ESI Registration Procedure Online

To register with Employee State Insurance Corporation, you have to submit a registration certificate, a MOM and AoA, business PAN Card & address proof, bank statements, and employee details along with their compensation. We at Vakilsearch help you in the smooth ESI Registration process.

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How does ESI registration work for you?

It is compulsory for all industries where there is a higher risk of health injuries to apply for ESIfor all it's employees whose salary are below 21000 rupees.


ESI (Employees' State Insurance) is mandatory for all companies having more than 10 employees

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Right from gathering the documents till the final registration, complete end-to-end legal assistance offered by legal experts

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Get it done in without any hassles and struggles. As of 15th February 2019 , ESIC contribution rates have been reduced.

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ESI Registration Procedure Online

ESI an acronym for Employee State Insurance scheme is widely known among employees engaged in different economic sectors across the country. This scheme is regulated as per the Indian ESI Act of 1948 by an autonomous, self-financing social security and labour welfare organization called Employee State Insurance Corporation. The scheme offers medical benefits and covers health insurance plans for the workers.

Company ESI Registration

When is ESI registration required

Any business entity that employs more than 10 workers whose total monthly salary is below INR 15,000 has to mandatorily apply for ESI registration. In some states, the number of employees is 20. As per the Act, employees falling under the threshold of INR 15,000 have to contribute 1.75% from their pay towards the ESI and 4.75% will be contributed by the employer. Employees who earn up to INR 100/- per day are exempted from paying their share of contribution to the ESI scheme. ESI registration must be done within 15 days of incorporating the business.

How to register for ESI online

ESI registration for employers is completely done online on real-time without the need for any hard copies of the documents. No manual intervention and approval is also required. Here are the steps to be followed for registering ESI.

Step 1: Access the ESI portal through Internet Explorer or Mozilla Firefox

Step 2: Under the ‘Services’, select ‘Employers Portal’ and then hit ‘Sign up’

Step 3: In the corresponding window, enter the company details - Company name, Principal employer name, State, Regions, email id and contact number where the details have to be sent. Then click ‘Submit’

Step 4: An email containing the login credentials will be sent to the applicant. Log in to the website again with credentials.

Step 5: Click ‘New Employer Registration’. Select the company type from the drop-down whether Factory, Shop/establishment

Step 6: Fill in all the required fields like Address of the unit, Name of the town or taluk, contact details of the unit, whether the establishment is owned or hired and other mandatory information marked with asterix *

Step 7: Enter the Nature of the business, PAN and from the drop-down choose the employer type, enter the date of incorporation, business license number and date

Step 8: Once all the fields are completed, click ‘Next’

Step 9: In the following window displayed, select from the drop down the ‘Constitution of Ownership’ whether Private Limited, Partnership, Cooperative Society, Proprietorship, etc.

Step 10: Click ‘Save’ when all the details are entered

Step 11: The next step would be to enter the details of the employees with respect to their gender, employment type (hired through contract or permanent). Click ‘Save’

Step 12: On the ‘Employee declaration form’ enter details like ‘Total wages paid’. If IP (Insured Person) is already registered then click ‘Yes’ else click ‘No’. Hit ‘Continue’

Step 13: Next, the Insured Person’s (IP) particulars screen will be displayed. Enter the name of the IP, Name of the IP’s father, address, DOB, gender, marital status etc.

Step 14: Enter the Permanent address, DOJ, nominee details and family details. Check the declaration

Step 15: Enter the details and click ‘Save’

Step 16: Once the particulars of all the 10-20 employees are completed, click ‘Close’

Step 17: Select the ‘Branch office’, ‘Inspect Division’, etc

Step 18: Finally, accept the declaration and hit ‘Submit’

Step 19: ‘Payment of Advance Contribution’ would be displayed. Click on the link, ‘Pay Initial Contribution’, enter the amount to be paid and press ‘Submit’. On the payment page, enter the bank’s debit/credit card details

Step 20: When the payment is successful, a system generated Registration Letter (C-11) along with the credentials for login (user id and password) will be sent through email

Following documents are required for registering under the ESI scheme:

  • Registration certificate obtained under the Shops and Establishment Act, or Factories Act.
  • Based upon the type of entity, a MOM and Articles of Association (AoA), or a partnership deed or Trust deed,
  • If it is a factory then the Certificate of registration, commencement of production
  • Number of employees and their monthly compensation details
  • Details of directors, partners and shareholders of the company
  • Business PAN card
  • Address proof of the firm
  • Bank statements of the organization with evidence of commencement of operation

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