta or TSLR Extract with respect to the district where the property is situated. Property details and other details such as ward/block/survey number, etc. are also required.
  • After entering all the details the application is submitted online. The system then generates a Pattachitta certificate from the Town Survey Land Register, which comprises all details regarding the property, such as the municipality, ward/block/survey number. Etc
  • How to transfer Pattachitta Tamil Nadu on sale of a property?

    The transfer of Pattachitta Tamil Nadu to the ‘Tehsildar’ (tax officer) takes place on the sale of land or property. The procedure to transfer Pattachitta Tamil Nadu to the ‘Tehsildar’(tax officer) is similar to applying for Pattachitta.

  • An application is prepared and submitted to the Tehsildar’s office in accordance with the location of the property and his/her jurisdiction.
  • The application is accepted or rejected in accordance with the verification process conducted by the Tehsildar’s office, including documents submitted.
  • Documents required to transfer Pattachitta Tamil Nadu on sale of a property

    Apart from an application, in order to transfer Pattachitta Tamil Nadu, certain documents are also required to be submitted.

  • Copy of sale deed (with the original document for verification).
  • Electricity bill, property tax receipt, etc, documents that support proof of ownership.
  • Encumbrance certificate
  • How to verify the application for the transfer status of Pattachitta Tamil Nadu?

    To verify the application for transfer status of Pattachitta Tamil Nadu, please refer to the steps below:

  • Go to the Tamil Nadu E-district portal.
  • Enter the Pattachitta application number, followed by the respective ‘captcha’ value’.
  • Click on ‘Get Status’ to view the application status
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