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Unknown vs State Of Gujarat &

High Court Of Gujarat|03 May, 2016
=== K.SURYAPRAKASH K.SATYANARAYAN....Applicant(s) Versus STATE OF GUJARAT & 1....Respondent(s) ============================================= Appearance:
THROUGH JAIL for the Applicant(s) No. 1 MS. NISHA THAKORE ADDL.PUBLIC PROSECUTOR for the Respondent(s) No.
============================================= CORAM: HONOURABLE MR.JUSTICE M.R. SHAH and HONOURABLE MR.JUSTICE A.J. SHASTRI Date : 03/05/2016 ORAL ORDER (PER : HONOURABLE MR.JUSTICE M.R. SHAH) Rule. Ms. Nisha Thakore, learned Additional Public Prosecutor waives service of notice of Rule on behalf of the respondent State. In the facts and circumstances of the case, present application is taken up final hearing today.
Present application through jail has been preferred by the applicant - convict to release him on temporary bail for a period of 45 days for the after death ceremony of his mother who has expired on 16.02.2016.
On perusal of the jail report, it appears that as such applicant was released on parole for a period of 7 days for the period between 16.02.2016 to 22.02.2016 and at that time he ought to have performed after death ceremony. When the after death Page 1 of 2 HC-NIC Page 1 of 2 Created On Wed May 04 04:46:31 IST 2016 R/CR.MA/10243/2016 ORDER ceremony suggested in the letter written by the wife of the applicant can be performed subsequently. Under the circumstances, present application is dismissed at this stage. Rule is discharged.
(M.R.SHAH, J.) (A.J. SHASTRI, J.) Kaushik Page 2 of 2 HC-NIC Page 2 of 2 Created On Wed May 04 04:46:31 IST 2016
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