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Rakeshkumar Jayantilal ... vs State Of Gujarat

High Court Of Gujarat|08 January, 2020
RAKESHKUMAR JAYANTILAL GANDABHAI PARMAR Versus STATE OF GUJARAT ========================================================== Appearance:
HCLS COMMITTEE for the PETITIONER(s) No. MR. YOGENDRA THAKORE for the PETITIONER(s) No. MS. MAITHILI MEHTA, APP for the RESPONDENT(s) No. ========================================================== CORAM: HONOURABLE MS.JUSTICE BELA M. TRIVEDI and HONOURABLE MR.JUSTICE A.C. RAO Date : 08/01/2020 IA ORDER (PER : HONOURABLE MS.JUSTICE BELA M. TRIVEDI) Learned advocate Mr. Thakore appearing for the applicant does not press for the present application at this juncture.
The present application is dismissed as not pressed for.
(BELA M. TRIVEDI, J) (A. C. RAO, J) AMAR SINGH Page 1 of 1 Downloaded on : Thu Jan 09 02:18:37 IST 2020
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  • Bela M Trivedi
  • A C Rao