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Somabhai Hargovindbhai Patel & 2 vs State Of Gujarat &

High Court Of Gujarat|02 May, 2016
1. The applicants herein have purchased disputed agricultural land situated at village Mandal, District Ahmedabad, bearing Survey No.34, admeasuring H.Are.Sq.Mtrs.1­92­23 from one Shri Halubha Malsang and Rangitsang Malsang. It is the say of the complainant that he has got agreement to sell registered qua the very land executed on August 08, 2014. The irrevocable power of attorney was also given in his favour and the land was given with possession. According to the Page 1 of 2 HC-NIC Page 1 of 2 Created On Fri Jun 10 21:48:32 IST 2016 R/CR.MA/9458/2016 ORDER applicants, the agreement to sell entered into with the complainant was for a period of three months. More so, the applicants were not explicitly told by the seller about the said aspect.
2. Ms.Monali Bhatt, learned Additional Public Prosecutor submits that the agreement to sell was registered and it ought to have been found out by the applicants herein.
3. Let a notice be issued to the respondents, returnable on June 10, 2016. It is clarified by the learned counsel appearing for the applicants that the applicants have already been protected by way of regular bail.
The formal service of notice is waived by the learned Additional Public Prosecutor on behalf of the respondent No.1­State. Direct Service is permitted qua the respondent No.2. To be served through the concerned Police Station.
(MS SONIA GOKANI, J.) Aakar Page 2 of 2 HC-NIC Page 2 of 2 Created On Fri Jun 10 21:48:32 IST 2016
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