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Thanks to technology and government constructive initiative! The process of online Provident Fund Claiming and transferring has become end to end online and easier. You just need UAN, Aadhaar Card, active bank account and a valid phone number

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How does PF registration work for you?

PF is a great contingency or retirement fund for an employee. Registering for PF through a simpleprocess requires an assortment of documents from the business and the employee.


PF Registration is mandatory for all companies that have more than 20 employees

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What Is The Status Of My EPFO Claim?

The online provident fund claim status is one of the most beneficial facility to track the position of your provident fund (PF) withdrawal application. Claiming of PF amount that was once a tedious process has now become easy, thanks to the government portals and online service providers. The status of the claim form can be done either by visiting the EPFO website or from EPFO’s portal for members. If you have your PF account number, you can now easily track the withdrawal status. Now that a job change is no longer as infrequent as it once was, this feature is immensely useful. So let us find out how to use it:

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Finding Claim Status

Use this link to access the official Know Your Claim Status (KYCS) page at the EPFO site. One can proceed with the given steps to check their EPFO claim status.

1. Follow the option of ‘Click Here for Knowing Your Claim Status’.

2. Select the relevant state and click the ‘Search for Establishment Code’ link shown just below it.

3. If you know the region of your EPFO office, select the last option of ‘Establishment Under Office’. Choose the region of your EPFO office from the drop down.

4. The complete list with establishment code will appear on the screen. Establishment code is a numerical part of your 7-digit member ID. It is also further enhanced with 3 characters and is known as the extension code.

5. If your EPF account number does not have any extension code (3 digits), just leave the field of extension code blank.

6. Fill up the region code and office code.

7. Enter establishment code and establishment code extension in the related fields.

8. Enter your provident fund account number.

9. Click on submit.

This will initiate and send the EPFO claim status to your registered contact. The screen will show the status messages as applicable to your EPFO claim. If one does not wish to check the EFPO claim status online, a download option is also available.

EFPO claim status can also be recovered manually, by filling up the above details in the form and submitting the same at the EPFO office. The form is available at the EPFO office. Additionally, EPFO offers various other facilities like EPF balance and UAN status. Employees’ Provident Fund is the prominent investment for salaried individuals. It is maintained and administered by EPFO, India.

From EPFO's unified portal for members

1. Log into the portal with the credentials of UAN and password.

2. Under the ‘Online Services’ tab at the top panel, click ‘Track Claim Status’

3. You can use the same portal to view the transfer claim as well

The EPFO has also introduced several provisions to reduce the settlement period of the claims where the period is less than five days. In order to get the claim early, some of the conditions that had to be fulfilled are:

a) The claim application has to be filed online

b) The employee must have UAN

c) The KYC and UAN must have been linked

d) Verification and approval of KYC by the current employer

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