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GST Registration In Delhi- An overview

It is mandatory for each and every business to register themselves under the GST scheme if the overall annual revenue crosses ₹40 lakhs. If your business is present in the North eastern states of India then the threshold is fixed at ₹10 lakh. Some companies must register for GST in order to operate. New GST Registration Online in Delhi is now made very easy, thanks to Vakilsearch. We can complete the process in just a few clicks.

Advantages of GST Registration in Delhi

Creates clarity and equality: By allowing Indian goods and services to be sold in both domestic and international markets, the GST will significantly boost the government's ‘Make in India’ drive. Additionally, integrated tax (IGST), which will be roughly equivalent to state and central GST, would be deducted from all shipping or imported items. This promotes equality in the taxation of imported and social goods.

Encourages Exporters: The delivery of all taxes refunded on the given goods or services, or on the input services used in the production of such export products, is required. It would be used to export only the worth of the items and not taxes. Indian exports will increase as a result of the increased payment stability. By granting exporters a temporary or provisional reimbursement of 90% of their application and easing commerce in terms of cash flows, exporters will be encouraged.

Boost Government taxation: By extending the tax base and strengthening taxpayer relations, GST is anticipated to boost government taxation or revenue. GST is projected to increase GDP (Gross Domestic Product) by 1.5% to 2% and will likely enhance India's position in the ease of doing business index

Reduces cascading effect: By implementing a comprehensive input tax credit scheme throughout the whole supply chain, the GST will lessen the cascading of taxes. Operations inside a corporation or organisation can be streamlined thanks to the smooth availability of input tax credits for goods or services at every stage of supply.

Supports intrastate transactions: By reducing rate arbitrage between neighbouring states, intra-state transactions, and inter-state transactions, uniform GST rates will lessen the basis for deceit.

Standardised tax system: The taxation system will be supported more effectively by standard methods for taxpayer registration, tax return filing, common tax bases, consistent tax return forms, and a standard method for delivering goods and services, together with timetables for each action.

Online process: Every action, including registering, paying taxes, filing returns, making refund claims, etc., would be done online using GSTN. The input tax credit can be verified online. This reduces manual efforts completely and can be done anywhere and anytime.

Features to Consider While Registering GST in Delhi

Aggregate turnover measures

First, the GST Act mandates that any company or individual with a yearly revenue of more than ₹20 lakhs register for GST. In order to fulfil this particular category the threshold is initially kept at ₹10 lakhs. However now it has been increased to ₹40 lakhs.

The states have the option of choosing new limitations or continuing with the existing ones. Therefore, be aware of the aggregate turnover metrics when submitting a GST application for a given consultant. If you fall into any of the following categories, you should have GST registration even if you do not correspond based on the aforementioned gross turnover metrics.

Casual taxable person

This category applies to those who periodically offer goods and services but do not hold a permanent position to do business. For instance, you would be a casual taxable person if you decided to sell fireworks for a short time around Diwali. In this case, regardless of your gross revenue, you must have GST for persons.

Non-resident taxable person

You will fall into this group if you rarely provide goods or services to customers in India who don't have a regular place of business or residence. In this case, regardless of your gross or total income, you must have a distinct GST registration.

Agents, financiers, dealers

Any person who receives taxable supply of goods or services on behalf of other individuals or organisation will be considered as dealers

Documents Required for GST Registration in Delhi

  • Aadhaar card
  • PAN card,
  • Coloured photo of the business
  • A current bank account statement or a cancelled check
  • Firm Partnership
  • Partnership firm's PAN card
  • Partners' coloured photo
  • Partner Aadhaar cards
  • Business address documentation (NOC, electricity bill, lease, etc.)
  • Current bank account statement or a cancelled check


  • PAN cards of the partners
  • PAN number for LLP
  • Partners' colour picture
  • Partner Aadhaar cards
  • Proof of a business's address, such as a power bill, a lease, a NOC, etc.
  • Declaration of incorporation
  • LLP agreement
  • Current bank account statement.


  • Business PAN card
  • Board of directors Aadhaar card
  • Directors' PAN cards
  • Business address documentation (NOC, electricity bill, lease, etc.)
  • Statement of current account or cancelled check
  • Director passport size picture in colour
  • MOA or AOA
  • A declaration of incorporation

When GST Registration Is Required?

Total annual income: As per the rules and regulations, the service providers must register under the GST council if they cross the annual threshold of ₹20 lakhs. Also Any form of organisation involved in the business of supplying goods should cross a threshold of ₹40 lakhs should register for GST.

Interstate business: If the organisation engages itself in supplying the products between two different states it is mandatory to file for GST registration in Delhi.

E-Commerce platform: if an individual or an organisation conducts business through e-commerce platforms, GST registration is a must. Irrespective of annual revenue generator from the business, GST registration in Delhi has to be completed by E-Commerce owners. In fact you cannot open an online store without entering the GST registration details.

Casual taxable person: Anyone who engages in the seasonal supply of goods or services through a transient stand or store must register for GST in Delhi. Irrespective of their annual revenue, the person needs to register for GST.

Voluntary registration: Individuals or organisations can voluntarily register themselves under the GST scheme. With the latest updates an applicant can revoke their voluntary GST registration at any instance.

Who Is Required to Get GST Registration in Delhi?

The following group of people must register for GST on a mandatory basis

  • State-to-state vendors
  • Casual taxable individuals
  • Individuals subject to the reverse charge basis
  • Non-resident taxpaying entities
  • People who must make TDS deductions under GST
  • Those who must withhold TCS under GST
  • Distribution services for Input
  • Individuals making a sale on another person's behalf, either as an agent or a dealer
  • Each and every e-commerce company
  • Suppliers who sell their products through e-commerce companies are required to withhold tax at the point of sale
  • Online service providers who work with unregistered individuals in India from abroad.

In order to determine if new threshold restrictions are applicable, the total revenue for the most recent fiscal year is taken into account any seller whose total revenue for the current fiscal year exceeds the threshold requirements must register for GST.

GST Registration Charges in Delhi?

In India, there are no government-imposed GST registration fees. The cost of GST registration is NIL. This indicates that there are no fees associated with registering for GST on the official government website. But keep in mind that if you are a director of a Private Limited Company, LLP, or OPC, you must have a digital signature in order to submit an application for GST registration.

Cost or Professional Fee for GST Registration

When you obtain GST registration from a professional, such as a CA, CS, or ICWA or GST Consultant, they will charge you a minimal filing fee to submit your GST Application to the relevant government agency.

What are GST rules in Delhi?

A single tax known as the Goods and Services Tax is anticipated to replace a variety of indirect taxes like VAT, customs duty, excise, CST, service tax, and entertainment tax.

  • In India, there will essentially be two types of GST, both at the interstate level (when goods move within a state) and the intra-state level (when goods travel between states)
  • CGST (Central Goods and Services Tax) and SGST (State Goods and Services Tax) are collected at the intra-state level
  • IGST (or integrated goods and services tax) is charged at the interstate level
  • Inter-state supply include imports
  • Exports are exempt from taxation
  • Supplies to the SEZ will not be taxed.

Why Vakilsearch

Vakilsearch has the best GST experts in the market. Our team of attorneys and GST experts can complete the paperwork without any delay. All you have to do is reach out to our expert team and provide all the documentation. We will initiate the process, complete the GST registration at the most affordable price and provide the GSTIN.

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