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Sonal Papers Agency Pvt Ltd. vs Chitra Corporation Through ...

High Court Of Gujarat|07 January, 2020
1. Ms. Pooja Bhardwaj, learned advocate for the appellant submitted that, the matter is settled in the mediation center. Mr. Nimesh Patel, learned advocate for the Respondent No. 1 is present. Ms. Jirga Jhaveri, learned APP is present for Respondent No. 2 State.
2. Learned advocates appearing for both the parties have submitted that the matter is amicably settled between the parties as per the memorandum of understanding at the mediation center. Office has put a note dated 03.01.2020, where in stated as under:
"With reference to the subject noted above, I have the honour to state that Registry had sent a copy of memo of the petition and order dated 07.08.2019 of the Hon'ble Court, directing the Registry to place the matter before the Mediation Centre vide, letter No. R- 815/19 dated 13.08.2019.
Accordingly, the Mediation process took place before the Mediation Mr. N.V. Gandhi at the Gujarat High Court Mediation Centre. The matter is settled as per the report dated 21.12.2019 of the Mediation.
R/CR.A/1331/2018 ORDER Therefore, I am sending herewith Original Report dated 21.12.2019 received from the Mediator Mr. N.V. Gandhi, along with Memorandum of Understanding, signed by the parties and their advocates with a request to Your Honour to kindly place it before the Hon'ble Court."
3. A note is attached with the report of the co-ordinator of mediation center of High Court and memorandum of understanding between the parties and old photo copy all the cheques.
4. In view of the above statements and submissions made by the learned advocates for the parties, this appeal stands disposed of as withdrawn.
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