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How does GST registration work for you?

Any business offering sale of goods with annual turn over of 40 lacs or service with annual
turn over of 20 lacs would require the registration for GST and have a valid GST Number.


We help you get a Secure GST Identification Number.

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GST registration in Union Territories is known as UTGST. However, Puducherry is a union territory that has its own legislature so the GST taxes are imposed. GST is the Goods and service tax that is levied on the services given by business owners. It is an indirect tax that replaces all the other taxes like service tax, VAT and so on. In terms of the tax system, we can state that while undertaking the supply of products or services on which the same is applicable, all market participants, from the maker to the customer, should pay GST. The maker will be adding value to the product by paying GST on the raw materials bought for production. When it comes to the products that the retailer purchases from the manufacturer or distributor to be sold to the consumers, they are also subject to the same GST requirements as the service provider with regard to the value-added by the provider on the same. In the end, the consumer will buy the products or use the services that they must pay the Puducherry GST registration charges in accordance with the rates established by the current GST Acts.

The Puducherry Tax regime has bought a uniformity for all small scale businesses. Read along to find out more about the GST registration in Puducherry.

Benefits of GST Registration in Puducherry

Listed below are the few benefits of GST registration in Puducherry:

  • A company becomes legally recognised as a provider of services or goods when it registers for GST.
  • The cost of production has dropped since the GST eliminated the 'tax on tax' and the major effect of taxes.
  • The potential for the government to generate more income is increased by GST in Puducherry.
  • GST enables a company to cut the costs associated with logistics and to consolidate its warehousing facilities.
  • Compared to the previous tax system, MSMEs are now less dependent on tax specialists because of the GST regime's streamlined return filing method.
  • When a company registers for GST, it becomes legally permitted to collect tax from customers or beneficiaries and to transfer the credit for taxes paid to them.
  • Small enterprises can make use of the structure provided by the GST regime and can greatly lessen their taxation and compliance cost in this way.

Documents Required for GST Registration

Here are the documents required for GST registration:

I PAN, or the Business Entity's Permanent Account Number

ii PAN of the applicant is item number two.

iii Agreement for a Limited Liability Partnership, or LLP.

iv. Identification documents presented with the photos by the applicant.

v. Documentation proving the applicant's address for GST Registration.

vi. Evidence of the business entity's registration, such as a Certificate of Incorporation issued by the relevant authority, which is necessary for GST Registration.

vii. Evidence of the business entity's address at the site where GST registration is to be obtained.

viii. A bank statement for the entity's active bank account or a stale check.

ix. The digital signature certificate (DSC) bearing the applicant's name.

Board decision

x. A letter of authorization granted in this regard or a board decision authorising the individual as the authorised signature.

The following can be utilised to provide the proof for a director or partner of an entity:

Passport, Ration Card, Voter Identity Card, Aadhar Card, Electricity or Telephone Card Billing Bank Account Statement Driving License.

Process of Obtaining GST in Puducherry

Make sure these steps are referred to before you want to obtain GST registration in Puducherry:

  • To begin with, one can contact the website of Vakilsearch and initiate a request or talk to our experts regarding your queries.
  • Once our team receives the request, a GST Expert of Vakilsearch will contact the person rto know more information.
  • Then, you will be informed of the specifics of the paperwork and documents required to finish the GST registration in Puducherry. Then, by having GST professionals on board, this will be collected online along with the required payment for the same.
  • Once the payment is done, our experts will be one call away to clear all the GST related queries.
  • GST registration will happen in 3 to 7 maximum working days!
  • Everything can be coordinated online and the person need not be present at any time.

Various Types of GST Returns

For more information on GST returns, the dates of filing and so on, refer to the table below:

ReturnDescriptionWho files?Date of filing
GSTR-1Monthly Statement of Outward supplies of Goods or ServicesRegistered Person10th of the next month
GSTR-2Monthly Statement of Inward supplies of Goods or ServicesRegistered Person15th of the next month
GSTR-3Monthly Return for a normal taxpayerRegistered Person20th of the next month
GSTR-4Quarterly ReturnTaxable Person opting for Composition Levy18th of the month succeeding the quarter
GSTR-5Monthly Return for a non-resident taxpayerNon-resident Taxpayer20th of the month succeeding the tax period & within 7 days after expiry of the registration
GSTR-6Monthly Return for an Input Service Distributor (ISD)Input Service Distributor13th of the next month
GSTR-7Monthly Return for authorities deducting tax at sourceTax Deductor10th of the next month
GSTR-8Monthly Statement for E-Commerce Operator depicting supplies affecting through itE-Commerce Operator 10th of the next month
GSTR-9Annual ReturnRegistered Person other than an ISD, TDS/TCS Taxpayer, Casual Taxable Person, and Non-resident Taxpayer31st December of next Financial Year
GSTR-10Final ReturnTaxable Person whose registration has been surrendered or canceledWithin three months of the date of cancellation or date of order of cancellation, whichever is later.

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