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Why Should I Use Vakilsearch for GST Registration in Chandigarh ?

Vakilsearch can complete GST registration in Chandigarh easily without much hassles and Get your unique GSTIN in just three easy steps.

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What is GST and GST Registration?

The GST has acquired the place of other erratic taxes, such as the VAT, assistance tax, CST, excise duty, and others. With effect from 1 July 2017, the government passed the GST Act to establish the GST as a comprehensive indirect tax.

Companies with a yearly turnover of more than ₹20 lakh were initially required to register as taxable entities under the GST Act. However, it was resolved at the 32nd GST council meeting in January 2019 to give the states the choice of choosing new threshold limits or sticking with the old ones. On 1 April 2019, Chandigarh decided to raise this threshold for the selling of commodities to ₹40 lakhs. The threshold amounts for service providers registering for GST in Chandigarh remained at ₹20 lakhs, though.

Operating without registering for GST is illegal for some types of businesses. A penalty of 10% of the tax due, with a minimum cap of ₹10,000, will be assessed against an offender who makes incomplete or nonexistent payments (due to genuine errors). However, the fine will increase if they can demonstrate that they have been avoiding paying GST purposefully.

What are the benefits of GST registration?

The following advantages listed below can be obtained by taxpayers by registering under the GST regime:

  • GST is intended to consolidate all indirect taxes under one roof. It has done away with the tax cascading effect, commonly known as the ‘tax on tax’
  • GST registration enables a business to decrease costs while increasing logistics efficiency
  • The unorganised business sector has been controlled under the GST regime
  • Once a company registers for GST, they are allowed to charge customers or recipients tax and give them a credit for the taxes they have already paid
  • Minor industries with a popover of up to ₹1.5 crore (₹75 lakhs for Himachal Pradesh and the North-Eastern States) can cut prices by utilising the texture plan furnished under the GST system
  • Additionally, this can lessen their compliance load
  • The MSMEs have benefited greatly from GST
  • MSMEs are less reliant on tax specialists under the GST regime than they were under the previous tax system because of the simpler return filing system.

Who Should Register For GST?

The following organisations must enrol for GST in Chandigarh by constitution.

  • Taxpayers who enrolled for tax services prior to the enactment of GST (Excise, Service Tax, VAT, etc.)
  • Casual taxable entity
  • People or businesses that cross state lines to provide goods and services
  • An individual or industry that gives online evidence, database access, and/or retrieval assistance to an individual or industry in India from another region (other than a registered taxable entity)
  • A non-resident taxpayer
  • Supplying service providers
  • All online store aggregators
  • A self or industry that offers commodities or employment via an internet mart
  • Agents of a supplier any other person or firm that the central or state government notifies, in accordance with the GST council's recommendations.

How to Do Online GST Registration in Chandigarh?

If you have all the necessary paperwork with you, the GST registration process is quite easy and hassle-free. Sign up for Vakilsearch in 3 easy steps -

  • We assist you in obtaining a safe GST identification number
  • One can complete their GST registration from the comfort of their home
  • If required, we'll file your taxes and handle any other compliance-related obligations

The following is another way that you can sign up for the GST.

  • Enter the online resource Then click ‘Services’> ‘Registered’ > ‘New Registered’
  • Go through the information below on the additional page.
  • Select ‘Taxpayer’ from the drop-down box under ‘I am a’
  • In the drop-down menu labelled ‘State/UT’, choose ‘Chandigarh’
  • From the drop-down option labelled ‘District’, choose the appropriate district
  • The name of your industry should be joined precisely as it occurs in your PAN
  • Choose immigrate your PAN number
  • Your valid mobile number and email ID should be provided in the slots given.
  • You will receive OTPs
  • The OTPs will only be valid for 10 minutes, so keep that in mind
  • Choose ‘Proceed’
  • Enter the received OTPs in the appropriate boxes on the resulting page, then click ‘Proceed’
  • On your screen, a Temporary Reference Number (TRN) produced by the system will show up
  • Take a remark of this quantity for your certificates
  • Return to the homepage of the GST website and log in using your TRN and Captcha code
  • Now ‘My Saved Application’ page will appear
  • Choose the ‘Edit’ option from the menu
  • Your registration application form will be shown on the next page with various tabs
  • On the page's top, there are ten parts
  • Each of these parts should be filled out completely
  • Complete the ‘main place of businesses’ and ‘commodity details’ fields.
  • Save and proceed
  • Click choosing the proper HSN code your bank account information
  • Survey and upload the reasonable paperwork ( refer to the next paragraph to understand more about the papers required)
  • Check the declaration box on the ‘Verification’ page after that.

Choose any one of the techniques to apply

  • Using an OTP that was sent to the mobile number associated with your Aadhaar card via e-sign methods
  • Electronic Verification Code (EVC), which you receive on your registered mobile number
  • You must submit an application with a Digital Signature Certificate if you are registering a firm (DSC)

A notification verifying successful submission will show on the screen when the application has been submitted. Your email address and the cellphone number that is registered will receive an Application Reference Number (ARN). You can use this ARN to accept the Chandigarh petition on the GST portal and check the importance of your GST enrollment there. If all mandatory paperwork is transmitted, you will earn your lasting GST number within 7 working days of registering for GST online in Chandigarh. All of the invoices that you submit or receive will include this number, also known as the GSTIN or GST Identification Number.

What Documents Are Needed in Chandigarh for GST Registration?

In order to finalise the GST registration procedure in Chandigarh, please have the following documents available:

  • Petition's PAN card
  • Address proof of the directors
  • Proof of the business's address, such as a rent or lease agreement, an electricity bill, the owner's NOC
  • Proof of a company's legal structure, such as a partnership agreement, a Memorandum of Association (MOA), an incorporation certificate, a registration certificate, articles of association (AOA), society bylaws
  • Evidence of permission like a letter of authorisation from the concerned department signed by an authority
  • Details regarding Bank account

Charges for GST Registration in Chandigarh

Any corporation that has a turnover of more than ₹5 lakh should use VAT. Depending on the state, there were different top limits. Additionally, if their annual revenue was under ₹10 lakh, service providers were excused from paying service tax. Many small shops and service businesses are now excluded because the GST increased this cap to ₹20 lakh.

Chandigarh GST Code

After completing the GST registration in Chandigarh you will be provided a GSTIN. Every taxpayer registered under the GST statute receives a 15-digit alphanumeric unique identity number. Any GSTIN's first two numbers correspond to the GST state code. The GST state code is ‘4’.

Why Vakilsearch?

Vakilsearch employs the best GST specialists available. Our team of attorneys and GST experts can finish the paperwork quickly. Simply contact our knowledgeable staff and provide all required documentation. We will initiate the process, complete GST registration efficiently, and deliver the GSTIN. Contact us right away!

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