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Rmc Readymix (India)(A Division ... vs Chanchal Infrastructure Private ...

High Court Of Gujarat|03 May, 2016
1. By an order dated 30.03.2016, the petition has been admitted and directed to be notified for hearing today. A last opportunity had been granted to the respondent­Company to make good the dues it owes to the petitioner­Company. With this end in mind, the publication of the admission of the petition was deferred till the next date of hearing. Today when the petition is taken up for hearing, the position is the same, as none has appeared for the respondent­Company.
2. This Court has heard Mr.Nirav D. Trivedi, learned advocate for the petitioner and considered the Page 1 of 3 HC-NIC Page 1 of 3 Created On Thu May 05 02:08:35 IST 2016 O/COMP/361/2015 ORDER averments made in the petition.
3. Mr.Trivedi has reiterated the submissions and the factual position that has been narrated in the order dated 30.03.2016, passed by this Court. Therefore, as a sequel to the same and as the respondent­Company has not made good the dues it owes to the petitioner­ Company in spite of the order of admission and opportunity being granted by this Court, the following order is passed :
(a) The admission of the petition which took place on 30.03.2016, shall be advertised in the English daily newspaper "The Times of India" and the Gujarati daily newspaper "Sandesh", both Ahmedabad editions.
(b) The Official Liquidator attached to this Court is appointed as the Provisional Liquidator of the respondent­Company and is directed to take over the charge and possession of the assets of the respondent­Company and to prepare an inventory of the office premises, books of accounts and all other assets of the respondent­ Company, as required by law.
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HC-NIC Page 2 of 3 Created On Thu May 05 02:08:35 IST 2016 O/COMP/361/2015 ORDER
(c) The petition be listed for final hearing on 21.06.2016.
(SMT. ABHILASHA KUMARI, J.) Gaurav+ Page 3 of 3 HC-NIC Page 3 of 3 Created On Thu May 05 02:08:35 IST 2016
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