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Pradeepbhai Javaharlal Pritmani ... vs State Of Gujarat &

High Court Of Gujarat|02 May, 2016
1. There are serious allegations made against the applicant No.1, including of his remaining in inebriated condition and also having extra­ marital relations. In view of such allegations, in the opinion of this Court, no interference deserves to be shown against the applicant No.1. Hence, the present application stands rejected qua the applicant No.1.
2. Insofar as the applicant Nos.2 to 7 are concerned, it has been shown that they have Page 1 of 2 HC-NIC Page 1 of 2 Created On Sun May 08 00:40:15 IST 2016 R/CR.MA/9598/2016 ORDER separate residence and the allegations are too general in nature.
3. Let a notice be issued to the respondents in respect of applicant Nos.2 to 7 only, returnable on June 09, 2016. Till returnable date, the Investigating Officer shall follow the dictum of the Apex Court rendered in the case of Joginder Kumar v. State of Uttar Pradesh and others, reported in (1994) 4 SCC 260.
The formal service of notice is waived by the learned Additional Public Prosecutor on behalf of the respondent No.1­State. Direct Service is permitted qua the respondent No.2. To be served through the concerned Police Station.
(MS SONIA GOKANI, J.) Aakar Page 2 of 2 HC-NIC Page 2 of 2 Created On Sun May 08 00:40:15 IST 2016
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