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Trademark Registration in India

Trademark is paramount to any startup and organizations of all sizes as a trademark protects the intellectual property and enhances reputation in the industry and among customers.Registering Trademarks also help in business growth and here are the reasons why they are a must for your organization.

1. Trademark adds uniqueness to the brand:

With competition increasing day by day, companies across are struggling to maintain their factor of uniqueness be it in terms of delivering innovative products, services, reaching out to an audience, marketing, etc. But out of all these, the most vital thing is a unique trademark. It could be a distinctive design along with a catchy phrase or tagline that is easy to remember. For instance, the Cocoa-Cola company’s “Coke” brand stands out for the logo’s calligraphy style and colour scheme which make it attractive.

2. TM acts as a communication tool:

As a TM conveys emotional and intellectual attributes regarding a business, it has the potential to speak a lot about an organization. A trademark must be created in such a way that it persuades the consumers and at the same time gives consumers an idea of what a business does. For example, consider the logo of popular Starbucks. It has a siren in green in colour which is synonymous to freshness as their coffee.

3. Trademark gives brand protection:

Any business owner will want to promote his product and brand publically. Registering Trademarks helps in protecting the brand and gives ownership over all the products of a particular business.

4. Registered trademark is a valuable asset:

Trademark is an overall valuable asset to a company that appreciates in value over time when the business grows. The more a business grows, the reputation increases, and so does the trademark’s value. If it is really great, a trademark can also lead to the acquisition of a business by a larger corporation.

5. It influences the customers’ behaviour

Customers do not judge a product or service only by its quality. Trademarks and brand reputation play a major role in influencing customers buying habits and this has also been proved by many studies and researches. Whether it is a designer handbag, an electronic item or even a confectionery a brand has a great impact that it creates a sense of belonging, desire and at times adds a status quotient.

6. Your trademark has no expiry

Trademark will continue to persist as long as the business is in good shape and used properly without legal violations. It has to be renewed once in every ten years under certain conditions. Some of the most recognizable brands have been running popular for over nine decades. For example, Coca Cola’s brand was registered in the 1800s.

7. Allows businesses to utilize social media channels

In this digital age, people are looking more towards social media channels to communicate with the brand better. Whether it is for getting to know more about the business and its services or products, reviewing or even raising their concerns, social media channels are becoming a powerful too. If a company has its trademark registered, it can be effectively utilized on the Internet and all social media platforms. This also leads to an increase in high traffic, high rankings and positive business recognition thereby giving a competitive edge.

In this dynamic business world, where businesses are constantly looking to flourish in the industry, choosing the right symbol or design or logo as a trademark becomes a critical aspect. A name and logo, that could capture the attention of consumers and stand out in the market have to be carefully selected, keeping in mind its investment and long-lasting nature. It has to be noted that customers always go for something they feel like they could trust.

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