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Zarinaben Rasulbhai Dal vs State Of Gujarat

High Court Of Gujarat|27 August, 2020
ZARINABEN RASULBHAI DAL Versus STATE OF GUJARAT ========================================================== Appearance:
MR CP CHAMPANERI for the PETITIONER(s) No. for the RESPONDENT(s) No. ========================================================== CORAM:HONOURABLE MR. JUSTICE R.M.CHHAYA and HONOURABLE MR. JUSTICE ILESH J. VORA Date : 27/08/2020 IA ORDER (PER : HONOURABLE MR. JUSTICE R.M.CHHAYA) Heard Mr. C.P. Champaneri, learned advocate for the applicant, Mr. B.M. Manguikiya, learned advocate for the respondent, Mr. Yogesh Ravani, learned advocate for the respondent and Mr. Devnani, learned Assistant Government Pleader for the respondent State.
Learned counsels candidly submitted that elections for the post of President and Vice President of Rajula Municipality were held on 24.8.2020. Mr. Champaneri, however submits that the Prayer 9(B) will survive. Mr. Champaneri, learned advocate further submitted that when similar prayer was considered by this Court in Civil Application No.2 of 2020 the circumstances were different and therefore, Mr. Champaneri would press the prayer 9(B).
C/LPA/30536/2019 IA ORDER Respondents to respond to the Civil Application. Stand over to 09.09.2020 (R.M.CHHAYA, J) (ILESH J. VORA,J) DRASHTI K. SHUKLA/kaushik Page 2 of 2 Downloaded on : Thu Aug 27 21:05:22 IST 2020
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