Trademark Registration in Lakshadweep

If you have been thinking about registering a trademark in Lakshadweep, then you’re in the right place. There are many benefits of Trademark Registration in Lakshadweep, including preventing others from using your company’s name and logo, brand reputation and establishing exclusive rights over your business name.

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Trademark Registration in Lakshadweep

It is simple to register trademark online in the islands of Lakshadweep in accordance with the 1999 Trademark Act. With a trademark, you may assert exclusive ownership rights over all facets of your brand and stop others from using them. This ensures that no one else will exploit the effort you put into your brand's branding and content. The exclusive ownership rights granted by a trademark registration in Lakshadweep will shield your logo, catchphrases, product packaging, and every other distinctive feature of your brand identification from unauthorised use. Continue reading to learn more about Lakshadweep's trademark registration process.

How to Register a Trademark in Lakshadweep

By following these steps one can easily register a trademark in Lakshadweep:

  • Fill out the application form from the Intellectual Property Office
  • Provide the necessary documents proving the ownership of one’s brand or business
  • Pay the required amount.

Did You Know?

  • The registered trademark Lakshadweep Seafood refers to fresh and frozen fish and shellfish from the state's coastal districts. 'Seafood in a can' is how the items are referred to. The term 'Lakshadweep seafood' is well-known all across the world. It's perfect for many kinds of fresh fish, shellfish, and other seafood.
  • Lakshadweep Maritime Security Vessels is registered in Lakshadweep. The ‘maritime security vessels’ are civilian-operated and under the Indian Coast Guard's control. Lakshadweep has registered the trademarks ‘Lakshadweep marine security vessels’ and ‘Lakshadweep cetacean.’

Important Documents to Have for Registering a Trademark

Here are the few documents that is required by an individual who has the ownership of a business/ brand and would like to register a trademark:

  • Applicant’s PAN card
  • Applicant’s address proof
  • Logo (which must contain the brand name) applied to register a trademark
  • User affidavit, in case of claim of a specific user date
  • Proof of trademark use such as registration certificate or invoice, etc.
  • A signed form of TM – 48
  • Start up recognition certificates, MSME, to avail upto 50% concession on the government fees.

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