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Mulsinh Parbatsinh Chauhan vs Heard Learned App Mr. I.M. Pandya ...

High Court Of Gujarat|23 April, 2007
CR.A/1778/2005 1/2 ORDER IN THE HIGH COURT OF GUJARAT AT AHMEDABAD CRIMINAL APPEAL No. 1778 of 2005 ========================================= STATE OF GUJARAT Versus MULSINH PARBATSINH CHAUHAN ========================================= Appearance :
MR IM PANDYA APP for Appellant MR JV JAPEE for Opponent ========================================= CORAM : HONOURABLE MR.JUSTICE J.R.VORA and HONOURABLE MR.JUSTICE BANKIM.N.MEHTA Date : 23/04/2007 ORAL ORDER :(Per : HONOURABLE MR.JUSTICE J.R.VORA) Heard learned APP Mr. I.M. Pandya for the appellant - State and learned Advocate Mr. J.V. Japee for the respondent. Leave to Appeal granted. Appeal is Admitted. Learned Advocate Mr. Japee waives for the respondent. Office is directed to transmit back the Record and Proceedings to the Trial Court immediately.
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