GST Registration in Uttar Pradesh

The new tax regime of GST has so much to offer to businessmen like you. Give yourself a chance to avail all these benefits. Get the GST registration done for your business in Uttar Pradesh.

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How does GST registration work for you?

Any business offering sale of goods with annual turn over of 40 lacs or service with annual
turn over of 20 lacs would require the registration for GST and have a valid GST Number.


We help you get a Secure GST Identification Number.

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Some of us might be unaware of the importance of GST registration. So, who needs to file a GST? If the company has got a turnover of 40 lakhs or more than 40 lakhs, then GST must be registered. Whereas North-eastern states if the turnover is 10 lakhs or more, GST registration has to be done. Any business organisation in Uttar Pradesh that registers under the GST Law must get a special identification number from the relevant tax authorities in order to collect taxes on behalf of the Government and claim input tax credits for the taxes paid on his incoming supplies. Without registration, a person cannot claim any input tax credits for taxes he has already paid or collect tax from his consumers. Read through to find out more about GST registration in Uttar Pradesh.

Benefits of GST Registration in Uttar Pradesh

As mentioned above, GST registration is a must. Here is why you should get GST registration in Uttar Pradesh:

  • Removing the cascading tax effect
  • Higher threshold for registration
  • Composition scheme for small business
  • Online simpler procedure under GST
  • Lesser compliances
  • Defined treatment for e-commerce
  • Increase efficiency in logistics
  • Regulating the unorganized sectors

The largest tax reform in the nation, which increased the taxpayer base while simultaneously enhancing company efficiency, gave rise to the GST. Numerous small enterprises in Uttar Pradesh have joined the GST under a single, unified tax structure. The complexity of taxes has significantly decreased in Uttar Pradesh since the implementation of GST. As a result of the GST, the several tax systems have been eliminated and replaced with a single tax system.

Documents Required For GST Registration

There are certain documents that are required for GST registration. Given below are the important documents one must carry while registering GST in Uttar Pradesh:

GST Registration Documents for People and Sole Proprietors

  • Owner’s PAN card
  • Owner’s Aadhaar card
  • Owner’s photograph
  • Proof of address
  • Bank account details

GST Registration Documents for Partnerships and LLPs

  • Partnership deed
  • PAN cards of partners involved
  • Photographs of partners involved
  • Address proof of partners involved
  • Aadhaar card of any authorised signatory
  • Signatory’s proof of appointment
  • LLP proof of registration
  • Bank details
  • Business’ principal address proof

GST Registration Records for Hindu Undivided Families (HUFs)

  • HUF’s PAN card
  • Karta’s (patriarch of the family) PAN card
  • Owner’s photograph
  • Bank detail
  • Business’ principal address proof

GST Registration Documents for Companies

  • Company PAN card
  • The Ministry of Corporate Affairs business certificate
  • Memorandum/ Articles of Association
  • Signatory’s appointment proof
  • Signatory’s PAN card
  • Signatory’s Aadhaar card
  • PAN card of all directors
  • Address proof of all directors
  • Bank details
  • Business’s principal address proof

GST Registration Documents for Society or Club

A society or club wants to give the following GST filing documents to make the GST Registration Process and obtain GSTIN.

  • A copy of the club or society’s registration certificate.
  • A copy of the PAN card of the club or society with that of affiliated associates or promoters.
  • Photograph of co-workers or promoters.
  • A copy of the bank account record/crossed cheque/passbook’s first page.
  • Verification of registered office’s address, that can hold utility bills, certificates of legal ownership/municipal khata copy for premises occupied by the society or club. In the case of rented premises, a rent agreement as well as NOC from the premise’s owner.
  • Permission letter approved by approved signatory/signatories.

GST Registration Limit In UP

The companies whose aggregate turnover is 40 lakhs and more must register for GST in Uttar Pradesh. On the other hand, the service providers who provide services to customers for more than 20 lakhs, should register for GST in UP. This is the GST registration limit in UP. A regular taxpayer under GST is required to submit one annual return in addition to monthly returns. A taxpayer who filed a planning scheme return, a non-resident taxpayer, a taxpayer registered as an input service publisher, a person responsible for managing or deducting tax (TDS/TCS), and a person given a unique identification number must all file separate returns. It is very important to understand that not all sorts of returns must be filed by taxpayers. The activities that taxpayers take will determine whether they are required to file returns. GST return is the document that consists of the details of the taxes one paid for the purchases, tax collected , and so on.

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